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My name is Juliette Beck. I'm the mother of two young girls, an environmental advocate, and a fourth generation Californian. My family (pictured below) loves to spend time exploring the wonders of California's magnificent forests. Last summer, ...

My name is Juliette Beck. I'm the mother of two young girls, an environmental advocate, and a fourth generation Californian. My family (pictured below) loves to spend time exploring the wonders of California's magnificent forests.

Last summer, we went camping in Crystal Basin Recreation Area near Lake Tahoe. We played on the shores of Union Valley Reservoir, hiked in Eldorado National Forest and slept under the big, grand trees.

I was shocked when I learned that state agencies are allowing private timber companies to clearcut log all throughout this beautiful recreation area, right up to the reservoir itself and its camping area.

Industrial-scale clearcut logging is rapidly happening across nearly two million acres of rich Sierra Nevada forests, threatening not only majestic recreation areas like Crystal Basin but the vital watersheds that supply the majority of California's water.

Forests sustain life -- we can not afford to let them be trashed.

Forests are the lungs of the earth. They stabilize our climate and generate fresh oxygen. Forests collect, filter, store and gradually release pure water. Over 75% of California's water comes from forests. A wide and amazing array of animals, fish and plants live in forests.

Clearcutting is the most environmentally destructive form of logging that destroys wildlife habitat and puts our water, climate, biodiversity, economy and recreation areas at risk.

As a mother, I teach my children to leave natural places better than we found them. Yet timber companies are trashing our forests. We need your help to put an end to this destructive practice.

Hiding behind a thin row of trees -or “beauty strips” –, clearcuts are now slicing up our forested watersheds at a shocking pace and scale. Google Earth satellite imagery reveals how widespread this destructive practice is. No longer permitted on federal lands, the State of California is allowing more than 65,000 acres a year to be clearcut logged and replaced with highly-flammable tree plantations.


Support our campaign to end clearcutting in Crystal Basin and beyond

To take action, I have been working with the Sierra Club and a coalition of frontline communities to end clearcut logging in California's forests, starting with the Crystal Basin Recreation Area.

Together, we are challenging a logging plan submitted by Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) that would allow additional areas of bio-diverse forests to be clearcut, sprayed with herbicides and replanted as factory farm-style tree plantations.

SPI is the state's #1 clearcutting company and California’s largest private landowner. While the Union Valley reservoir is owned and operated by Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) for hydropower, SPI owns property all throughout Crystal Basin and the American River watershed. The electricity generated during the summer helps keep utility rates low for thousands of Sacramento area residents, who also get their drinking water from the American River. There is much at stake.

Over the past decade, SPI has converted thousands of acres of naturally maturing forests to industrial tree plantations in this area. In December, SPI submitted a plan to the California Department of Forests and Fire Protection (CALFIRE) that would permit logging up to 300 feet from popular campgrounds and all throughout an area proposed for a bike trail.

The Sierra Club's Mother Lode Chapter has submitted comments opposing the “Notned Timber Harvest Plan” and are now preparing a public campaign to pressure CALFIRE – the state agency in charge of reviewing logging plans to ensure they comply with state laws such as CEQA - to prohibit clearcut logging in the Crystal Basin Recreation Area.

We need your support!We have made a great start in building a powerful coalition against clearcutting, but we are also up against some of the most powerful and wealthy interests in the state of California. Archie Eldis 'Red' Emerson, owner of SPI is among the top richest Americans, and the money spent by timber corporations such as SPI is able to buy a lot of influence in Sacramento.

What we lack in money though, we make up for with passion and people power. But we won't start to really left the veil on clearcutting unless we have some basic resources to win more public support. Which is where you come in!

With your support we can advance the campaign to protect California's forested watersheds from clearcutting. A successful campaign to stop clearcut logging in Crystal Basin can be where we draw the line to stop clearcutting across the Sierra Nevada.

Specifically, your donation will help us:

1) Release a powerful new video showing the cumulative toll of clearcut logging in Crystal Basin

2) Build a broad base of public opposition in the seat of state power

3) Collect petitions signatures at Crystal Basin campgrounds

4) Launch a media campaign to expose the threats to our water supply, climate, wildlife and natural beauty

5) Engage the Sacramento City Council, SMUD and other potential allies in calling for greater protections for our forested watersheds

6) Expand our volunteer base and train the next generation of forest advocates

Why fund this campaign?

Sierra Club has been a leading champion for our forests for over a hundred years. We have an unparalleled track record of success. We have long opposed ecologically destructive logging practices – namely clearcutting – that harms wildlife habitat, water quality, forest health and degrades our outdoor recreational experience.

Thanks to the hard work of generations of Sierra Club volunteers – starting with our founder John Muir – much of our national forestland is now protected from industrial clearcutting. Unfortunately, the pressure has shifted to forestlands managed by the State of California which is negligently allowing private logging companies to clearcut across the water producing backbone of California.

We can stop this logging plan and challenge the way that cumulative impacts of clearcutting are evaluated.

Help us reach our goal of raising $8,000 to draw the line against more clearcutting in California's forests near magnificent outdoor recreation areas such as Crystal Basin.

Every dollar you contribute will go directly to support this critical effort to protect California's forests for our kids, and for future generations. The public deserves to enjoy and experience the beauties of real forests, not tree plantations, when they visit our National Forests and recreation areas.

Thank you big time for your support

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Please share this appeal with your friends and family. Help us reach our fundraising goal and launch our campaign to protect our forests and recreation areas from clearcut logging.

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