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What It's All About

Hi, my name is Terah Lynn.  I am a singer/songwriter currently working on my second album.  This album is my voice, my way of reaching out through music to you, my fellow adventurers on this life road.

We all find ourselves in the fog sometimes, surrounded by the voices of the past, the struggles of the present, and the uncertainty of the future. And oftentimes the fog is a confusing, lonely place. The songs I'm putting together for this project depict some of the broader struggles of the human condition as well as pieces of my personal journey through the fog and questions.  But they also point to the Hope that always ends up melting through my walls of doubt and fear, giving me strength to live every new day. I have found that life isn't about running from the fear and shutting our eyes to the questions - it's about using the brilliant light of God's love to fight the fear, and having the freedom to ask even the hard questions because, even though we may not understand the answers from our tiny perspectives, God is so big. And He loves so much.

I hope that my story through these songs can resonate with others who struggle sometimes with walking this Road of Life, and ultimately bring some encouragement in knowing you're not alone. Keep on walking. Joy comes in the morning.

(Don't forget to check out the video!)

So Here's the Deal

I have finished 3 songs in the studio already ("Life Goes On", "Bridges", and "A Love Song").  In fact, they're available on iTunes and CD Baby if you would like to check them out.  But I have about 7 more I'd like to add to make this a full-length album.  I am asking for a total of $7,500.00, which will go towards the completion of this album and the cost of packaging.  Will you partner with me and help me get this done by making a contribution?  You won't regret it - it's going to be awesome!  And of course, if you do there is some cool stuff in it for you, which brings us to....

The Perks

Ok, this is the fun part.  Gifts.  Free stuff (well, sort of).  So, it goes from a free song download of your choosing if you give at the $5 level, all the way up to your own personal Terah Lynn concert in your livingroom (if you live in the metro-Atlanta area) at the $1,000 level!  And the really great part?  It's cumulative.  That means the perk for the level you give at as well as all the ones below it, are yours.  Yep.  I told you it was cool.

Seriously, make sure you claim your perk - that's what they're there for.  And make sure you take note of the contribution levels that have a limited number of perks.  This just means that if all of those ones are claimed, you can still give at that level, you just won't get that perk (although you will, of course, still get the unlimited ones preceding it).

Will You Share This?

There are a lot of people that won't hear about this without YOUR help.  If you believe in this project and would like to see it finished, will you take a second to help me get the word out?  I would be so thankful!  Social media is a great tool to let people know about this campaign, and it's as easy as clicking those buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Please help me to reach anyone who would be encouraged by my music by sharing this page and the video!  

And now, I just want to say THANK YOU to you for taking the time to check out my campaign.  May you be blessed and encouraged, and filled with the Hope that is bigger than life!

**If you want to check out more about me, or to stay in touch during the rest of the recording process, go to my personal website.

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$5 USD
Free digital download of your choice
  • 0 claimed
Choose from "Life Goes On", "Bridges", and "A Love Song" - 3 singles currently available that will be on the upcoming album.
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$10 USD
Digital download of completed album
  • 0 claimed
This is good for a digital download of the entire album when it's finished.
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$25 USD
Hard copy of completed album, signed by me!
  • 2 claimed
$40 USD
Exclusive copy of Terah Lynn: The Live Session
  • 0 claimed
This is an exclusive copy of a live recorded show which features stripped-down versions of several Terah Lynn originals. This album will not be available to the general public. (*This also includes all preceding perks)
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$50 USD
Bonus digital commentary for completed album
  • 0 claimed
Just like a movie commentary, you'll get to hear me talk while the songs are playing about the behind-the-scenes of the album. (*This also includes all preceding perks)
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$100 USD
Thank-you credit on album cover (limit 10)
  • 1 claimed
  • 9 remaining
Yes, your name will be in black and white on this album for all to see, because I will be truly thankful for your help! (*This also includes all preceding perks)
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$250 USD
Live online Terah Lynn concert with Q&A
  • 1 claimed
You and anyone you invite can sit in the comfort of your living room (or any other room you want to be in) and watch me give an online concert, complete with Q&A about songs, etc. And that's not all - all those you invite will also get a digital copy of the album when it's completed! (*This also includes all preceding perks)
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$500 USD
Producer credit on album (limit 4)
  • 0 claimed
  • 4 remaining
At this level you get to be credited as one of the album producers, along with all the preceding perks, because you are that cool.
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$1,000 USD
The Motherload: Terah Lynn House Concert (limit 3)
  • 0 claimed
  • 3 remaining
If you are in the metro-Atlanta area, I will personally come to your house and give you a concert. Anyone you invite will get a free digital copy of the finished album, and you will get all preceding perks. What's not to love?
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