Youths Wasting Away in Paradise!
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Many came from the mainland saying the same thing: they came to find their place in a community that offers a closeness to Spirit and Nature only to find hardships or worse... These youths are somebody's son or daughter, brother or sister in need...

The number of homeless youth in Hawaii is staggering, but they're more than just numbers- they have faces: a young man from Virginia, a young mother from California, a 21-year-old from N.Y. They can be found picking through garbage for aluminum cans to pay for dinner or a smoke, weaving palm branches into bowls or hats for donations, huddling under trees or overhangs to find protection from the elements and seeking weekly showers offered by churches.

Many of these youths say the same thing: they have come to find their place in a community that offers a closeness to Spirit and Nature.

To the Native Americans, becoming “an adult” had more to do with an individual’s character and accomplishments than with his chronological age. The focus was on the internal character of the person; the vision quest had to do with spiritual strength and proving oneself worthy of respect and admiration for a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

The purpose of the vision quest was to allow the youth to transform himself spiritually and mentally into a responsible adult, and eventually a valuable contributor to the whole community.

There is no vision quest in this day and age so learning to developed self-confidence, self-esteem, and courage is not developed. We leave the young to find their own ways and this has caused many to travel the road of hardship and suffering.

Many of these youths arrive from the mainland with little in the way of money or possessions and quickly find that the lure of paradise is anything but enchanting; what they seek is not necessarily what they find.

The dreams they come with soon fall to the wayside amongst the ashes of the 'gonga' that steals the will and dissolves motivation. They were summoned here by the same creative nature that has this island ever-expanding; the same call that has people from all over the world coming to experience.

And they are coming here by the droves; many have nothing left except the clothes on their back and a card that grants them food. These are our children—yours and mine—and they need our help, our support and guidance to become who they are destined to be, and to find their way back home.

I am proposing to construct a center where all, young and old, can come to for [spiritual] counseling, for encouragement, and a caring hug when things are rough; a space that nurtures a true sense of love that opens within them and in the world...

My call has brought me here to make a difference to those in need. I have come in an effort to support and provide whatever services I can, but I cannot do it alone.

Letting children determine their own path without any guidance is equivalent to not caring; if you care about their future or yours, please help to provide for tomorrow’s adults.  “It takes a village to raise a child.” The true meaning is that every responsible adult should help guide our youth in the right direction... to become contributing adults that our world needs and which our future depends.

The kids on the street have skills; they just need guidance. Please, consider the situation, knowing that any one of these children could be your own... What would you be willing to do for them? We are responsible for the youth, the elderly and the animals of this world. Please support this effort with your financial contribution.

Thank you for your time and generosity knowing that it may completely change someone’s life.

Patrice Donnelly

"Be generous! Give to those you love; give to those who love you; give to the fortunate; give to the unfortunate - yes, give especially to those you don't want to give. You will receive abundance for your giving. The more you give, the more you will have!"-W. Clement Stone, author, and philanthropist



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Meditation CD: Journey Back to the Source
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Numerology Full Personality Profile (75+ pages)
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Life by Choice- A Course in Conscious Living
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10"x14" Watercolor Painting
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Receive a 10"x14" watercolor painting from several themes and Patrice, an accomplished fine art painter, will customize it for you.
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Spiritual Portrait
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Spiritual Portraits are intuitive paintings created from watercolor that capture your guardians image. You will receive, along with their portrait, a personal channeled message of wisdom. Choose from your Guardian Angel, Spiritual Guide, or Animal Totem.
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Hawaiian Couples Retreat
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Join Patrice in the pacific paradise of Hawaii for a private, 7 day retreat to experience the magic of swimming with sea turtles in their natural habitat, fiery lava, invigorating ocean, tropical foliage, and opening your heart to the spirit of aloha.
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