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I am Andy's wife. This campaign is to help him take a disability discrimination case to court. I'm a poet and he's a mature disabled student so the odds are stacked against us. Maybe you can help even things out.

I am Andy's wife

I've launched this campaign to raise money so that we can take Andy's disability discrimination case to court.

We've been married for nearly 24 years. Andy is registered deaf and has a degenerative bone and tissue disorder, hypermobility and has ADD.

Despite these challenges and being over 50 he is a second year university student intent on retraining for a future career. Sadly he has come up against a number of barriers at his university all of which have been avoidable and all of which have taken a great deal of effort and determination to try and overcome. 

Here's just one example: since the disabled library lift was put out of order in October he has been distracted and demotivated from his studies while he fought to get access to the library so that he could research in the same way as other non-disabled students.

The effect of all this has been to make Andy feel he is not valued as a human being and that he is not welcome as a disabled student and he has on more than one occasion been so despondent he has considered abandoning the course he has worked hard and paid for.

It seems that the only way to make the University take its responsibilities to disabled students seriously is to take them to court for disability discrimination.  Although it is against UK law to discriminate against disabled people there is no organisation enforcing this.  The only way to get a judgement is to go to civil court and that costs money.

Legal aid is only available for the very poorest in society as it has been cut back to the bone.  We have a month to get our court papers filed. We need to cover the court filing fees and prepayable hearing costs.  Any money left over after that will be spent on getting legal advice. 

So far we've had some advice from the Equality Advisory Service but they don't give legal advice as such they simply guide you through the legislation but even they got to the stage where they went further than is usual and actually felt it necessary to write to the university on our behalf in an attempt to get a response from them. 

Please help.  It is very disheartening to watch Andy having his time at university derailed by all this. He should be learning and studying and planning for his future and not being bogged down by being made to feel subhuman. It is bad enough my brave husband has to struggle against constant pain, tinnitus, and concentration difficulties every single day without thoughtless discrimination adding to his burdens. 

I am so proud of him because he is prepared to take this stand. He says most of the disabled students are youngsters and don't have the confidence to stand up for themselves so he feels it is up to him to do what is right. 

Our son is on the same course in the same university in the year below and he has some of the same conditions as his father and Andy wants to be a good father and set a good example.

Please help us raise this money and make a stand for disabled students rights and maybe we can change things for the better.

The problem is that papers need to be filed within a month or we will time-out and lose our ability to take this to court.  There is a 6 month time limit from October and we had to go through the university internal procedure and that took until last week to get through. So we don't have much time left to raise the money.

Andy is a photography student and I've chosen one of the portraits he took of a friend's dog for our campaign picture because when you see how much that puppy trusted and liked Andy to take the picture it might give you an idea of what a nice person he is and how he deserves to be treated with respect and consideration and not with discrimination.  Thank you for reading this very long story. 

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