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Help Rebuild Manicani Island
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Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. It is the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record, killing at least 5,796 people.

Manicani Island

A Forgotten Paradise

The Super Storm

4am on Friday the 8th of November, Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda made landfall just south of Guiuan. After destroying the narrow peninsular on the southern tip of Samar. It wreaked havoc on Manicani Island. This category 5 super storm had wind gusts of up to 235mph and devastating storm surge. The aftermath looks more like a Hollywood apocalyptic wasteland, than the tropical paradise it is. The poor remote communities are often neglected in favour of city areas. It took 7 days for any aid or humanitarian services to make contact. During this initial encounter a remarkable story emerged. 42 people were taking shelter in theirchurch. huddled in corners holding religious objects and praying. They witnessed everything in and outside the church being destroyed by the storm surge and wind. While they were still taking shelter the church collapsed around them . The photo of the church taken after, shows what’s left. To think that anyone survived is amazing but all 42 made it out alive.

What Is

What little the villagers had was distroyed by the distruction of Haiyan leaving nothing but devestation and communities with bleak futures. The main source of income and food is through fishing. The impact of mining and commercial dynamite fishing, has forced the them to fish further away from the island. Without their boats and nets they can not catch fish to feed their family. The city where they sold the fish is gone, along with their ability to make an honest wage to buy the necessities they need. They lack tools and supplies to repair and build the things needed for recovery. Their beloved churches and basketball courts are damaged, Although not necessary for survival. The impact on mental health and moral can not be understated. The road to recovery will be hard, and mental health should be considered as important as physical health.


Living in poverty and substandard shelters was hard before, now the situation is worse. Their are many threats and problems that come with poverty. Malnutrition, disease and child mortality are a concern. It also creates an environment that makes it easy for people to take advantage of or prey on them. There are also religious and political elements who might abuse the situation and the people. In times of crises the ones affected the most are usually the young.

The Past

Manicani Island has seen it's share of history, most notably in WW2. Because of it 's location in Lyte gulf, it was an ideal location for a US naval repair base. At it's peak it housed about 6000 US servicemen. Today it is inhabited by 3000 living amongst the islands 4 villages ( barangays) Hamorahon, Buenavista, Bana-ag, and San Jose. Each village has a designated community leader tilled as Caption. Captions act as officials and represent residents in official matters. There is no town hall or police station so they must also act as mediators in local disputes. Most meeting and special events revolve around either their church or basketball court. The only other community building is the school. Although there are a few concrete homes most are traditional bamboo huts with thatched roofs (Bahay Kubo). There is very little plumbing or electricity. Water is carried from central taps to houses by buckets. Electricity is only used as needed by small household generators. Fishing is the main source of income and food. The fish they don't eat gets sold at the nearest market in Guiuan. The Journey to Guiuan done with the outrigger canoe (bangka) used for fishing. Equipped with a small petrol engine, it takes about an hour depending on the weather.

The Future

The future has not yet been told. help us make it something we can be proud of.

 Primary Objective

         Operation  buhay   ( Survive )

1.1 Construct basic shelter for as many as possible

1.2 Supply food supplies

1.3 Supply Medical and Hygiene Supplies  


Secondary Objective

      Operation   komunidad ( Community)

 2.1 Assist in clearing and cleaning

2.2 Salvage materials and debris for reuse, storage or scrap

2.3 Inspect all community areas for any potential immediate hazards

2.4 Supply essentials

2.5 Repair and or supply fishing boats

2.6 Repair and/or supply fishing equipment

2.7 Basic repairs on church

2.8 Start Community Gardens

2.9 Deliver Christmas toys

 2.10 Build basic play grounds

2.11 Install basketball hoop

2.12 Supply special packs for kids


Tertiary Objective

      Operation   bagong buhay   (New Life )


3.1 Repair homes

3.2 Build houses

3.3 Organize primary education

3.4 Repair and supply basketball courts

3.5 Improve sanitation

3.6 Reinforce and upgrade Church

3.7 Set up emergency communication

3.8 Supply clothing

3.9 Provide Electricity

3.10 Install lights for villages

3.11 Build a community center

3.12 Document recovery efforts


This List is a guide. It is not a contract. It is constantly under review, and could change at any time. More detailed information, including our budget is avalible on request 

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