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Music compels the world. Music moves the world. Music motivates the world. Music brings site to the blind by painting a vivid picture with sound.

Hi, my name is Guevara Joseph, born 1989, I'm a entrepreneur who Love music. I kknow a lot of people ...
Short Summary

Hi. My ame is Guevara joseph born in 1989. As everyone else here I am a entrepreneur. I started a music label in my city to express my love for the musical arts. I'm not like some who say they love music but really like only one genre, I love all types of genres of music and hope to sign and produce some of the best of rock, pop, hip hop/rap, house, dubsteps, ect. I am trying to pull together a well pland team of promoters and marketing to help me set up my musical passion. I plan to make a small concert for Indie artists who need a chance to present there self to the major population. I have already set network of radio host, local underground, station who are willing to help promote and broadcast on the air. I got small sponsors willing to land a small hand, really small. On my end I raised a portion of what I need, less then 13%. All of that is in the works cause of coverage for equipment, stage hands and more advertisement. I am trying to bring something new to the entertainment world with the people I produce and the ones I help open doors for. All I need is just a little more help from music lovers like me and you.

What We Need & What You Get 

To put it in a way to what we need and where the  founds go I have made a list of what I need and what I did on my owne with my small team of production and ppromoting.   First what we have done...We got our EIN for our company to make it a legal business so we and our supporters could have peace of mind that we are a registered business and given rights to conduct business in the USA you can go to the IRS site to see our status as a entertainment company under the Limited Liability Company (LLC). Costs $340 for EIN embryo document paper of registry and a certificate of businessStated by law we also had to register with tue state of Florida to let them know webwill set up our business in there state and what we planned to do with it. Costs $0Entertainment lawyer to type up contracts and author guidelines that is needed.  Cost $550Place of business as for know everything is done at the Co-Founder/Producer place of residents.  Costs $690/monthly***plan to get a true place of business to make the business studio for artists to record at will and no cost to sign artists.*** What we need the funds for...★$1200 to get a place of business for HQ★ $2500 for studio equipment (mics, speakers, equalizer,  mixing table,  computer with programs)★$5500 to set up 3 genres bast concerts (350 for police security, $250 for Dj set up, $2500 for park rental with stage, $800 for banners flyers shirts hats, and promoting over radio,  $200 for stage security, $900 to pay stage hands for set up) ♥$1300 to cover any unexpected costs that may come☆☆☆$10500 to open the label ☆☆☆Describe where the funds go if you don’t reach your entire goal.If we do not reach thd founds in total we will open what part we can and if still lest then all the needed amount. .. music is my passion I will work hard to make the dream of what this label stands for comes true I will not rest till my label is seen as a hope for Indie artists in a corrupt industry. 

The Impact 

We at General Street Entertainment LLC a.k.a G-Street Entertainment LLC (GSE) is trying to be a foot in the door for unknown artists who music has such power to be a movement to give strength and reassurance to the people who needs it at that point before they break down. The industry turns down these types of artists and in power the negative of the world I don't want that for my label I want it to be for the people to give them hope through the power of music in witch I a true music lover had felt over and over again when my self had reach that end but the Scripts One Republican American Rejects gave me a change of mind T.I Wale Macmore gave me life experience to show me things is not always as bad as you think I believe the power of music that's why I'm pushing for this to happen so we can be that label who changed it by the people not some major label. 

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand some people can't help out funding wise but that don't mean we do not need you word of mouth is as powerful too. Make some noise tell a friend to tell a friend to help support our movement of music join our Facebook page Twitter use the tools provided to share this so more can hear about this to help our business to grow no one is useless to help.Ask folks to get the word out and make some noise about your campaign.Remind them to use the share tools!You can email us via also like us on our Facebook page n follow our Twitter
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