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abolishing forced marriages
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In 1982 in Toronto I met and fell in love with a muslim girl from Zanzibar East Africa. I too am muslim and was born in Trinidad West Indies. She was 17 at the time and I was 22 years of age. After a couple of months we got found out by her ...

In 1982 in Toronto I met and fell in love with a Muslim girl from Zanzibar, East Africa. I too am Muslim and was born in Trinidad, West Indies. She was 17 years old at the time and I was 22 years of age. After a couple of months getting to know each other, we got found out by her father who immediately took her out of school and kept her locked up in their apartment and proceeded to bring her mother's cousin to Toronto to get them married. She was forced into this marriage, though she pleaded for them not to do this.  She was sent together with the man back to Africa.  The marriage was never comsummated. She came back a few months later to begin sponsorship, instead she phoned me and we ran away and have been together ever since.  We are presently married over 33 years and have been blessed with 3 children and a 7 year old grandson. I wrote a book about our travails and titled it, A STORY TO TELL with the hope that it will inspire people to abolish   this shameful deed of forcing marriages.  It is not a Muslim story, but a human story of two people who were born in the Islamic faith.  A famous Canadian, actor/musician Cedric Smith (who is also involved in our story) when told of our story remarked that I should write a book about this experience.  He also said that my story was better than the famous love story Romeo and Juliet (you will have to read the book to understand why he said that).  Another person that got involved with us in our predicament was Yusuf Islam, (formerly Cat Stevens) who had a small part in our story and gave me much needed advice and encouragement.  I am asking for this money to bring our story to the world in the form of a feature length movie.  When you read the comments about our book together with the news paper article (see article "Author transforms painfull marriage into book of advice" in Trinidad Guardian), you will hopefully join us in the telling/showing of A Story To Tell.  Everything that I wrote about is just as it happened.  I truly believe that the reason this happened to my life is so I could write about it and hopefully inspire people who may see themselves in it and not cause untold suffering to people who have the God-given right to choose their own life partner / soulmate.  I hope that you will join me in this mission and be part of the solution and not just an observer to this tragedy.  It is a bittersweet life that Sabina and I are blessed with.  If by reading my book or seeing the movie which is based on it some couple somewhere is spared the heartache and agony that my wife and I endored it would be well worth the time and effort that was put into it.  With your help this would make it possible.  I thank you for your generousity and kind support and look forward to your financial contribution towards this most worthy project which deserves to be taken to a fitting conclusion.  Thanks in advace again for your consideration to offer. Google - Apzal Hosein - for all the information that you may need to help you decide whether this project is one that is worthy.  With heartfelt gratitude, from both of us, Apzal & Sabina.

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