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Haiti: Acupuncture & Naturopathic Health Care
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Carpe Diem! Your donation today will change the lives of many to come. I am raising money to volunteer in Cap-Haitian, Haiti from March 22-29, 2014 with a well respected organization, Naturopaths Without Borders, who provide ...

Carpe Diem!

I am raising money to volunteer in Cap-Haitian, Haiti from March 22-29, 2014 with a well respected organization, Naturopaths Without Borders, who provide holistic, integrative medical services to local Haitians. I am a second year Oreiental Medicine student attending the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, an accredited acupuncture college in Portland, Oregon. Your donation today will change the lives of many to come.

I have a unique opportunity to volunteer with Naturopaths Without Borders (NWB), an established and well-respected international organization that is actively involved with global integrative medicine efforts.

This Spring is the first time NWB is specifically seeking to work with acupuncture students alongside with their naturopath students, practitioners and local MD’s. 

You have the ability to support an OCOM Masters student to take this unique opportunity that supports integrative global health initiatives. This is a rare and exclusive experience that is currently not offered within the current OCOM curriculum.

Your Donation: Changing the Face of Healthcare

This is a request for help that has both immediate and long term health benifits. Your doncation will bring healtcare to people in need with and also put into motion the beginings of the OCOM International Acupuncturist & Global Health Inititive Club. [Details below under Community Investment & Return] 

Time & Place

I am volunteering my time this Spring, March 22 – 29th, with Naturopaths Without Borders in Cap-Haitian, Haiti. During my time there I will be working in NWB’s clinics working side-by-side with experienced Acupuncturists, ND’s, MD’s, and a handful of naturopathic and acupuncture medical students from NCNM, Bastyr and other accredited US medical schools.

Fully Committed

My plane ticket is purchased and the NWD fee has been paid in full. I am fully committed. I am trusting the universe to refund me (this is where you come in with your generous donation), so I can pay next month's rent and living expenses. 

The Financial Ask

This trip's total is $1,500. This covers the cost of airfare and the NWB program fee, which is used to pay for operational costs. All directors of NWB are volunteers.

Community Investment & Return - Global Integrative Medicine for the Future

I understand fully that public funding comes the responsibility of making sure my community benefits as well.

I will commit, upon return, to the following actions that will ensure that my time in Haiti not only benefits my personal educational experience, but the education of my peers and future acupuncture students to come. 

OCOM is a leader in Chinese Medicine education. I believe we have a responsibility to ensure that there are opportunities for students to learn, and have first-hand experience in health settings that are outside the norms and expose students to the realities of healthcare that exist outside of US borders.

  • Establish the International Acupuncturist & Global Health Initiative Club at my home college, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  
    • This will include recruiting students who are interested in global health and international healthcare to help run the club.
    •  The club will be established to support students who seek to experience working abroad
    • This will include providing students with resources, contacts and education in global healthcare.
    • Sustainability
      • The club will organize annual fundraising events to support it’s members and their trips
      • Take proactive steps to ensure the survival of the club for future years
  • Work together with NWB in establishing an official NWB, OCOM Chapter.
  • Share my experience. Present a lecture to interested students of my experiences in Haiti and working with NWB.

My Vision for the OCOM International Acupuncturist & Global Health Initiative 

The club promotes global health and social justice through Chinese medicine while providing medical students with the opportunity to expand their possibilities.

Through presentations, group discussions, brigades to foreign natural medicine clinics, international community education opportunities and global health courses, the global health education of our members will be developed.

These global health courses teach members about international economics, international politics, the effects of working conditions on health, the effects of customs on health and many other important topics.

We provide an opportunity for Chinese medical students to develop professional relationships with the doctors that join the brigades and the doctors that work at the international natural medicine clinics. We provide brigade members with the opportunity and assistance with joining a brigade that provides clinical experience and global health courses.

I believe we can provide an opportunity for Chinese medical students to develop professional relationship with the doctors that join the brigades and the doctors that work at the international natural medicine clinics.   We provide members with the opportunity and assistance with joining a brigade that provides clinical experience and global health courses. 

Why You Should Support Me - Dependability & Passion

I feel that there is a gap between OCOM in global health care education and experiences available to students. I am a passionate individual who believes that healthcare should be available to all individuals, regardless of economic or social status. I am excited to expose more students to global Chinese medicine with future NWB trips and more on-campus global health education.

You can be assured that I am an excellent fit and will be able to deliver on my promises to my community. My commitment to the medicine and to my community can already be seen through my current leadership roles with in the following organizations:

  • The OCOM Student Council, Student Representative 
  • The Student Alliance for Integrative Health (SAIM), which organizes the annual Integrative Medicine Day Conference and quarterly student socials
  • The OCOM Research Club, which supports and fosters evidence informed health care of research on acupuncture, herbal medicine, East Asian therapies while collaborating with colleagues at complementary and alternative medicine and conventional medicinal institutions. 

My passion lies in working abroad. Both traveling extensively, volunteering and working abroad, I feel at home, away from home.

Prior Overseas Volunteer Experience

A most memorable life experience: Prior to my time at OCOM, I volunteered with an organization called Burners Without Borders, in the city of Pisco, Peru, which lies 4 hours south of the capital, Lima. The city was devastated by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake and brought the city down to rubble. I volunteered in this disaster area for 3 months helping rebuild schools and houses. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I can’t put into words the joy I felt while working there, despite the hardships and lack of luxuries we’re so used to here in the United States. Haiti is also an area struck by natural disaster, but like the people of Pisco, they are resilient. I can’t wait to get there and meet them.  

In addition to building on my own personal educational experiences, I’m going because I see this as an opportunity to start building a foundation between a great global health organization, NWB  and an outstanding Oriental medicine college, OCOM.

Integrative medicine is here to stay and it is only going to become stronger. I foresee OCOM as a leader in integrative medicine and a leader in educating its medical students in global healthcare. I want to be a part of this exciting time in healthcare.

It excites me to think of the possibilities in the future of not only educating more students about global health, but to also have the opportunity to share my knowledge with other NDs, MDs and patients.

Thank you for your consideration in funding this project. I can be contacted at and happy to set up a time to speak with you about this project or to answer any questions you may have.

Yours humbly,

Kate Drake



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$7 USD
Haitian Postcard
  • 3 claimed
Estimated delivery Mar 2014
A postcard sent directly to you from Cap-Haitien, Haiti! I will fill you in on what happened that day in the field. If you collect postcards or know someone who does - this is perfect!
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$12 USD
Homemade Cuticle Balm
  • 2 claimed
Estimated delivery Apr 2014
That's right - homemade lotion that loves your cuticles! Non-fragrance, made from Portland local, un-refined beeswax and food grade oils. You will love it! Made by yours truly. Balm has a nice thick smooth texture.
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$25 USD
Handmade Haitian Bead Earrings
  • 5 claimed
Estimated delivery Apr 2014
Besides studying Chinese medicine, I love to make jewelry. In Haiti I will be going to the markets and collecting beads to make some jewelry upon return. I'd love to make a pair just for you! Private jewelry consult included - get your favorite color and style!
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$25 USD
NatureScape Blank Note Cards: Six Card Pack
  • 0 claimed
Estimated delivery Apr 2014
Six unique blank notecards with nature inspired photographs from the Northwestern and Southwestern United States. Click on the link to see the photographer's style and creative eye. Thank you Rooney Studios for your contribution to this perk.
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$25 USD
Photo Journalism Haitian Postcards
  • 3 claimed
Estimated delivery Apr 2014
The best photos I will take while in Haiti created into post-cards. These will be blank to you can send them out to friends or perfect for framing. Mixed variety of 6 postcards.
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$25 USD
Shiatsu Therapy: 1 Hour Session
  • 2 claimed
Estimated delivery Apr 2014
A one hour Shiatsu Body therapy session specifically tailored for you. Perfect gift for yourself or for someone you love. Only available in the PDX area. Useful for treating musculoskeletal issues, as well as contributing to more restful sleep, improved circulation and joint mobility. Shiatsu does not require the use of oil or lotion and is done through clothing. hiatsu is a sophisticated Healing Art that has evolved from the same ancient system that developed into Acupuncture. Instead of inserting needles into points, we use pressure from our thumbs, palms, and sometimes elbows and knees along the 12 meridians or channels – lines of energy or life force - that flow through the body. Our goal is to create a more balanced distribution of the different aspects of life force that flow through these meridians, helping the body, mind & spirit to integrate. May be redeemed between April 5th and July 1st, 2014.
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$50 USD
Photo Journalism: Acupuncture in Haiti Photo Book
  • 4 claimed
Estimated delivery Apr 2014
While in Haiti, I will have my camera out while traveling to and from clinic, in the markets and when appropriate in clinic too. This is a photo journalism documentary piece. Excerpts of my experiences and general thoughts will be scattered through out to help tell my story. Limited books available.
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$50 USD
TWO Adidas 50% Off VoucherS @ Adidas Store
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Estimated delivery Apr 2014
TWO 50% Off Vouchers @ Adidas Store located in Portland, Oregon. Voucher will expire April 30, 2014. Redeemable in-store only @ The Adidas Store in Portland, OR.
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