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This is a fund raising page for my friend, Jayne.
Jayne is currently battling cancer however it is not responding to chemo. We are raising funds to get her to Gerson and assist with the associated costs of therapy when she returns home. Thank you!
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Update 13.10.13


This page was initially (& hurriedly!) set up in the hope that if enough of us who knew Jayne pulled together, we could get her to Gerson for the minimum two week stay and if I'm honest, when I updated the goal as £10,000 it felt like nothing more than a pipedream.

Based on the events of the last two weeks, I am sure I am not alone in feeling a renewed sense of faith in the humanity, resourcefulness and generosity of others.

As a result of the astounding response from all of you, the recommended 3 weeks at Gerson (rather than 2 week minimum) is now a very real possibility rather than just wishful thinking however for those of you who have not looked at Gerson treatment, the associated costs of maintaining the therapy when Jayne returns home will probably be the most costly part in all of this in fact, there are some fundraising pages that have been set up by individuals JUST to cover these costs alone.

As we are so close to the original 'goal' and there are a number of fundraising activities that have still to take place, my concern is that some will feel that that their invaluable contribution could be 'surplus to requirements' - this simply could not be further from the truth.

To ensure that what is being done for Jayne is completely 'transparent' and to reassure everyone that ALL monies raised are needed, I have increased the goal this morning to £20,000.

If anyone does have any questions or queries about the fund, please don't hesitate to contact me at




La historia de Jayne está en español a continuación!

Hi.... this page was primarily set up to quickly reach family, friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends (get the picture?) who will know Jayne's story through word of mouth... therefore it probably doesn't provide a lot of information about Jayne (seated in the pic above), her family or her whole story... if you would like more information on Jayne, please don't hesitate to contact me either on this board, Facebook ( or at  

Many thanks.....


Hi all...

I am reaching out to you all in the hope that together, we can help our dear friend Jayne. She would probably put this far more eloquently than I ever could but she'll just have to tolerate my hurried and fumbled attempt :)

You may or may not be aware that she has been recently been undergoing increasingly hardcore chemotherapy as initial treatments were having little or no effect.

She has just been given the news that this hardcore chemo is also having no effect and that they can no longer continue with this treatment option. 

Now, its not ALL bad news and in typical Jayne fashion, the medical team are baffled by other the positive indicators however barring major surgery (which she may not even be strong enough for..) the lesions will simply metastasis (sorry for being blunt but feel it's best to let you know that it's effectively crunch time for her)

Whilst her options are limited, there has always been one 'alternative' which due to expense (& more traditional medical advice) Jayne has not yet pursued and I am hoping that we can help make this option a reality for her...

For those who like some more info, this is to attend the Gerson institute in Mexico... (success rates in treating disease were so high that they were effectively 'chased' out of the USA by big, bad pharma companies so now just across the border in Tijuana) and all I would say is please don't let your own beliefs or feelings about the power of alternative therapies put you off... just remember what this is really about... An amazing, strong, courageous woman and mother who needs our help... Oh and no donation is too small.... REALLY!

Many thanks for reading....

Hola a todos ...

Estoy llegando a cabo (sin su conocimiento o aprobación inicial, podría añadir! Esto duró aproximadamente 2 horas!) Con la esperanza de que juntos, podemos ayudar a nuestro querido amigo Jayne. Ella probablemente poner esto mucho más elocuente de lo que yo podría, pero ella sólo va a tener que tolerar mi tientas intento :)

Usted puede o no ser consciente de que ha sido recientemente sometido a quimioterapia cada vez más duro como tratamientos iniciales estaban teniendo poco o ningún efecto.

Ella acaba de recibir la noticia de que la quimioterapia del hardcore también está teniendo ningún efecto y que ya no pueden continuar con esta opción de tratamiento.

Ahora, su no todo son malas noticias, y en la manera típica de Jayne, el equipo de médicos están desconcertados por otros indicadores positivos Sin embargo, salvo la cirugía mayor (que ella puede no ser lo suficientemente fuerte como para ..) las lesiones simplemente se metástasis (lo siento por ser contundente pero siento que es mejor para hacerle saber que está crujir eficazmente el tiempo para ella)

Mientras que sus opciones son limitadas, siempre ha sido una "alternativa" que, debido a los gastos (y consejo médico más tradicional) Jayne aún no ha llevado a cabo y espero que podamos ayudar a que esta opción sea una realidad para ella ...

Para aquellos que gustan de un poco más de información, se trata de asistir al instituto de Gerson en México ... (tasas de éxito en el tratamiento de la enfermedad eran tan altos que estaban efectivamente "perseguidos" de los EE.UU. por grandes compañías farmacéuticas malas) por lo que ahora al otro lado de la frontera en Tijuana) y todo lo que puedo decir es por favor, no deje que sus propias creencias o sentimientos sobre el poder de las terapias alternativas te desanime ... sólo recuerda lo que esto es realmente acerca de ... Un, mujer valiente fuerte increíble y una madre que necesita nuestra ayuda ... Ah, y ninguna donación es demasiado pequeña .... REALMENTE!

Muchas gracias por la lectura ....


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