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Ava is still in critical condition. As you can see the pics from today in comparison from yesterday's, she is a little more swollen. She still has a fever, its up and down as with everything else. She still has a high heart rate and they're still trying to monitor it and her blood pressure mainly. I saw her chest x-ray today and noticed how bad her lungs are now. She will have a very hard time recovering respiratory wise I'm sure of. Also, her liver is a little generous in size and not quite in the right position. It may give her a tough time later on with breathing bc it is up higher than it was supposed to be and is close to her lung. With her liver being enlarged, it does explain the high volume of pain meds and sedation she has always required. The surgeon said he wasn't sure what to make out of it but did say it may slow down on the growth now that her heart is fixed. The situation with having to go back in surgery, she never left the operating room but they did have to go back in and put her back on the bypass machine to add more of a patch on her right ventricle. This was discovered with the echo that is routinely performed after surgery. The surgeon saw that the patch was not big enough, so he added a second piece on top of the one he first placed over the ventricle. He also had to carve some out of her pulmonary valve to relieve some obstruction. All of this was successful and she has from a 30-50% chance of requiring another surgery. The surgeon was pleased with the outcome of the surgery. One part of the heart she had repaired usually can also be corrected/replaced by placing a pig valve on the pulmonary valve but a patch was used instead. As fas as Ava goes, the surgeon says she will likely need to go in for a heart cath later on. This is where they use a balloon to open up any obstruction that is there not corrected by surgery as she grows. This can be done at her cardiologist group in Knoxville. She is far away from being out of the woods. She still has a long long way to go. She will be here a little longer than expected. Probably about 3 wks or so. Ava wont be able to have any feeds for 2-5 more days, but they're giving her plasma lyte and tpn which has everything she will need like electrolytes, zinc, potassium, etc and lipids which are fats she also needs until she is ready for her formula. She is pulling through but is and will be delayed on recovering for a while. She is a "sick tet" baby which is short for her tetralogy of fallot diagnosis. She is worse off than initially expected, and from a normal tet baby but at the same time isnt as bad as she could be right now. Please keep us all in your prayers!! I will keep her updates posted as much as I can.
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