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I am creating this fundraising page with hopes that I may receive help with my medical expenses that are mostly not covered through our insurance plan but are absolutely necessary for me to recover from a rare illness I am being debilitated by.

Hello to all, I am creating this fundraiser with hopes that I may receive help with my medical expenses that are mostly not covered through my families insurance plan. Most of my treatments are from holistic or alternative medicines and are extremely pricey. There are even some medicines that have to be compounded and specially made. My family and close friends are doing anything and everything to provide me with all the treatments I need, but the cost is devastatingly high and I need all the help I can get.

The last thing I want to do is share my personal photographs showing what's happening to my body and open myself up to be vulnerable and subjected to cruel words on the Internet that I fear is inevitable. However I don't know what else to do and I need help.

I understand that the rarity of my situation and the multiple ailments and symptoms I have can and has caused others to think I'm fabricating or exaggerating when I explain my illness and what is happening to my body, but I'm being completely honest and I am suffering from every single thing I say I am, with test results and pictures as evidence. If anything, I downplay the pain I'm having to try and save my loved ones from worrying as much.

One of the most common questions I am asked is why I am not in the hospital, or if I were really this ill than my doctors would have me in the hospital. Please trust that I wish more than anything that I could be in the hospital being treated there. I would be a lot less anxious and I'd have constant IV's. There a few answers to this question and they are that: the doctors in the hospital do not know about the illness I'm suffering from. Even though my doctor could request a specific protocol for me in the ER, he wouldn't be able to be there 24/7 to make sure I'm receiving the right IVs and treatments. As it is now, I do not tolerate well at all the IVs I've received from one of my doctors that is not only an expert in my specific illness but a survivor of the same illness as well. His IVs are specially made and I was receiving only 1/16th of the normal starting dose and am not able to make it even halfway through each bag of medicine before I have to stop. Holistic and alternative medicines and vitamins are obviously very good for the body but they can make people Nauseas and not feel well while they're being administered. Vomiting up these nutrients is a waste of money, time, and medicine. Thus comes the need to start slow and accept that healing is not a quick fix but a long process. Hospitals do not offer the ivs I require and being there would put more stress onto my body that I can't afford.

I want to mention that I am very confident in my choice of doctors (there have been three, but as of now I've chosen only one to continue treating me) on September 17th I was put into contact with a lady through a mutual friend via Facebook messaging. This individual has been activate in the Lyme Disease community for 7 1/2 years because of her daughters illness, and has been an advocate to hundreds of people. Her daughter went to the same high school as me and even started seeing the same doctor I did! She has spent many hours communicating with me in hopes that I'll be saved from having to go through all of the trial and error of different doctors and treatments like her daughter went through before getting on the right track. However since they weren't able to have the correct medicines and doctors in time, her daughter is so ill to this day that she is completely homebound, requiring IVs at home. She's traveled the whole country in search of the best possible doctors and treatments for her daughter and because of this I stand firm in the confidence I have in my doctors.

Her mom believes, as do I, that I've caught my illness in time without doing too much damage with the wrong treatments, but I need these treatments ASAP, which is what's lead me to this fundraiser, since they are so expensive. In my mind, my classmates mom is a hero and I am so grateful for my friend that lead me to her, however it is impossible for me to receive advise and suggestions from her without becoming upset that her daughter didn't get the help that I am in time. Ever since the first time I spoke with her, I've prayed and think about their family every day. Without her I know I would've lost my life

My doctor has estimated that I will need treatments for at least one year. Some of my medicines that are specially made for my unique blood plasma have to be ordered and take 6-8 weeks to be delivered to my doctors office. They have to be paid for before ordering them and each order contains only 6 weeks worth of medicine. When my first order arrives in early December, the next round will need to ordered that same day to ensure they will have arrived by the time I need the next round. This process will continue until I am healed which, again, will take an estimated one year. To reiterate, I need several different types of medicines and treatments; not just the one that I outlined above. Very important to me also, is to eventually be able to possibly help others who are suffering in any way... to not feel alone and to offer words of encouragement, links to resources, or simply an ear to listen, no matter the circumstance. I've found my purpose in life and it is to lessen anyone's suffering in any way that I can.


Below is my historical medical account that I've spent several days and many hours preparing. My story is lengthy and I apologize for that, but it was important for me to include the most accurate account possible: I moved into an apartment in Winter Park, FL ok April 11, 2012. I loved this apartment for many reasons. It was close to my job, friends, the grocery store, ect. Shortly after moving in, however, I started feeling ill quite frequently. I was experiencing headaches and cold/allergy like symptoms that I'd never had before.

Even more so than cold symptoms, I began to have pretty bad neck, shoulder, and upper back pain as well as frequent, horrible abdominal cramping. My pain got so bad that my boyfriend would end up bringing me to the hospital. CT scans at the ER showed fluid in my ovaries. The ER doctor believed that the fluid was a result of a ruptured ovarian cyst(s) and suggested I see an OB-GYN. After seeing an OBGYN and trying several medicines and treatments with no pain relief, he suspected that my pain was caused by endometriosis and advised a surgery called a Diagnostic Laparscopy, which would confirm his suspicion of endometriosis and allow him to remove as much as he could during surgery. When I came out of surgery I learned that I had severe endometriosis and an extensive amount, as well as multiple cysts, even cysts on my Fallopian tubes. After surgery I explored several avenues trying to relieve and manage my pain, such as... medicines, physical therapy, massage, diet changes, acupuncture, ect. None of this worked for more than a few weeks at best.I was constantly exhausted.

I worked as a prestige consultant and a cashier at a salon and beauty store that I loved. I had to quit my job there because I could not handle being on my feet for long and I was in so much pain that it was difficult for me to concentrate or perform simple tasks. I always felt horrible when my inability to perform my duties would effect my co-workers. While I was unemployed I focused on relieving/ managing my pain and resting often. After a few months I felt I was ready to work again. In May 2013 I started a job as a client service representative at a vet hospital. I worked with five other girls at the front desk, managing 27 phone lines and scheduling appointments with one of the four doctors at the hospital. This job was one of the best things that ever happened for me, I loved it and was really passionate about working there. My co-workers were amazing. I was treated as part of the family from the get-go.

Unfortunately shortly after I began working there my pain returned with a vengeance I ended up having a second laparoscopic surgery on September 26, 2013. The official name or surgery was a 'Laparscopic Excision of Endometriosis with Robotics', a more detailed surgery that utilized a robot to assist my doctor in removing endometriosis that was not reachable or visible to the human eye. When I woke up from surgery my doctor told me there was more endometriosis in me than the first operation and that it was even more widespread. After surgery I didn't heal as quickly as I thought I would and I had to keep extending my medical leave time until I could not extended it any longer and my manager suggested I resign and when I felt better I could apply for the same position again and that there was a possibility id be able to have my job back. Unfortunately my health didn't improve.


Below is my health account from the beginning of 2014 until present and contains the most information regarding my CURRENT health situation.- In February of this year I started declining rapidly. I developed a skin infection that would not heal. I used prescription medicines and topical lotions but they didn't work. Over the next couple of months it fluctuated- my skin would kind of heal on its own a little bit and then randomly I'd break out again. I started seeing a family doctor right around the corner from my house in April. Id missed several doctors appointments since the beginning of the year because I was too ill to drive. The pharmacy manager at my local Walgreens suggested this specific practice because of the location and he was also confident they'd be able to prescribe all the medicines I was taking.

At my appointment the doctor told me I had shingles and also a staph infection. I was prescribed an antibiotic and an antiviral and was asked to return in two weeks for a follow up appointment. When I returned two weeks later my skin infection was even worse and I felt more ill. My doctor prescribed a different antibiotic and asked me to return in another week for a follow up. When I returned the following week my infection was worse and I was more ill. At this visit my doctor told me she was now diagnosing me with MRSA and explained to me that MRSA was the same thing as a staph infection but more dangerous since it is resistant to several antibiotics. She put me on a new antibiotic and asked that I return the following week for a follow up. When I returned and the antibiotic hadn't worked and my skin infection had worsened once again, I was prescribed a new antibiotic and asked to return for another follow up.

I returned on August 5th which was the last appointment I ever had with this doctor/practice. Just a couple days before my final appointment, my dad had a traumatic accident on August 1st. He was jogging from the gym to his office in downtown Orlando when he was struck by a Lynx Bus. He had been traveling the same route for many years. Just a few weeks before his accident, the bus route was changed, allowing the buses to travel in both directions as opposed to the just one direction that it had for years. Because of this he did not know to look and stepped out in front of the bus, which severely injured his left foot. He is lucky to be alive to say the least. When my mom called me to tell me the news, I was in the bathroom vomiting. I remember not being able to say anything and when we got off the phone I laid on the bathroom floor screaming and bawling. I was so upset that I was too ill to drive to the hospital to visit him, and I was encouraged not to because at the time we did not know if I was contagious and did not want to take the risk of giving my illness to my dad. Normally, with the state of my health being so bad, I would've moved back home and cared for by my parents at home, but there was the fear of transferring illnesses like I just mentioned, also my dad is highly allergic to cats and I have two cats that I love more than anything. This is my dads personal story to tell and not mine, but I wanted to share it briefly to explain why I didn't move back home with them. I will add that though that in the past few weeks my dad has started to make great progress!!!

Back to my last appointment with the doctor on August 5th: I asked my Doctor If I was dying, that's how bad I hurt and felt. I also asked her a few times if she thought I should be in the hospital and she replied "not yet." She told me she was giving me one final antibiotic and wanted me to start taking it that day, and that she was going to order a bloodwork panel at an outside lab and to have it done that day or the following day. When she said she was giving me a test order for the bloodwork, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I wasn't tested to confirm staph/MRSA before being treated for it, and I immediately had a huge doubt that what I was suffering from was not staph/MRSA at all. I remember right after having those doubts I prayed to God I was wrong and that I was in the right hands.

i left this last appointment, sat in the pharmacy until my antibiotic was filled, then drove home. I was too sick to get my bloodwork done that day. The very next morning on Aug. 6th, I woke up and out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought looked like mold or mildew on the kitchen floor by the stove. I started to look around some more and discovered that this mold, mildew, or whatever... Was practically everywhere in my apartment, especially in the storage room where the air handler was, and in the bathroom around the tub and toilet. The manager at the complex came to my apartment to address the issue but refused help in any way.

A few hours later my boyfriend picked me up and we checked into a hotel. I never stayed at the apartment again. The next morning at the hotel I called my doctors office and asked the receptionist to see if the doctor would add testing for mold poisoning onto the test order shed given me two days before. I got a call back saying my doctor denied my request and stated I had MRSA, not mold poisoning. A few hours later my mom picked me up and took me to the hospital. My hopes at the hospital were to be tested for mold and to get some fluids in my system; I felt horrible. The hospital staff that cared for me said they knew nothing about mold illnesses and suggested I see a specialist ASAP.

The next day I saw an allergist and had my blood drawn to test for food and other allergies. I could not be tested that day for mold allergies because I was taking a prescription antihistamine that would cause my test results to be a false-negative. I returned a week later for the results of my blood test and was able to be tested for mold allergies then. I was given a skin prick test which works by pricking the skin on my arm with several actual mold strands. I had a reaction and tested positive with allergies from several different types of mold. That morning before my appt with the allergist, I met my mom and a mold asseser at my apartment that she'd hired to test my home for mold. I had to be there to write down my symptoms so they could be included in the mold report when the results came in. This was my first time back in my apartment since i vacated it on the 6th, and I was in there less than ten minutes before leaving for my doctor appointment. When I left I immediately experienced a horrible reaction from being in the apartment. I had to pull over on the side of the road and vomitted several times. My mouth became really dry, I felt dizzy, and I itched all over. I barely made it to my appointment. The allergist saw how severe my symptoms were, and explained that if all I had was an allergy to mold, I'd feel better shortly after I left my apartment or any other enviornment that had mold contamination. Since that obviously wasn't the case he suggested just like the hospital staff that I go to a specialist ASAP. I'd been trying to find one but had been unsuccessful.

After two nights in the hotel, I left and checked into an extended stay hotel for a week. While I was there I started researching over the counter medicines for mold illnesses that may make me feel better until I could get in with a specialist . My mom bought a bunch of the supplements I'd researched and within three days of taking them my symptoms were lessened to the point that I was able to drive my car to get groceries and I wasn't nearly as nauseas. I spent a lot of my time calling potential doctors but I wasn't having any luck until my mom remembered a doctor that healed me when I was in high school and had a bad case of mono.

September 4, 2014 was my first appointment with this doctor. When I stepped on the scale in his office it read 117, a 28 pound weight loss since January of this year. The intake nurse used a droplet with zinc and vitamin c to drop on my tongue. She said if the drop absorbed into my tongue then I had enough zinc & vitamin c, but if the drops bounced off my tongue then I didn't have enough. Both drops bounced off my tongue. I sat down in my doctors office and within a few minutes of me describing my symptoms, he stopped me and said I didn't need to go any further and that it appeared I was suffering from 'Biotioxin Illness' directly related to the apartment Id been living in.

He mentioned that his Physician Assistant was a mold and Lyme disease patient and called him into the office to discuss my situation with him. The PA didn't have a doubt in his mind either that I was ill from mold exposure. He said to me something along the lines of, "let me guess, you've been turned away by doctors or friends and family and have been told things like: It's all in your head, there is no such thing as mold toxicity, ect.." I broke down crying because those are some of the exact things I'd been told. I knew immediately when I saw mold in my apartment that that's what was making me so ill. The doctor and PA told me I wasn't crazy and that they were proud of me for listening to what my gut had been telling me.

Next I started to tell them how my grandma had washed my clothes several times with hot water and bleach but I'd still experience a reaction when I wore them. Mostly my hands would swell and my eyes would water. I told them I'd searched online and called several environmental help lines and was told by mostly everyone I spoke to that I should not even try to salvage my clothing or any other porous items from the contaminated apartment. I told them how bizarre I know that must sound and that nobody believed me when I told them the reactions I would have. My doctor told me I was correct in not keeping any porous items and that the reaction was because I'd developed such a severe hypersensitivity that any direct contact would push me over the edge and result in an allergic type reaction. Even professional mold remediation companies cannot 100% clean items and individuals like myself that have extreme sensitivities to mold are better off starting new.

My mom had even hired a second mold assessment company to test my apartment again, just to make sure that the findings in the first report were accurate, which they were. One type of mold was found at a much higher count inside my apartment than outside my apartment, which I was told was a huge red flag that were was a contamination issue. The testing outside is a 'Baseline test' to know what the acceptable levels should be inside and to be able to compare the two.

When I asked my doctor how I could've possibly fallen so ill, he told me he believed that the antibiotics Id been taking for staph/MRSA had suppressed my immune system severely and that a 'perfect storm' had been created, allowing multiple opportunistic disease to invade my body. He said that he'd have to wait for all my results to come in before making an official diagnosis, but was confident I was suffering from Biotoxin Illness, explaining this was a general diagnosis for a very complex illness. It was suggested that I go home and watch Dr. Ritchie Shoemakers YouTube videos on Biotoxin Illness, and that while he was no longer in practice, he remains the most researched doctor in the country about this illness and that I should be confident in knowing that his YouTube videos and website contained all factual information. He urged me not to search on any other websites and told me there is a ton of misinformation on the web regarding mold and that most of it is completely fabricated.

My blood was drawn at his office that day to test for food allergies. I left the appointment with three take-home tests that I was to complete at home and mail out, and three test orders to complete at outside labs. While i awaited my test results my doctor suggested a few things to do in the meantime: to start cutting certain foods from my diet and to add certain foods, to slowly introduce specific supplements into my daily intake, and to stay out of my old apartment. I asked him if he thought it would be okay if I went to visit my dad. I hadn't seen him one time since his accident. My DR said he doubted I was contagious but just to be safe I should not have direct contact with my dad at all and I should wear a mask and gloves. I was so happy to see my dad but really upset I couldn't even give him a hug. None of us really knew what to say, at first we just sat there in complete silence, my mom and I both crying. Before I left my dad told me to hang in there and that we would all make it out of this nightmare and be stronger than ever.


Here is a list of my past and current symptoms since the beginning of 2014:

-Since January I've lost 32 pounds.

-In February fingernails began to turn yellow in color and by August my nails were almost completely yellowed. They are clear now, thankfully.

-During the last two weeks in my old apartment I had several episodes of hallucinations, which is one of the scariest things I'd ever gone through in my life. During these hallucinations, I somewhat knew I was experiencing them and would text my best friend and tell her what was happening so that when the hallucinations subsided I could go back and look at the texts to read just how bad they were.

-I've had severe vertigo symptoms that fluctuate and are only relieved by anti fungal supplements. I do not feel completely grounded and stable when I am walking, it kind of feels like I'm on a rocking boat.

-I have nausea and vomiting daily since the beginning of this year. I take anti-nausea medicine four times a day and that is still sometimes not enough to keep me from throwing up

-I have multiple new food allergies; to mushrooms, Brewers yeast, bakers yeast, whey, and much more. Mostly foods in the fungus and yeast category.

-I brush my hair after showering, clumps of hair come out onto my brush. Luckily I have a ton of really thick hair and it's not noticeable

-My throat is constantly sore, my nose is constantly stuffy and running, and my eyes are constantly itching, burning, watery, and blurry. My vision has been effected badly and it is worsening. I use a highly concentrated liquid eye medicine three times a day to try and keep infection out and help keep my vision from worsening further.

-I experience frequent throbbing headaches that are relentless

-The mold toxicity throughout my body has resulted in major neurological side effects that bother me the most out of anything else. In the human body, the brain is the largest carrier of fat cells. Molds very favorite thing to bind to are fat cells. This results in devastating neurological effects such as memory loss, confusion, inability to speak fluently and efficiently, delayed responses, and more. The friends and family that I'm in consistent communication with is mostly in the form of email, text, or facebook messaging. Phone calls are frustrating and humiliating because sometimes my mind goes blank and I cannot get my words out correctly. I have always been most confident about my sharp mind and quick thinking and my illness is jeapordizing that making it very emotionally upsetting

-The skin infection I have that was wrongly diagnosed as MRSA is actually a fungal infection. It is not only confined to my skin, but is systemic, meaning throughout my whole body.

-At a visit with one of my doctors, a physical was performed and when he was penetrating my shoulders and upper back he noted that i had large lumps in my shoulders and upper back that were moveable with his penetration. This and high lymph counts on my test results caused concern for a possible malignancy and I had additional tests done to rule that out.

-The tests my DR ordered were: a chest X-ray, an ultrasound of my thyroid, neck & soft tissue, an ultrasound echocardiogram, and a pelvic and abdominal CT scan....

Of course I did not want to have any type of cancer but I am so desperate for help that I prayed that if I DID have some type of malignancy that was more common than my very rare Biotoxin Illness, then maybe potential donors would be more inclined to make contributions on my fundraiser page...: The tests I had came back negative besides a 3mm hypodensity on the hepatic dome of my liver, that was too small to characterize but is suspected to be a tiny cyst. I need further testing to determine that. The only other thing that was picked up was a very mild and not uncommon heart murmor.

I had an appointment on October 23d todiscuss these results, my treatment plan, and more tests were ordered that day also! He ordered an MRI for further testing of my shoulders/upper back to try and determine what is causing the large lumps in my shoulders and back, which is where I'm experiencing the greatest amount of pain. The other tests he ordered are X-rays of my upper back and neck and a blood test which is supposed to test food allergies in great detail. All these additional tests he ordered are very expensive, a few are not at all covered by insurance and the ones that are, are only covered by a small percentage. Because of the cost these tests have not been completed and are being put on hold for the time being.

Below is a list of the tests I was sent home with the day of my first doctors visit and an explanation of the results to the best of my ability. This is not finished and I will add more when able.

*A Urine Mycotoxin Panel- The purpose of this test is to see which type of mold toxin is in my body and the amount. These test results just came in on the 15th of October. I came back positive for 'TRICOTHECENE' poisoning, at five times the positive amount, which is extremely high. One of the suggested treatments for this specific toxin is activated charcoal capsules, which I started taking immediately after the results were in.

*A Saliva Test- shows the most common symptoms when specific hormones are out of balance, i.e., too high or low. I don't want t discuss these results too much in detail because of how personal they are, but the results basically showed my hormones are very out of balance which cause a variety of symptoms. *

*A Comprehensive Stool Analysis- These Results showed that I have two different types of systemic Candida; Candida Albicans & Candida Tropicalis.

-All other test results from the outside labs ordered by the first doctor I saw are in and they show: Adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic inflammatory response syndrome, multiple food allergies, HLADBQ gene, methylation defect, Lyme disease, high lymph counts, intestinal malabsorption, ect. The results that I just listed above are all things that I am currently suffering from.

I was speaking to a close friend of mine on the phone recently and she was trying to give me some words of encouragement. She said to me that if I really was ill with so many things that I'd be dead already. Unfortunately, I really am ill with all those things. I mentioned earlier in my story that they are called 'Opportunistic diseases' and they invade the body when the immune system is compromised. Also, just because I have all these additional ailments doesn't mean that they are present in really high levels. My doctor explained to me that there are several co-existing ailments that are often present in the body in addition to mold toxicity

*The gene called HLA/DRBQ is what allows the human body to breakdown and eliminate toxins from different fungus' like mold. In most mold patients this gene has been inherited from one or both parents and also causes the body to be more successptible to mold related illness. I inherited this gene from only one parent so I do have a small ability to eliminate mold toxins, but obviously not much or enough of an ability. *The genetic mutation defect I have is confusing to describe as I barely understand it, but it causes the body to be unable to metabolize hormones specifically estrogen, serotonin, dopamine, alcohol, adrenaline, and several foods and medicines. If my body does metabolize it, it is still done so abnormally. It's my understanding that this defect is not hugely uncommon or dangerous and was a non-issue until I became ill and it wreaked havoc in my body. This defect has left me unable to get significant relief from pain medicines, unable to absorb fully the good ingredients in foods and medicines, and basically has made an already bad situation even worse. Only in the past few weeks has my weight stabilized and hasn't dropped any lower. I work really hard on my mental strength and try so hard to remain positive and confident I will make it through this. Sometimes though I get discouraged and scared.


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