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Nattacia Pohll is a 25 year old living in Central Alberta, Canada, who's been affected by Lyme Disease for over 4 years. She manages her health through medicines and therapies not covered by health care. She remains an activist for health and change. More ...

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My name is Nattacia Pohll. I'm 25 years old, and live in Central Alberta, Canada. I've been learning to overcome the debilitations of Lyme Disease and coinfections for over 4 years. I was bit by a tick on the back of my head near Nordegg, Alberta, August 2012.


Lyme Disease is a multi-systemic autoimmune disease which can infect all body systems, including the central nervous system and heart. The bacterial pathogen Borrelia and coinfections which complicate treatment (malaria-like parasite Babesia, bacterial Bartonella, and others) are transferred by the bite of a tick. Lyme has also been proven to be sexually transmittable, can pass from mother to child in utero, and can be acquired through blood transfusions provided by blood donors unaware of their infection.


Chronic Lyme Disease may cause a myriad of complications such as chronic pain, chronic arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders, malfunctions of the liver and kidney, tinnitus, night sweats, chills, hot flashes, fevers, nausea, extreme fatigue, weakness, moodiness, cognitive & motor difficulties, memory loss, confusion, dementia, tremors, uncontrolled muscle movements, increased succeptibility to secondary infections, weight gain or loss, and others. This can be a serious disease if not caught and treated early, and the reality is that some people are dying from this illness.


Testing for Lyme Disease is not always reliable, and often not sensitive enough to pick up on the infection. Many doctors are not trained to look for it, and some who are familiar with it are not interested in treating it (some Drs in Canada have lost their licenses due to treating Lyme with long-term antibiotic therapy, which extends beyond reccomended guidelines). Even if you find a doctor who will treat you with a month's worth of antibiotics ( 21 days at most is the guideline reccomended), this is not sufficient for a chronic infection, and Health Care will not cover the costs of most treatments which are necessary for people to get better.

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic that is affecting over 300 000 new people, every year, in the United States alone. Because of unreliable testing and unfamiliarity among doctors, people are being misdiagnosed with MS, ALS, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Chron's, Alzheimer's, Dimentia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and even Bipolar disorder, Depression & other forms of mental illness.


For the first three years post-infection, my husband and I paid more than $16 000 out of pocket for testing and treatment from the USA & Canada. From being bed-ridden for months at a time, unable to go to school, work, drive, learn, read, or socialize, to ending up in a psychiatric institution because I wanted to commit suicide, I have experienced the worst of it. After completely altering my nutrition and lifestyle, and learning how to implement natural and alternative medicines and therapies to manage the condition, I have come a long way. I am now able to work part time as a caregiver, pursue my passions through writing and music, do floral arranging for weddings, and began a holistic health practice to support others in their journeys towards health and wellness. I am happy to be feeling myself again. However, maintaining health is a delicate balance, and working too much has proven ill for my health. My nutrition, treatments, and therapies are not covered by insurance and I find it challenging to continue to implement these, especially when the economy has had a drastic impact on my husband's employment.


  • Donations are much appreciated. $5 can go a long way when multiple people help through small acts of kindness.
  • Furthermore, I am now able to provide services in return for your support. Feel free to check out: , or if you're interested in natural and alternative therapies, services and products for health.
  • If you're local in Central Alberta, I offer floral arrangements for weddings and events which you can check out here: or here 
  • If you are not interested in donating or offering support through business, positive thoughts, words, and prayers are always appreciated. It would also help if you could share my story and spread awareness about Lyme disease. There are still many doctors and health care professionals who have no idea of this threat and who even refuse to believe it is in Canada, making it harder for those affected to get help and to get the proper diagnosis.
  • Above all, please be conscious and aware for your own health. Lyme can be sexually transmittable: use protection during sex. Ticks, mosquitoes, and other vectors can be a threat. Ticks have a special "antifreeze" protein which allows them to live throughout the colder months; feeding on deer, mice, and other animals between travelling on birds, long grass and trees. Be conscious of this no matter what season it is, (when you're out in nature, walking through a corn maze, chopping down a Christmas tree, hunting, hiking, skiing, walking in a dog park, etc.) Please take tick checks seriously. Check yourselves, others, your pets and your belongings. And if you get a weird rash, immediate flu-like symptoms, arthritis, and/or unusual gastro-intestinal issues upon returning from such outings, take note and seek medical attention. (You're also welcome to ask for any advice. If you or someone you know has Lyme, I would be happy to help in any way that I can.) 

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me during this challenging time. Thank you to those who have given their time, shared my story, kept me in their prayers, helped me out, and encouraged me through this journey. I would not be where I am without your continued support.  :)

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