Help Cover Out Of Pocket Breast Cancer Cost
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Please help by making a donation today, share with others as well who might be able to. Every dollar helps in getting to our fund raising goal.

UPDATE: Keep us in your prayers, please. As we move forward to the next step in her recovery from cancer.

UPDATE: Cancer costs an average of $712 a month in out-of-pocket expenses for those who have health insurance. These out-of-pocket expenses include things like co-pays, travel to and from treatment and prescriptions, time lost from work. You can help reduce the stress of this cost by making a donation today. Along with friends and family, spreading the word on social media. With others that can help as well. By making a donation today, you empower friends and family all over the world to provide emotional and financial support. That Crystal needs, today and tomorrow. This battle is far from over. Please consider making a donation today, Thank you!

Crystal is doing better these days. She's still a little worried. Everytime she feels a little drained emotionally and physically. Worried that it might be a set back or worse. This is somewhat supported by the medical date and information. As its not un heard of for physical and emotional scares to last years past the last chemo treatment. It also doesnt help that she feels their will be no end to the bills from the treatment. The added stress of it all isnt good for anyone. Sure we are fighters and will get through this. Yet we sure could use some help now today.

UPDATE: Crystal is doing as well as can be expected at this point. She had a cold the last week but, is doing much better now. She hoping to get past this point. Even as road blocks are thrown up in front of her recovery and eventual ending with reconstruction. We still need help with paying off these bills. Donations can be made here or at any Hapo bank in her name Crystal Schott. No account number needed, they can look it up by her name. Thank you everyone, God Bless!

UPDATE: Trying to still raise the funds to pay off the medical bills from the surgery. Were getting so close to the end and we can get there with the help of friends and family. Hoping we can make the final payments to the cancer center no later than the 17th of April. Please help and share her story with others.

UPDATE: Moving forward and hoping for a better day. She's a little depressed right now and just wants this journey to be over with. Was so looking forward to having everything done and be back to living her life by now. Yet the system holds her back and she just wants to be done!

UPDATE: Working towards finding a doctor who will do the reconstruction. Hopefully we find one soon.

UPDATE: Sorry for the issues some of you have seen on the facebook page and here. I was unaware that all this time. People have been able to post comments. Link to this account and link off the facebook account. We are NOT selling anything any longer so. If you get a message on facebook to move toa sell account page. Its not from us, not are we selling suglasses or herbal-life pills. Thats spam and were sorry about that.

UPDATE: We finally got an appointment to see a reconstruction specialist? I think thats what they call her and not just a plastic surgeon. I could be wrong, will post an update when we have heard back and what the outcome is.

UPDATE: Nothing new to report. Still here and short of our goal. We are extremly thankful for the love and support we have received along with donation. God Bless each and everyone of you and your families

UPDATE: Sorry havent posted to fund raiser lately. Crystal is doing great, little set backs here and there but overall we are moving forward. Hoping to be able to scedule appointments for reconstruction soon. She wants to move on towards this goal

UPDATE: Getting scedule for appointments set for the up coming year.

UPDATE: Holidays are over and were just blessed that Crystal is still with us. We have come a long way since last year. This time a year back. Crystal was in the hospital still. God works in starnge ways some time. Always blessed

UPDATE: Happy holidays to all of our supporters present and past. As we look forward to the new year. We look back on the year past and pray for a better tomorrow. With all of your love and support we know. The future will be bright and filled with good memories. Thank you all again for your suppor

UPDATE: Kind of just venting a little here. Yet stating the facts because the truth hurts. It has been almost three weeks since we received a donation. We still have more unpaid medical bills, more than what we are trying to raise money for. Yesterday again we received another request to have the donated "perk" we were giving away camceled. No more free car wash and detailing. I understand why they needed this canceled. I apperciate the donation, sad that only one person took advantage of it. Cant keep the offer going for ever. I guess everyone that cared or could give has done so. The events to raise money have all stopped. Planned events have all been canceled. Maybe its just time we like our wounds and say thank you to everyone for their help and be happy we got so close. To reaching our goal of raising 1/2 the cost of her treatment. Much love to everyone again for all their help and donations, support, and mesages of well wishes and prayers. It has meant so much to both of us. We will keep this fund raiser open for awhile in case anyone wishes to donate. To help us reach our goal.

UPDATE: Crystal is doing well. Health is coming back to where she should be at this point. Were both sorry we haven't updated everyone lately. We are still seeking donations so we can finish and meet our goals

UPDATE: UPDATE: Today has been a good day for Crystal. Strength is coming back slowly. Her sleep pattern is still messed up a little but she's pain free finally. She still feel a tingling on her sides and some discomfort. She says it is however getting better. 08/09/2014: This fund raising drive has hit a brick wall of sorts. We are looking for someone to stepup and take up the slack. Hard to meet goals and pay off these medical bills. If we dont get any donations. Dont get me wrong, we apperciate every dollar we get.

UPDATE: This story isnt about me. I'm just the person you see. Fighting for the loved one who is ill. Crystal has the real battle on her hands. I can support her, love her, and try everything within my abilities to make it right and better. I do become a little jaded when people promise to help her. Then walk away without fulfilling those promises. It hurts to see and to know these people say they are her friends.

UPDATE: Doctor says the swelling and side effects Crystal is currently having. Are common for months after she ended Chemo and radiation. Not sure if I completely believe that. Don't have much of a choice in if I believe it or not. I can understand if the swelling and possible lump showed up soon after or was there all along. However it showed up recently almost 2 months to the day after the last treatment. Keep your prayers coming and well wishes. We need everyone's support now more than ever. Along with your continued donations. This is a long fight and I am aware. Most people are sick of hearing about it. Cancer isn't like the flu. You just don't take a pill and it goes away or get treated and its gone.

What can I say? What else is there I can possibly do? I'm as supportive as I can be. I love her more today than yesterday and will more tomorrow. I try and find as many resources as possible. For the services she needs. Yet the Monkey Survey (just ended) 67% of the 1,625 people who filled it out. Believed she finished chemo therapy. She's out of the woods and doesn't need help. Maybe it's the perception that her being forced back to work. Makes people think. She's working you don't need my help. Maybe it's a lack of understanding how cancer effects. Did you know she still has treatment 2 days a week? Cancer effects the whole person and lives around them. Don't send pity to her. Send her a card in the mail, send her a email of love and caring. Give her something she can physically look at. Remembering the time and love someone spent on getting her that card. We have every single card she has received. Every single dollar donated is accounted for and was used to pay medical bills and co-pays. Right now we still need to raise close to $9,000. Total bills are over $26,000 and climbing, were only trying to cover a small portion with donations.

Let's face the facts together. I haven't been myself in a very long time. Stress, lack of sleep and a clear mind has a way of making me be an asshole. I internalize, bottle up, push down deep inside. All the anger, pain, emotional turmoil I have been going through. I try and for the most part. Have been successful at putting on a happy fac

Today is Crystals last radiation treatment. This marks mile marker #4 of 10 goals we must reach. Long ways to go still. With help from all her friends and family. We can get there. Please help today if at all possible. With covering helping cover some of her medical bills.

 With the "big event" over with and all the numbers in. We have finally reach the point of taking a deep breath. Were far from over with and well short of our goals. This is a long battle that will go on for awhile. Thank you to everyone who. Has been their to support us all emotionally and spritually and helped us raise funds. Without each and everyone of your help. We certainly wouldnt be able to do. Put up a fight and move forward with our fight. Thank you to each and every one of you!

Struggling to cover the bills and stop them from going to collections. All of the bills from October to Decemember are well past due. We need help more than ever to cover these bills. There's no way for us to keep up with them by ourselves. If we gave up 100% of our income we couldnt cover them all.

My wife Crystal was diagnosed with Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast (MCB) is a rare agressive form of cancer containing "mixture of epithelial and mesenchymal elements in variable combinations." on 11/14 she under went a double mastectomy. Even with insurance our out of pocket Co-pays and medication cost will be around $16,000 if not more. We are trying very hard with friends, family along with coworkers. To raise just 1/2 of what our out of pocket cost will be. As the medical bills have been coming in. We've had to adjust out fund raising goals. Cost have exceeded even the planned financial outline given to us by her oncology and hematology aid and resource center. Rare agressive cancers are hard and expensive to fight, even more so emotionally and physically. She has had several set back in her treatment course. She contracted an infection hospitalizing her for almost a week, then came C-deff (complcation from all the antibioticsshe was on during chemo therapy (5 days). Our out of pocket medical cost for just the two, far exceeded our fund raising efforts todate. Once she is finished with chemo-therapy. She will have a short break before starting radiation therapy and mormone blocker therapy. Then later if were able to raise enough funds and god willing her health stays well. She will have reconstruction in the later part of 2014. Our personal savings is completely wiped out. She is unable to work during this time. We really need everyones help to get through this. Just the price of one starbucks coffee per day. Could help save her life, certainly make it more comfortable. When one perscription alone runs over $283.15 after insurance and you need 4 of those. Its hard to stay positive and see the light at the end. These arent "optional" medications but highly needed medications. It only takes three friends to say we can do without 1 starbucks coffee per day for a month to cover the cost of one medication. Wont you be willing to give up a coffee per day? Thank you in advance for any help you can give us, GOD BLESS!

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