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Tom "Carpetbagger" Owings Must Go!
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Our story is about freeing our city from dishonest and possibly corrupt politicians. One council member, Tom Owings, has "hijacked" city hall and constantly bullies citizens. We are fighting to remove him and the rest, Please help our cause!
Tom Owings was elected to the Moreno Valley City Council November 2012. But just like a consumer who gets hoodwinked into buying a used car that isn't what it seems, the same thing has happened to the citizens of our city. By the way, It is no coincidence that main councilman we are trying to recall, Tom Owings, has spent his lifetime working in automotive sales.

After his election, we discovered that despite his verbal "commitment" to our city, this man has never worked in the city or owned a home in the city. He has owned a home in Redlands, a neighboring community a few miles away, for 25 years and still has legal dealings processed from that home. In fact, when the FBI, IRS, and Riverside County District Attorney's office raided his home in May 2013, no one was there at 6:00 in the morning. He moved to Moreno Valley in 2008 to begin his political aspirations by being appointed to the Planning Commission.

We have discovered lots of negative things about Tom since being elected to the City Council. In his campaign, he vowed he would only take a maximum of $5,000 donations from any contributor once every six months. But after the political finance statements were published, we discovered he took $20,000 from Skechers shoe company in one year. Skechers does business with a land developer who wants to convert a lot of our open space on the east side of town into warehouses. This same developer conned our citizens by saying warehouses would bring "thousands" of jobs to our very under employed area. However, it only brought one new job to our community because they just transferred their employees to the new facility.

Tom Owings has been photographed meeting with this developer several times. When Tom ran for office he said he supported smaller businesses and never mentioned his love for mega warehouses. Now he is hellbent on bringing them to a city that doesn't want them because of the environmental impact it will have and the fact they only provides low paying temporary work. Plus, how can we trust this developer when his track record is only filled with empty promises to our city. Since 2008, this one developer has financed through his connections the campaigns for every winning candidate who sits on our City Council!

Tom Owings also thinks he's above the laws. He has displayed ugly bull signs for months even though our city ordinance prohibits it. But the City Attorney he appointed is going along with it probably because she doesn't want to lose her job like the last city attorney. He was replaced because they felt he was not supportive of the developer the council supports and who's campaigns were financed..In fact, our current council woman didn't just receive money from him, she and her husband had worked for this developer.

By the way, millions of tax payers dollars has been spent to improve this developer's infrastructure. Most recently, we will be paying $1.7 million dollars to improve an exit that is rarely used but happens to border the property he owns.

Tom will also lie about anything to make a point. Here are a few. He claimed he increased the graduation rate even though his job as a city councilman has nothing to do with education. He has lied about another local government agency the city is a part of, but is still suing because their project competes with the developer he is supporting. He claimed they were "hundreds of millions of dollars in debt" when they are not. He lied in a robo call to citizens saying the recall group supporting him bailed out a former school board member who was convicted on pimping and pandering charges. He is lying to the people by telling them the Recall group is anti-jobs. We aren't. His most recent lie happened Tuesday, 9/10, when he said that the warehouse workers will make more than unionized teachers.

He lies about being "pro jobs". As I mentioned, he is suing a local developer whose project would mean thousands of medical jobs to the area. Under his "leadership", the library staff was let go and replaced by a private company. He said we couldn't afford 1/5 of our police force but then decided to give $500 Christmas bonuses to city hall staff.

Just as bad as his lying is his rude belligerent behavior towards citizens. He publicly scolded a 14-year-old girl who had come to speak against the warehouse project by telling her she had no right to complain about the developer if she doesn't him. He chastised her parents for allowing her to speak. He refuses to answer questions during the public comment section of the City Council meeting from citizens he personally dislikes.

His most recent display of anger happened at a site set up for the recall. He intimidated people signing the recall petition by taking their pictures and threatening them if they did. He was so disruptive and intrusive at the recall booth that the police had to be called.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. We have been financing our recall campaign out of our pockets and limited funds. We need signs and campaign material to combat the lies they are spewing about this recall effort. We must inform our citizens of what's happening in our city since most are long distance commuters and don't have time to keep up-to-date on what's been happening in our city.

It is said that the way to get our federal government straightened out is must start at the local level with a grassroots efforts. We, in Moreno Valley, want to be the citizens who lead the way on a grassroots level to make our political leaders be accountable to CITIZENS and not special interest groups! And we're working seven days a week on limited funds to accomplish this feat.

Our fight against corruption and big money controlling our local government isn't easy but we know it's necessary. Thank you for whatever financial help you can give us.
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