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MY DREAMS AND SURGERIES TO TRANSITION DIDNT GO TO FULL PLAN. Although I set up this fundraiser years ago, I paid for all of my surgeries myself. If you can help with my journey that would be beyond appreciated. Thanks in advance.


MY DREAMS AND SURGERIES TO TRANSITION DIDNT GO TO FULL PLAN. Although I set up this fundraiser years ago, I paid for all of my surgeries myself..

My goal was to raise $10,000. My surgeries and treatments were over $60 000 and will be on going.

As you can see, I have a  permanent hole with continuous seeping/weepingoozing/dripping mucus after a suture surfaced from the tip of my nose. Other complications and onggoing sinus/nasla infections. Yes check the pictures.. I have other reconstructive issues also unmentioned. I guess the worst part of this problem is living a recluse lifestyle. I feel like a begger but what is the worst that can happen. Some will help or donate, some will laugh and mock or some will say no. So as they say if you dont try you will never know. Regardless of the goal I still will proceed on my journey. Every bit helps, even one dollar.

IF YOU CAN JOIN IN AND HELP ME FIX MY beautifully botched self that would be beyond appreciated. XOXOX Thank you xx 

4YEARS AGO:EVERYONE HAS A DREAM, PLEASE HELP AND SUPPORT ME WITH MINE. When I was a litttle boy, all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a GIRL. A Transsexual Woman. PLEASE HELP me continue on my journey of my transition and make all my dreams come true. Lets see this once beautiful baby boy transform into a BEAUTIFUL TRANSSEXUAL WOMAN. In 2002 I was diagnosed with a condition called Gender Identity Disorder. Gender Identity Disorder (AKA: Transsexualism) is a medical condition where the gender of the body and the gender of the brain don’t match. The only treatment for this is correcting the body’s gender to match the brains with surgeries. 

These surgeries are not covered by most insurance/healthcare providers and are very expensive and need a specialized surgeon to perform them. In this world of complicated procedures and advanced healthcare you would think that something as simple as treating someone with a birth defect would be not that complicated, but in my case it’s not. Even though GID is a recognized and treated condition most insurance/healthcare companies and doctors refuse to cover the cost of this costly lifelong condition that if not treated will cause severe depression and even death by suicide.
I need these surgeries to have a normal and fulfilling life. I was born with a female brain and a male body and I cannot correct my brain so I’m left with no option but to correct my body. This affects every aspect of my life and causes me great suffering because I’m not able to complete my treatment. I really hope that I can find the help I need.
PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN AND HELP ME REACH THESE GOALS, Each contribution helps and gets me one step closer !!!

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