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9 Mile Walk - Hereford
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Ended Apr 2, 2014
Hi! My name is Jo, and I have been working hard setting up a creative arts group called LTC that seeks to support anyone wishing to become an artist. Sponsor this walk and help me create a pot for LTC's first short movie production.

The walk takes place on the 2nd of April

Hi! My name is Jo, and I have now spent 2 months working hard, building a creative arts group that seeks to support anyone wishing to become an artist.

New artists often lack the support, credit, and recognition, and in order to get that support, credit, and recognition, they are pressured into supressing or changing their personality, their morals, and their faith.

This is why I came up with Love The Christ. LTC is especially concerned with Christians who seek to get involved in the creative arts industry, but struggle to get their foot on the door because of their faith and lifestyle. LTC encourages them to dive into the arts, while holding fast to Christ.

LTC has been in the making since June 2013, and now is seeking to grow and become established. We currently have a fashion project, and a recycling & renewing project; and we also are making progress to establish our photography and creative writing projects. However, before 2015, we wish to get started with our short film production department.

By sponsoring this walk, you will help me put together a pot of money that will be used to produce LTC's first short movie.

If you can't give, but you want to write, act, film, direct, or hold a boom, then great! Get in contact and you can be part of the crew! We need a story and a script first of all!  If you have a script you can submit it to, then check out our website

Donate £2 or more and join me for breakfast. You will get a free peanut butter and jelly sandwich! You are also welcome to join me in the walk, or meet me at checkpoints for some moral support!

Starting Point: 49 Whitecross Road 9:30

Mile 1 Checkpoint: Hunderton Rd Overpass 9:50

Mile 2 Checkpoint: Country Walk gate by Grosmont Grove 10:10

Mile 3 Checkpoint: Grafton Road (North) 10:30

Mile 4 Checkpoint: Hoarwythy Road (between Winston Rd and Aconbury Ave) 10:50

Mile 5 Checkpoint: Holme Lacy Rd (where tracks pass over) 11:10

Mile 6 Checkpoint: Green Street 11:30

Mile 7 Checkpoint: Ledbury Road Roundabout 11:50

Mile 8 Checkpoint: Bottom of Aylestone Hill 12:10

End: 49 Whitecross Road 12:30

Thank you for your support!! And remember to share this with your family and friends!!

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Thank you!
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Estimated delivery Apr 2014
You will get a personalised thank-you email.
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Have breakfast with me!
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Estimated delivery Apr 2014
Join me at 8:30 for Breakfast and give me some pre-walk moral support! Served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
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Silicone Wristband
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Get the above + a silicone wristband.
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Printed Picture
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I will be taking pictures of my surroundings throughout the walk.

Come for Breakfast + 1 Silicone Wristband + 1 Printed Picture signed and with a message on the back.
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Mention in Credits
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Above + Be mentioned as funder in the credits.
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Be an Extra
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Get the above + Be an extra in LTC's ever first short film.
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Signed Photo-book
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Above + Get a photo-book with pictures from the film, and the making signed by all the cast & crew.
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Secret Mailing List
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Above + Be added to our mailing list and get insider info on future projects and events.
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Your Name On a Character
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Above + Have a character named after you.
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Personalised T-shirt
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Above + Get a personalised 1 LTC Bleach Tee made for you.
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Premier Party
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Get the above + Come to the Premier Party of LTC's first short movie.
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Get the above + Watch the film before release, and give us feedback for improvement!
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Read the Script
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Get the above + Be 1 of the limited number of people that will read the script first-hand before production!

Whenever we have a script, we will get in touch with you.
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T-shirt & Film Copy
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Get all the above + 1 T-shirt custom made for you with the film's theme + A DVD copy of the short film.
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Get the above + Be the Co-Produced
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