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Zavataris is a virtual environment that is very much a combination of Social Networking Chat environments using avatars, as well as setup environmentally along the Massive Multi-player Online Role Play Game genre. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.
The whole Theme Concept of Zavataris is it is another Reality created by a species called the Ancient Ones, who were an Ultra Advance Civilization that had the means to "Create" a stable universe in order to survive the extension of their own. With them they brought many sentient and non-sentient forms of life in order to preserve them. Despite their "value for all forms of life" from among their own kind a branch formed called the Forbidden Ones. In time this lead to the destruction of the Ancients and left the Forbidden locked away in another prison reality. Though this basic introduction to the "Theme" seems like the age old "Battle of Good Vrs. Evil" nothing is so black and white in Zavataris. This story is also used as a back drop for some of the features in Zavataris, such as weird forms of writing of which there is a full set of the letters, numbers and symbols, artifiacts of ancient technology and "forbidden relics" that scatter about many of the regions.


In game play mode many of these things will be "explained" as the story progresses in different directions with different NPCs. But as said "it’s not all game" either. In Zavataris you can "Switch modes from Game Play" and go into the "Virtual Social Environment" otherwise called "Social Mode." In this setting you can interact with other users, build relationships and do all the fun, or boring things you want as in any other said 3D social environments, though naturally some restrictions apply. Finally there is the Third Option. Sometimes you’re not in the mood to socialize, or play games. Sometimes you just want freedom to "Create and Build." This is an option where you can as a developer or designer make your own "homes, hangouts, clubs, and multi-member participation communities" as a Governor of up to your own City and allow others to own parcels of land to "develop" with you in it in which your own home, hangouts and clubs can be added to, along with shops and much more.

How Detailed will the Avatars Be?

The simple reality is as shown by models such as those in programs as DAZ 3D should be the target level of end user avatars. Too many sites have in social and MMORPG projects childish, toon like characters and that is not the direction we will be heading. Contributors can utilize Daz 3D models for end user avatars or they can provide their own heavily worked on custom ones if they elect to do so. It is however the quality that Zavataris seeks to implement in this project.

Game Engine

It is recommended that contributors know how to use and code within Unity Game Engine. It is true that Unity has made some changes to their EULA, however, those changes are not such that would hold a conflict within the development of Zavataris. Along with the DAZ 3D models as examples, this game engine is still one of the best ones available and still a preferred choice for Zavataris.

Building your Own Environments and a Back It Up Feature

Now take this into “how much time” you spent in those places building them up, refining your avatar and getting things “just about right” where you feel you at least break even having it just so. All of a sudden it’s gone, irretrievable, or some jerk came along and destroyed a true masterpiece. There is no price tag you can put on that and its heart breaking. Not to mention if the place was created with a truly close friend who has “passed away.” It may be a virtual environment but the sentimental value it holds is “heart breaking and real life emotionally devastating.”

What if we could in fact (and from a programming end can be done) your able to “preserve it” in it’s entirely in a “Backup” form? It’s still the original creation and has been saved! It is also a feature Zavataris wants in place for you. Now you would think that this goes without say for most "games and virtual or simulated environments." Well it goes without say that is actually not the case.

The Virtual Memorial Zone project on Zavataris

Virtual Memorial Zone presented right in the "Commons" where everyone will start in the game world and can have an Open Teleporter that takes you to this location. This is not simply to "Bury" a "virtual character someone has abandoned to make a new one later. The inspiration behind this comes from a heart felt and recognized need for this location and inspired by recent event from Nov 2012-January 2013. Three women who were well loved both as online friends and real world friends passed as a result of cancer and one from a falling incident in her home. They were well known in not one, but several "Sims/Virtual" worlds and close friends of myself and were members of this project initially. In memory of such people whose spirit and all over humanity were able to touch the lives of hundred if not more people simply by a few kind words and a true sense of empathy for the person behind the character deserve to be remembered. I cannot adequately express how much it also means to the families and relatives of those folks to have seen so many turn outs of creations of small regions in which their real life names, pictures and avatar names are represented. It will be one of the first few of locations that will be produced and their names will be nominated as to whom it will be named after and will be maintained as a dedicated location throughout the life of Zavataris.

Its more than just a game; its a huge family!

We recognize both the value these world and environment can have from an entertainment perspective, and we also realize the value of the people who are and were members of our online communities of friends and family and the real relationships they can foster that transcend all border and nations.
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