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If you know anything about the animal ER, it is not cheap.  It costs about $80 just for an evaluation of your pet.  If your pet needs immediate, emergency care you have to cough up about $700 for the vet to see them right away. Yes, $700. While that is a lot for most of us, we still could manage to do it to save our furry family member. But this is not true for all. What about those who are struggling to make an honest living that can't in anyway afford to pay that? To save their beloved pet? Heartbreaking.

During the fourth of July weekend I had to take my dog, Marley, to the animal ER. While waiting for our turn to see the vet, Chyna and her owner, Tonya, burst into my life.

While sitting, waiting a woman and her son burst in the front doors carrying their lifeless pet. Shaking and in tears the woman had no idea what had happened to her beloved and that they found her lifeless in their backyard. The receptionist went through the routine explaining the excruciating payment they would have to somehow pay to get their fur baby the help she needed. The woman burst into tears and told her there was no way she could pay that. I can still hear her pleading sobbing voice saying, “So now I’m supposed to just let my pet die, because I can’t come up with that kind of money? That’s not fair!” This is the point when my heart began hurting for her. I know and understand how she could be feeling. My heart told me, “You have to help her!” I consoled her and told her that I would there were organizations for this kind of thing. I sat there trying to find a way to help. I searched my phone furiously trying to find non-profit organizations to help pay for ER visits for those who are working but struggling to make ends meet. None of what I found were local NOR were they available on the weekend/holiday, which is when most emergencies happen! So this was in no way helpful. If you know me, I’m not one to just sit there and ignore the situation. I finally decided to put this woman’s needs before mine and decided to use my credit to pay for her fee. I knew that there would be a lot of risk in doing this, but I knew I had to do it. I would risk this for the greater good of another. I sat with her and held her during the saddening news that her beloved Chyna had gotten into antifreeze, no real chance to save her. The damage was done. She had to make the hard decision to put her out of her misery. What an emotional evening! Not only did she lose her pet, baby, and best friend, she now has this big debt to pay.

So this is where I am asking for your help. We worked out a plan for her to make payments to me. She is working two jobs to make ends meet for her family and now she has this debt over her head to pay for. I would LOVE nothing more than to show up at the restaurant she works at and leave her a “tip” telling her that “she’s taken care of.” I want to help relieve her of this burden. I want to show her (and others) that there ARE good people in this world that help others less fortunate. So please donate anything you can.

I really appreciate your time reading my story.

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