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Can you spare $5 just one time? Save Kevin's Life.
You might not know Kevin, and that's okay. Kevin probably doesn't want to know you anyway. I'm not saying that he's a shut in, because that's hardly the case. Kevin is a musician. He's a rabid sports fan. A dedicated father to his son, and the kind ... See the whole story
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You don't know Kevin, and that's okay. Kevin probably doesn't want to know you anyway. I'm not saying that he's a shut in, because that's hardly the case. Kevin is a musician. He's a rabid sports fan. A dedicated father to his son, and the kind of guy that wouldn't ask for help if his life depended on it. Basically, if he knew that I'm trying to get complete strangers to help him out right now, he'd probably track me down and kick my ass.
Kevin at Safeco Field
You see, Kevin likes to keep things close to home. That's why, when his tooth started hurting him, we heard litte  other than a snarky facbook comment about how much it f*#king hurt and, well, that was about it. Mostly, he talked about his Mariners or Seahawks, or about how much love he had for his family and friends and most of all, his adoration of his son Silas, who will turn 8 this March.
Kevin & Silas

 Fast forward to today, and sadly, that sore tooth became an infection. An infection that spread down his neck and through his chest, around his heart and lungs sending him to the emergency room where he has been in critical condition.

As of last word, Kevin has had over nine operations to remove the infection and while things are finally beginning to look up for him in terms of his survival of this ordeal, he is far from out of the woods.

He will be looking cosmetic surgery to repair soft tissue damage and many months if not years of therapy to return to normal life and will most likely spent the first year of recovery in a nursing home.

We, his friends, see the financial train that's coming for Kevin, but we alone cannot help him...

That's where you and your $5 come in. I've set, a pretty lofty goal of $100,000.00 on this Fundrazr, and I think it won't even come close to paying his bills once everything is said and done. In reality, it will likely be 5x to 7x that much but if we can raise $100,000.00 That would give him a large bargaining chip of which he could use to negotiate with.

Here's my goal: at minimum a reach of 20,000 people, that all give at least $5. How many people are on your friends list? Do you think you could get 4 of them to also give $5 and share this with their friends? I know it's the whole "pyramid" concept, but we have a very real goal, and without much effort, I think we can make this happen.

Now I know what some of you will want to do. You might think, "Look, I don't want to bother my friends with this, I'll just donate $25 and it will be just like four of my friends paid in too." Now, while I wouldn't discourage you from donating $25 instead of $5, the goal here is to *spread the word* and when you donate, and get others to donate, not only will you be spreading the word, but you'll feel good about helping a random stranger that's truly in need. The critical part is getting others to do it too. 
If you've ever paid $5 for the coffee for the person behind you at your favorite coffee shop, if you've ever bought a meal for someone that needed it, if you've ever stole five buck from someone when you were a young child and still need to pay attonement, whatever it may be; now's the time to help.

In doing so, not only are you helping out a really, REALLY cool guy, you're also raising awareness for oral health and the dire situations that can come from not treating tooth related pain. The number of Americans dying due to tooth related infections is on the rise (Google it!) and becoming aware of the problem is the first step in treating it! Don't ignore the pain! Many dentists will work with their patients to establish payment plans if you don't have insurance. If not, they may be able to refer you to a dentist who can. If you have oral health questions and are intimidated by talking to a dentist, use an online resource like WebMD ( first, but always seek out help.

If you donate to Kevin's cause, or even if you don't, thanks for reading. You'd be doing him a real favor if you reposted this to see if your friends or family can make a difference in his life and to raise their awareness of the importance of oral health.

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