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Identity-The Series, tells the story of a man by the name of 6 who wakes up on the streets of NYC without a memory who inadvertently becomes an urban legend fighting crime.

Identity-The Series is a heart pulsing action thrill ride taking viewers on a journey through both sides of the law.

                                             About this project

What is Identitiy-The Series?

Identity-The Series is a thriller, sci/fi, action packed 13 episode web series in the vein of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy and pulls influences from the blockbuster Bourne franchise. Six is portrayed by Creator Darryl K. Phipps; a 2X Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee. Fight choreography will have the added depth of a true marital artist as Adam Ladd will lead the department.

About Waking up on the streets of NYC without a memory, Identity-The Series chronicles the story of a man who inadvertently becomes an urban legend fighting crime.

Description Identity chronicles the story of a man who can not remember the first eighteen years of his life. Waking up in the streets of New York as a young man with skills to kill. He makes a name for himself as The Sentinel, a brutal crime fighter with a penchant for killing criminals. After 10 years of searching, he begins to find out the meaning of his existence. While searching for answers about his past, he becomes a beacon for the future.

The universe of Identity is a very complex and well thought out action packed series. A lot of time and effort as gone into making this show a reality. It took over a year to right all 13 episodes for the season. After the scripts were great, it took another 3 to 6 months developing the project and creating a brand. I (Darryl) was trying to raise funds for the project and decided to actually visualize some of the ideas we had for the season so we can bring the audience into the world early on. We really wanted to touch more than one genre with this series, because it has so many character twist and character developments that is sure to gain  viewership across many demographics.

If you are a fan of ARROW, THE DARK KNIGHT, JASON BOURNE, TAKEN, ACTION, THRILLERS, SCIFI FILMS with REALISTIC MARTIAL ARTS fight sequences and ANTI-HERO story lines, then this is a show for you.


As for principal talent, there’s not going to be any fight training necessary. Choreography? Yes. Fight training? Not really necessary… Both of the principal actors are both highly trained black belts and versed any many styles, stage combat and highly trained professional actors.

Darryl K. Phipps plays Six in the series. It's been 10 years since he could remember who he was. He woke up on the streets one day and just started walking, patrolling, protecting and he doesn't know why. 6 keeps a log of the places he's been, the things he does and the people who he encounters daily to try and help get his memory back. As he try's to find out who he is, he begins to do what he is trained to do by stopping crime.

Darryl K. Phipps is the Creator and the Producer of Identity-The Series.  He is a 5th degree black belt in the art of Kaju Bujutsu Kwai and a 1st degree black belt in Bushido Kempo as well as versed in MMA and many other arts. He is a 2x martial arts hall of fame inductee. Phipps who was born in Queens, New York, but raised in Tx attended the professional acting school of The William Esper Studio in NYC.

Ripley Kay plays Molly Meltzer in the Series. Molly is a medical student at NYU and was a former Navy Corpsman. She meets 6 because he rescues her from a violent attack. 6 was injured in the attack and Molly fixes his wounds and eventually becomes an ally.

Ripley Kay is a 2nd degree black belt in the art of Tang Soo Do for 15 years. Ripley is also a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). She is originally from Pennsylvania but currently lives in NYC.

Production Still

Why CrowdFunding?

So why are we doing this as a web series, and why as a fan-funded series?

That’s an easy one.  In a short matter of time, this has become the way for indie filmmakers to develop their vision.  That is, to develop it in a way that’s unfettered by anyone other than you, the fans.  And as we’ve described, we have a grand vision.

Would Hollywood or TV grasp this?  Maybe, but they’d test it, and they’d probably twist it a hundred way. We think there are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of you who instantly get what Identitiy can be, and will help bring it to life.

Once you help us turn our vision for the next martial arts epic into reality, then who knows?  Hollywood may be the ones pitching in their meetings, “Let’s do it like Identity-The Series.”

And there’s the other reason to join our cause.  You can be among the group of Identity Founders who made it a reality.  We’re going to recognize each and every one of you.  Join the cause and your name will be among our Special Thanks in our art book.  Not just some list on a web site, but printed, bound and etched in history. 

Plus we're offering a pretty nifty collection of rewards for just about every level of support.  Help Identity become reality and we guarantee you'll have some great stuff to show off... or lock away in a collector's vault.

So let’s do this!

Your money is going to help bring production value to this project and elevate it to what you’d expect in a feature film. The show is based in New York and we will shoot very minnimum in the city. To bring down producton cost, We will be shooting in and around Austin, Tx , drastically bringing down shooting for a 15 to 20 day shoot.

You've seen our work, you’ve seen what we can do on an indie budget. Now if that's what we can do with $3,000, imagine what we can do with $30,000, or even $75,000. That's why we have come to you, the dedicated fans and are asking for your help. To make that happen we need the funding required to expand our cast, lengthen our episodes and ramp up the practical and visual effects that add to the level of action on the show


Most of our rewards are Crowdfunding Supporter Exclusive, meaning these exact items are unique to our crowdfunding backers only. 

Who are we?

Production Companies:

  • Lions Lair Entertainment (LLE) (Production Company)
  • Two Joe's Productions (Production Company)

The Lions Lair Ent. and Two Joe's Productions is a team of creatives that collaborate on projects special to them. We create visuals spanning over several platforms specializing in short films, web shows, and feature films.

Our team concept revolves around a collaborative effort from unique artists in every department, to create something with depth and detail. We believe this team concept will give Identity-The Series the high quality we’re hoping will become a staple for the show.

Creative and Core Team for Season 1

  • Executive Producer: Charlie Skipper
  • Creator and Producer: Darryl K. Phipps
  • Writer and Producer: Christopher Brewer
  • Writer and Prodcuer: Christopher Brewer and Joe Torres
  • Director: Christopher Brewer and Joe Torres
  • Writers: Joe Torres, Nick Amelang and Jason Litman
  • Make Up Artist: Rachel Hevesi
  • Fight Choreographer- Adam Ladd
  • Lead Actors: Darryl K. Phipps (Six), Ripley Kay (Molly),

Stay Involved!

We need your help to spread the word! Please click on our links and LIKE us on Facebook, follow our YouTube Channel and FOLLOW us on Twitter via , @PhantomSLDR, to stay involved. Tell other fans! Tell co-workers and classmates! And of course, keep checking here for more updates!

Final Thoughts 

We believe that we are capable of creating content and provide entertainment at a high level. We as creators can be supported by our audience. Identity-The Series is an ambitious project we can see the masses enjoying. We hope you join us on this journey.

Risks and challenges

There are many risks in embarking on this project, and honestly, that's why we're doing it, but we believe that this vision of what Identity can be, will rise to that daunting challenge and make fans around the world fall in love with these characters.

This team has worked tirelessly (for little or no pay) over the last almost 3 years to bring this project to fruition. No matter what, our team is determined to tell this story and will do anything it takes to make this project happen.

Now, we are ready to go into actual production. Pending a successful campaign, our team is ready to shoot in the summer of 2016 or sooner. If we are able to surpass our funding goal, it will allow us to cover even more production costs and will bring the production to an entirely different level.

We’ve set a reasonable production and fulfillment schedule, but there are inherent risks of delay in the process (this is the film business, after all!). We will communicate with our backers and fans throughout the campaign to ensure the fulfillment process sticks to the timeline and that no matter what, this web series gets made and out into the world.

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