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Human Rights Activist, Citizen Journalist Live Streamer

For those of you that do not know who I am:

YouTube: charged my credit/debit card $3729.37 for streaming an #Oakland #Ferguson #Solidarity #FTP march after agreeing to settling 3 invoices for $2000. The Ustream Finance representative that I made this arrangement with is apparantly no longer employed at Ustream, and Ustream claims I had no such arrangement. Due to this scenario, I will be homeless as of midnight 9/28.

******************************************************************************************************** STATUS UPDATE - 10/22/14

I was able to purchase an aging RV and currently have it parked at an RV camp in Manteca, CA. Today (#O22) I will be live from Santa Rosa and will update everyone with a more detailed status on my ustream channel:

A big thanks to everyone for their moral and financial support, you all have been awesome!

******************************************************************************************************** STATUS UPDATE - 10/7/14

"Elvis has left the building" - I am officially out of the house and in a hotel until Thursday, courtesy of a customer that I am working on a project for. I filed a dispute 16 days ago with Visa over Ustream's charges and should be hearing back this week, they say disputes take about 15+ days. Hopefully Ustream will ignore Visa too and they will give me my money back! In the meantime, I still have some stuff in the garage of the house I used to inhabit with the the understanding that I will get it all out in a week or so. I gave them a washer and dryer and had some clothes in the washer - which they decided the best thing to do with wet clothes was put them in a paper bag rather than ummm . . . put them in the dryer. Yeah . . . no one cares.


Since August of last year, I have maintained a “Silver Plan” account and have largely been self-funded (Please view the plans to get a better understanding of what is going on here In recent months some generous people have helped me pay for it as I have fallen on some serious financial times. The monthly bills, based on viewer hours would be anywhere from $150 - $350. In August, following the events in Ferguson, I streamed several #Ferguson #Solidarity events in the San Francisco Bay area and my viewer hours unexpectedly jumped to a mind blowing 7,559.37 in which 7459.37 were billable at .50 per viewer hour, the total bill was $3729.37.

On September 8/20, I talked with Lorraine in finance at about this, I was also behind in paying two other invoices, one for $158.86 and another for $187.70 and the bill for $3729.37 was coming due. She offered a total settlement of $2000.00, which essentially amounted to paying the 2 past due invoices and a conversion from Silver Plan to a Platinum Plan for the large invoice. I paid the $158.86 with intentions of clearing up the $187.70 invoice as soon as money became available.

In the meantime: I have been selling all of my possessions in an attempt to get an RV to avoid houselessness, my intention was to go on the road nearly full-time as a human rights activist, citizen journalist, live-streamer and live-stream tutor, funding myself through graphic design jobs that I get on a reasonably consistent basis and what ever donations might come along. I had been able to raise $4000 and was actively looking for an RV when out of the blue, took $3797.00 out of my account. After that, they took out the older invoice of $187.70, totaling $3984.47 – in other words, everything I had saved up so far for an RV. It is suspicious they chose to collect the larger invoice first before they charged the smaller past due invoice.

I tried to call Lorraine at Ustream and kept getting her voicemail, email attempts bounced back saying “this email is no longer in use”. I came to the conclusion that she is no longer employed with Ustream. Subsequent followups with generic ustream finance emails informed me that no payment arrangement was in place, and the money they took from my account was correct. There seems to be no recourse and only by the grace of my landlord, I am allowed to stay in my dwelling until this Sunday, 9/28.

So in a last ditch effort to avoid being out on the street, I am trying to raise this money or at least pressure Ustream to return my money. Emails to regarding my plight have fallen on deaf ears.

If anyone has any doubts, here is a pdf of the invoice, redacted of course, my personal information has been removed:

I should also add that I have been trying to get a free ustream channel for over 4 months here: Many other streamers were able to secure free accounts from ustream, I cannot even get them to respond to my request.


- Treboros

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