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Pippo and Alessia need your help. The vet bills to save Pippo's life were €1200. Money that a family who dedicates their life to saving and helping animals in need cannot afford...

Pippo is an older dog living in Rome, Italy. He was found abandoned 10 years ago searching for food, horifically underweight, plagued by mange and with barely any fur left, on the outskirts of a village in central Italy. He would spend his days hiding in the vegetation for his extreme fear of humans. For some months, Alessia, who Pippo now lives with, would leave him a plate of food. Pippo waited until she was out of sight before daring to come out of his hiding place to eat. Then slowly he began to eat when Alessia was still in sight, but far away. Each time she watched him eat from a smaller and smaller distance until she was able to touch him. He finally trusted Alessia, and bit by bit began to fear humans less.


Soon Alessia took him in. Finally he had a family and the warmth of a cosy bed but this wasn't the end of his troubles. He wasn't only suffering from terrible mange and malnourishment, he also had Leishmaniosis - a disease that can affect various parts of the body, caused by a parasite. He was put on treatment and his fur began to grow back, the open wounds on his body began to heal and Alessia realised that he wasn't a dalmation or a pointer, but in fact a setter! His heart also began to heal and he learnt what happiness was.

Pippo was probably a hunter's dog. It was obvious that he wasn't born in the wild; he had definitely had human contact, although he had only known the worst kind of human beings: the kind which is capable of abuse and neglect, leaving defenseless animals locked up, far away from loving hands that caress and care. Then, when he was of no more use he was abandoned, left to fend for himself by this same human being. Pippo was a portrait of sadness and pain.

He still suffers from fears

Ten years have passed and Pippo has learnt to live with his illness, he still carries some of his fears with him, but he is a happy dog living with the most caring of families.

That was until Sunday, when Pippo suffered a medical emergency: stomach torsion, or a twisted stomach. This is when the stomach flips over. It is life-threatening emergency. It happens most commonly in large and elderly dogs, but can happen to any dog. Luckily it was caught early and the vets were able to save his life. He was operated on Sunday night and now his stomach is back in the right position. If there aren't any complications, Pippo will soon be allowed home: home to a comfy bed, a warm house and loving family. Not the cold, scary streets where he spent too long.

Pippo and Alessia need your help. The vet bills to save his life were €1200. Money that a family who dedicates their life to saving and helping animals in need cannot afford. If you would like to make a donation, however small, we will be extremely grateful. Thank you.

Help Alessia pay for Pippo's treatment

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