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Lucky Paws Challenge to save 5 senior dogs
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Senior dogs die first in shelters! Lucky Paws wants to help 5 senior dogs get medical care and new homes.
With hundreds of dogs available for adoption in a shelter, the sickly, senior dogs are always overlooked.  They're afraid and not the ...

Senior dogs die first in shelters! Lucky Paws wants to help 5 senior dogs get medical care and new homes.

With hundreds of dogs available for adoption in a shelter, the sickly, senior dogs are always overlooked.  They're afraid and not the bouncy, friendly young dog begging at the front of the kennel.  Instead, they cower and shake, hiding in the back of the kennel.  Their world's have been turned upside-down.  They loved their owners and don't know why they're suddenly in a concrete cage with hundreds of barking dogs surrounding them.

Rescues work tirelessly to move dogs from shelters to foster homes, making room for more dogs to come in.  When there isn't room, someone has to go.  It's usually the older dogs that aren't getting adopted because of health concerns.  It's hard enough to cover medical costs for young, healthy dogs, but the old dogs are typically left behind because their health issues cost more than their adoption fees.

Adopters can't afford a dental costing anywhere from $300 - $600+ - depending on where you live.  This is the most common medical problem with older dogs.  Especially small breeds.  People want their dogs to be as tiny as possible, but can't afford the health problems that they come with.  From teeth and joint problems to skin allergies, small breed senior dogs can be expensive.

 Large breed dogs can have the same issues.  Let's face it - old dogs cost too much, so they are euthanized first, to make room for more dogs coming in.

Rescues can't afford to save these old dogs for the same reason.  Spay/neuter clinics can't handle other medical issues, so these dogs must visit a vet clinic, where fees are much higher.  Their lives aren't worth much when money is the issue.

Lucky Paws tries to find puppies and more adoptable dogs to help pay for these seniors, but the profit on a litter of puppies can barely cover the costs of 1 senior dog after paying for supplies, food and other expenses.

Every time Lucky Paws receives rescue lists from shelters and visits local shelters, there are more senior dogs needing to be rescued than any one rescue can take.  We try to take one each time we visit but they take longer to get adopted, cost more, and take up precious foster space.  One senior dog can take months to get adopted.  

It's easy for a rescue to end up with only senior dogs with no money or space to bring in other dogs, which are necessary to keep a rescue going.  This alone keeps rescues from taking in senior dogs.

Lucky Paws wants to continue saving these seniors.  Every one we've brought in has deserved a second chance, and there's always a place for these dogs to go.  Seniors of the human kind need companionship and these senior shelter dogs are the perfect friend.  

Lucky Paws has partnered with a vet who will clean and pull teeth, if necessary,  and take care of other health issues all at once while the dog is under anesthesia.  The average cost per dog is $200, depending on the extent of the teeth cleaning needed.  This would normally cost up to $600.

Currently, Lucky Paws has 3 senior dogs needing full dentals and one needing a hernia repair.  All reasons why they weren't getting adopted in the shelter.  We'd like to rescue an additional 5 dogs, but can't afford to take them in without the funds to cover their medical costs.  

Lucky Paws can't afford the costs on our own, but with your help, we can.  Our goal is to rescue at least 5 senior dogs each month.  If 1000 people donate $1 single dollar each, we can accomplish this.  If 500 people donate $2 each, we can accomplish this.  If 100 people donate $10 - you get the idea.

We need your help to continue saving these senior dogs.  They come from animal control shelters in Oregon and California.  We take dogs that are overlooked and left behind and give them a second chance at life and love.

Lucky Paws will gladly provide our vet information and the outcome of each dog we rescue and the care given.  

We realize there are numerous rescues and shelters needing help, which is why Lucky Paws will use the donations for this specific need.  Noone will get paid and 100% of the donations will go to the dogs we rescue.

Please help with any amount you can spare.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you could possibly sponsor the entire cost of 1 dog, Lucky Paws will find a loving human senior home who may not be able to afford an adoption fee.  Adoption fees for these senior dogs range from $100 - $175.  

We believe that seniors need each other and the love and companionship a dog can bring, can prolong the lives of both.

Thank you for reading about our challenge.  The photo of the cute dog is Oscar - one of our senior chihuahua's who needs to be neutered and to receive a full dental.  He also has luxating patella's in both knees, but just hobbles along and doesn't let it slow him down. Luckily, he doesn't need surgery on his knees.

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