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Pay it Forward ...a Experience Surprise!
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This work has grown to a place that I cannot support the need ...without your help!


Those of you who have come to SoulArts retreats know: there is NOTHING like this out there in our world today.personal meditation awakening retreat spa with author ronda larue in Ojai California rated top 10 spiritual retreats worldwide

  • "I’ve studied spirituality and psychology all my life, as well as having read and worked with many of today's leading authors and teachers. I know of no one who is offering this level of direct spiritual awakening and breakthrough so simply, truly and with such consistent life transformations." - Dr. Jody McKinney

What makes this teaching unique is -- instead of talking about “enlightenment” and the “how to’s” of healing and loving one self or offering a prescriptive set of canned exercises  -- the SoulArts Process directly engages each individual in an utterly unique experience of their own direct connection to the soul's wisdom and truth. 

This process demonstrates to each person how to move beyond the mind-chatter and old fear patterns into the landscape of engaged conscious awareness as it unfolds during a 3 day progressive intensive. By the end of 3 days, a person knows how to follow the language of soul -- and they know that they know this for and within themselves. That is what makes the SoulArts Process of Awakening truly life healing and transforming.

The one thing I hear almost universally when I ask on the last morning: “What was the one most awesome aspect of this retreat?” is this: “That the answer has been within me all along -- and now I know how to listen and follow it for the rest of my life!!”


movable sleeping huts

I can no longer meet the daily demand for my help, nor help the many on a smaller financial budget attend.

I have partnered with a wonderful gazebo builder to put up 4 impermanent movable meditation huts within country restrictions. This will allow 6-8 people (2 per tea hut as well as couples in crisis) to come and experience this one-of-a-kind life changing teaching with the same required depth of personal attention and experience as solo retreats -- and at substantial cost reduction for each.

By doing the work here, we save significant overhead for renting a facility (approximately $10,000 per group!), and if SoulArts moves, these huts move with us. It just makes sense. *Note: middle photo shows basic design. Walls will be added as in left drawing.

YOUR GIFT (That Returns 1000-Fold):

One thing I’ve learned in my own life – when I look at my life: my own struggles, my difficult times, and I sit down to count my many blessings -  I am in awe of the human spirit and its capacity for miraculous healing.

I have found in the evolution of my teaching that when I give to another from my own places of struggle and hardship, I am ALWAYS gifted back 1000-fold with gratitude, freedom of heart, and greater wealth of being.


I know many of us are barraged with appeals for contribution and have favorite charities to which we donate each year. In most of these only approximately 15% goes to the actual served population - the remainder being administrative support structures.

I am asking that you consider doing whatever you can to help what has been of service to you in your own life or in someone you know through this very unique SoulArts healing program.

100% of what you contribute (less 8% Paypal fee)* will be used to enable us to provide help to at least 25 additional people every year that otherwise would get passed by.  It will also provide opportunities for longer stay for those in need, as well as a space to work with a small group of apprentices (and for you to visit :)

  • * To avoid even the small 8% online charge and have 100% of your gift go to support this project, you may send a personal check, Payable to: Ronda LaRue 703 Tico Road Ojai CA 93023 USA (and designate for:  SoulArts Outreach Program)

Together this outreach project is very achievable; Look:

  • 1 SoulArts Legacy Guardian - each $9,000+ 
  • 4 SoulArts Sponsorship - each $2400
  • 8 SoulArts Supporter - each $1000
  • 25 SoulArts Love Offering - each  $500
  • 50 SoulArts Friends - each $100
  • 120 SoulArts Friends - each $25
  • = 1 person (like me by myself) funding the whole thing: $48,650  ....Help!

I think annual giving or monthly tithing to a cause that has impacted your life is a wonderful new way of looking at the original concept of tithing 10% of your income to a church or humanitarian cause as one’s own demonstration of gratitude to life, God, Source, and Self.

I ask you to stretch and to really look into this and see what you are called to offer another person from the place of your own struggles and search that broght you to this work … Take a read through the guestbook comments and share with me what we will together be able to offer to many, like you and I, who have known these dark places!

Many of you having come to SoulArts (or knowing someone who has come) have directly experienced how radically unique this teaching is from everything else out there. I think you can imagine the loss of each person who is ready and called to this self healing process, and who will remain stuck in the linear mind confusion, circular talk therapy, on antidepressants, pain killers, toxic food/drink choices, or who blow up their lives and relationship simply because they have not experienced and learned this utterly amazing breakthrough process....

And I'm talking about some very difficult places:  attempted suicide; death of a son or daughter; betrayal in a long term marriage; childhood abuse and sexual assault; being told you are no good; being abandoned by a parent; life long hidden addiction; midlife despair; cancer and other health crises; loss of all income; paralyzing fear; or burned out psychologists, ministers, artists, and physicians needing renewal themselves and who have a deep desire to help others and contribute to our world in a meaningful way. (If you saw what I see everyday, you would be stunned at the courage and healing that is possible.)

I am awed and blessed by the hundreds of daily requests and letters from people, who, years later say the SoulArts teaching completely saved their lives. And I am awed by each who have had the courage to spend their resources to enter into the unknown with me and so find their True Self. What a miracle!  Take a look!



Please Note: Your contributions may be tax deductible as part of charitable giving. (Please ask your tax accountant)  In addition, something many who invest can afford to do each year, but for some reason do not: Under Federal law you are allowed to gift, tax free, up to $13,500 to an individual for any reason (and to as many people as you wish). It can even be set up as part of an estate plan for legacy giving.

Why do we keep all our investments in a standard portfolio and not contribute some small percentage of our wealth to people we directly know and programs we want to see continue in our world? 

I think annual/monthly and legacy tithing is a wonderful new way of looking at the original concept of tithing 10% of your income toward a spiritually supportive project as our demonstration of gratitude to life for our own blessings! (...And it always comes back in ways unimaginable!)

Please consider this in earnest. This lifework needs your help to grow and sustain its life healing to so many people. Who knows what your support gift to SoulArts Process of Awakening(tm) will create in our world in the next 10 years!


I have set up a separate account for all contributions to the SoulArts Outreach Project. I have also designated a small advisory counsel to oversee the funds and their proper use.* (Dr Jody McKinney or Mattawe P. Clements, RIA may be contacted as well as myself.)

I have set up some gift levels that I think each can find doable and small thank you gifts at each level of gifting. (I can also convert this to a monthly tithe option if you prefer that form of care given.) I ask you to really stretch yourself – not for my sake: this is not for "me" –  but for your own sake and for those who (like you and I) can discover that there really is a way to breakthrough and to know one's own unique gift and truth of the heart.

~ ~ ~

*If for any reason this project cannot be completed, you will be notified and given the option of full return of your gift, or the opportunity to support another of the growing projects (such as a $5,000 annual revolving fund to support 2-4 scholarships for those in need who cannot afford this work on their own).


I truly cannot do this alone.  Your thoughtful contribution to help others come to this work will make a lasting difference in the lives of hundreds of people and have a ripple effect that is unimaginable. I look forward to sharing such a blessing given to another!

 more detail on my website under “Service Opportunities”.

…Another great help is to share this information along with a little about your own SoulArts experience with your Facebook friends and family.  Thank you on behalf of those in need of healing and renewed purpose in our world.

....An Excerpt From Recent Blog

A very wealthy man, Darrel, came to work with me as a private client this year.  He grew up in a working class home with little money and began working as a builder at age 16. Today (at 70) he owns 5 very successful businesses; several private estates in several countries (...and yet he came and stayed all week in my little trailer without a complaint :)

His attitude and confidence and power and wealth were stunning.

At dinner the last evening together I asked him what was the secret to his huge self-made success. He told me this:

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$10 USD
A monthly help for 12 months
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It's often easier to make a monthly contribution and never really miss it -- and it still adds up to a big help for those seeking this healing work. Please consider what you can offer each month for 12 months as a simpler way to making a financial gift in the form of an honoring "Tithe" of your own life's gifts. Thank you SO Very much! See link below for making a monthly tithe gift at your value choice.
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$25 USD
A Gift of Accknowledgement
  • 1 claimed
Every little bit counts, and your gift of $25 (or $30 or $50) is gratefully appreciated and received. Thank you for stepping forth to support this project that will allow at least 25 more people to experience a true life healing in the year ahead! We will also add your name to our subscribers so that you may receive our newsletter of progress.
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$100 USD
Friend of SoulArts
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Thank you, your gift of friendship will help set up the interior space for these small sleeping huts. You will be added to our subscribers so that you may receive our newsletter of progress. And I am happy to send you my latest product: "My Life Is My Art" glow-in-the-dark SoulArts wrist band as a reminder to you as you walk your own path of artistry and purpose. It's magical at night (and a great metaphor).
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$500 USD
SoulArts Love Donation
  • 1 claimed
This love donation will pay for one corner heater or bed arrangements for one hut - You will know you are giving warms and comfort to people who will come to this life work as the result of your love donation! In gratitude, you are invited to any 2014 weekend or small group retreat in Ojai at 20% off or a private phone session at 50% off - both are potent ways to reconnect and tune-up your SoulArts process. (...and of course you'll also receive your glow in the dark "My Life is My Art" SoulArts wristband :)
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$1,000 USD
SoulArts Supporter
  • 1 claimed
A significant gift of heart to help others come and experience this life-transforming process. As part of our gratitude, you will receive all previous donation gifts as well as one of Ronda's small handmade ceramic life wealth vessels which she will make specifically for you. "on the rim of infinite possibilities"
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$2,400 USD
SoulArts Sponsor
  • 0 claimed
For the price many of you paid for your own private retreat at a time of deep need, you can become a SoulArts Supporter for countless others! In gratitude you will receive each previous gift as well as one of Ronda's famous "people pots" - a one-of-a-kind prayer vessel made specifically for you. (Similar vessels sold for $600 in galleries when Ronda was doing more art work professionally). $2400+ Sponsors will also be invited to participate as an adviser for this project (if you like). So many of you have told me you are eternally grateful. Let's Pay it Forward together and help others know that awakening joy! ...OR put this on a monthly payment plan (email me separately to have this set up) $200/month for one year gift giving will make such a tremendous difference to so many other lives. If you can do it, please do.
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$9,000 USD
SoulArts Legacy Guardian
  • 0 claimed
This very special gift is for those financially able to offer a legacy gift to help sustain and grow SoulArts. As a Legacy Guardian, you are invited to participate in this project (by naming a hut, sharing landscape and meditation garden ideas etc). You are also invited to become a SoulArts Adviser (if you would like). You will receive all previous gifts (2 one-of-a-kind ceramic vessels hand crafted by Ronda) as well as an open invitation to come reconnect with Ronda, share in the progress, and experience any Ojai group retreat in 2014 (at your travel lodging cost only). NOTE: Federal law allows a gift of up to $13,500 per year - to any individual for any reason, tax free. Imagine making this part of your investment portfolio ...knowing that you are the shared recipient of hundreds of love letters from people who had no hope and find their lives transformed in your care. It's a blessing too awesome to put into words. I look forward to sharing such an intimate miracle with you.
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