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My name is Avin Garcia, the single mother of an amazing 17 year old son. Since November 2010, I have been on a faith and healing journey against cancer. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer (invasive lobular carcinoma).

I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord.  Psalm 118:17

My name is Avin Garcia, the single mother of an amazing 17 year old son. Since November 2010, I have been on a faith and healing journey against cancer. I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer (invasive lobular carcinoma). Both of my breasts were removed but the cancer spread to other areas: ovaries, intestines, pelvic bones, skull bone interior, bones and tissues surrounding and behind the eyes. I go for weekly appointments to have my abdomen drained due to the development of Acites, a condition that fills my abdomen with fluid to the point of extreme discomfort and pain. Every 2-3 months I require a blood transfusion which becomes more challenging to find a blood-match each time because my body develops anti-bodies with each new transfusion.

Below is the most recent update I received from my doctor regarding my latest CT and Bone Scan results:

"Hope you are doing well. I must say I can see God's power in your life. I was so worried about your scan results but God surprised me again. Your CT scan results show no progression in the cancer. Radiologist mention mild enlargement of pelvic masses but overall no change. Your bone scan also was essentially the same. Cancer markers in the blood higher but I don't know if we can make anything out of that, so basically  it comes down to the fact that current treatment is helping to prevent growth of the cancer."

My faith and healing journey has been blessed by many supporters. Through God’s grace and provision I have been provided with the ability to pursue an alternative treatment to chemotherapy/radiation. As you can read above, my doctor states “ current treatment is helping to prevent growth of the  cancer.”

The medicine my doctor is referring to is called trimethylbicyclonitraminoheptane or 714X for short and its only available on approval through Health Canada's Special Access Program. Unfortunately, this medicine is not covered by any health care program and is very expensive. Each treatment costs $800 for a 21-day cycle. I have been consistently administering 714X since the end of November 2013 via daily injections into my lymphatic system and inhalation with the use of a nebulizer.  My goal is to raise enough money to pay for eleven approved cycles of 714x.

714X is classified as an immunomodulator, which in simple terms means it will modulate the immune system. 714X provides Nitrogen in a carrier of Camphor, combined with two different mineral salts and 18 different trace minerals, all of which serve a purpose in helping our immune systems function properly and optimally.

714X does three things:

1) It liquefies the lymph fluid and helps rid my body of toxins, no matter what the pathology being treated is.

2) Nitrogen is essential to immature cells, i.e. cancerous cells. In order to obtain nitrogen from otherwise healthy cells, cancerous cells secrete a substance which paralyzes the immune system. 714X, which introduces an exterior source of nitrogen, does not aim to destroy the cancerous cells, it aims to saturate them in nitrogen, therefore eliminating their need to secrete the substance which paralyzes the immune system. Thus 714X unblocks the immune system which will then undertake its proper functions once again. The cancerous cells will then be eliminated by the body just as the immune system will eliminate a splinter caught in our skin.

3) Provides the body with 18 essential minerals and two different mineral salts that our bodies need which helps to feed the healthy cells.  (FYI: Our bodies need 90 essential nutrients for optimal health, and I have finally been getting them through the use of the Youngevity products that I mention below.)

If you'd like more information on 714X please see the following links:



My plan is simple:  continue to stop the growth of the cancer with the use of the 714x and then continue to destroy the cancer cells by strengthening my immune system through nutritional supplementation with products from a company called Youngevity which provides all 90 essential nutrients.

I've been using these products for just over a month and even in this short time the results have been phenominal. Within the first 4 days the tumors around my eyes began shrinking; the pain in my abdomen disappeared; I am able to eat proper meals again without my body being traumatized; my energy levels have increased; my circulation has improved; the amount of fluid that is drained from my abdomen has decreased over the last two drains; and my overall well-being has significantly improved. 

If you would like to order any of the Youngevity products, become a preferred customer or a distributor, please use Customer ID #101336239.

If you'd like more information on the Youngevity products or the health benefits of mineral supplementation, please google "Dr. Joel D. Wallach" or "Youngevity". I also provided a couple links below.




To those of you who have donated to support my son and I, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!  "Thank you" doesn't even come close to how much I appreciate the kindness you have shown us throughout our journey.  You have given me the gift of life and the gift of time, both of which allows me to spend more time being a mom to my son.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! God bless you!!

If you have any questions about any of the above information, please contact me quick_bright@hotmail.com 


Avin Garcia


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