Help Christina's Face Repair due to bone Infection
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Help Christina's Face Repair due to bone Infection which manifested, eating away much of the bones and cartridge on her cheeks, jawbone, mouth and nose; altering her face democratically
This is not a dental issue or Nor a problem where i had some gum diease.  Pleaase read my story & you will understand.

No ammount is too small. Even small donations add up. Thank you

The Story

Due to an infection on the cheek, Christina's face has been altered completely.

Her cheeks, mouth pallets, jaw bones have all become almost invisible, along with the cartilage around her nose.

This infection forced the removal of all of Christina’s beautiful teeth, with no bone structure to support even false teeth. The infection was treated however the re-construction has been too financially overwhelming to go forward.

Most the doctors and surgeons who do this type of work only want cash and rarely want to file insurance if one does have it. There is no insurance to cover these re-construction costs. No charities pay for such. Medicaid or Medicare or other insurances’ do not pay for such unless accident or cancer in most situations anyway, leaving one at the mercy of their own financial abilities.

These costs are soaring beyond $60,000. The repairs themselves are extremely complex. We have talked to around 400 maxillofacial surgeons around the country and have only found a couple who can do most the work without additional extreme abrasive surgeries. Still it leaves many procedures to undergo.

PLEASE NOTE: She has no desire to undertake treatment for pure aesthetic reasons – Christina needs this treatment to be able to restore her face to a "normal state"; which is needed socially, mentally and physically to live a normal life.

Other Issues Its Creating:

Because Christina has not been able to chew properly, within the first year she developed significant issues with her digestive tract, colon, stomach, etc... From vitamin deficiencies (now taking shots), to inflammatory attacks. Her digestive tract has not been able to handle the stress of whole food processing, which in time is creating much damage. It's almost impossible to live only off juicing on a daily basis. She has been hospitalized several times over it. This is literally now creating serious digestive health issues. Dental prosthetics can help correct much of the root of this problem in time, provided she gets the medical treatments needed.

The most unfortunate part of everything that has happened is the way it has affected her. Christina lives a more secluded lifestyle since all this happened; only seeing a hand full of people, avoids all photo's and public outgoings because of the embarrassment of not being able to have teeth along with the sagging skin on her face due to the massive bone loss. The inability to maintain any kind of steady public environment is a devastating consequence of losing one's identity within itself.

Time is now of the essence, as Christina is in serious need of assistance before the health problems cause by this becomes worse. She needs dental prosthetics, but can not have this without other facial structure repaired first; or the pallet bone structure will not be able to support them.

What Your Donation Will Provide:

* Our first goal is to raise $3,400 to update her TScans that her doctors have already ordered. She has not been able to fullfill these due to cost.

* Second goal is bone surgeries. The cost for such is around $25,000. She will have 6-12 months in the healing process before she can proceed; while fundraiser will proceed to raise the balance.

Nobody deserves to be stuck in life within this traumatic situation.


If you will find it in your heart to SHARE this page and to help us source these finances required to undertake the re-construction process it will change her life. Sharing is just as important as donations. That is why fundraisers use social media's. Sharing on them is what makes fundraisers like this successful.

1) ** Share, Share, Share with your FB, twitter, and any other social media’s

2) Donations make’s the difference. No donation is too small. It is all very much appreciated and adds up.

Thank you & God Bless

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