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Help Elizabeth. She needs surgery and shelter.
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Elizabeth's been living in her car now for 2 years sleeping in the back seat scared, with a dark cover over her at night. As life sometimes goes, she fell on hard times, got sick and really needs your help getting back to a normal life. Please help her.
Elizabeth has been living in her 1999 Saturn now for almost 2 years sleeping in the back seat scared, with a dark cover over her at night. Having lost her job as a legal secretary and her marriage soon after (abusive husband) she soon had little monies and ended up living in her car. Due to the shame she felt, she hid this from everyone until I recently found out. As a result of the stress and fear of being a woman alone in her car at night, she hardly sleeps, maybe 3 hrs a night and her body has begun to breakdown. It's been a viscous cycle. She needs a place to call home. She really needs your help in a big way right now. I am reaching out to all of you to help from your heart now.

Elizabeth has always been a very productive, hard working, high energy and very well-liked and respected person over the years. To know her is to love her. Having worked full-time as a legal secretary over the past 20 yrs, she always maintained a delightful attitude even under the most difficult conditions. She loves animals and loves life and has always been one to help others throughout her life. She loves working and truly wants to get back to being productive and of course healthy.

UPDATE: She was just recently in an accident and slid on wet oily pavement and collided with a truck. Because the value of the car was only about 1k the repair shop said the car was totaled (3k in damage) and now she has NO PLACE TO LIVE AT ALL. This has become a very dire situation for her needless to say.

To make matters worse, 10 months ago she had to have shoulder surgery to repair an old injury that was getting progressively worse. She got the surgery done but the Dr. damaged some major nerves in her shoulder. The recovery pain was off the charts and no one could figure out what happened. After consulting with a neurologist she found out she has CRPs which is a serious nerve disorder brought on by trauma to major nerves. (in her case from the surgery) If not gotten under control, CRPs can destroy someones life by eroding the sympathetic nervous system to a point where the body can take no more pain and death may occur. The brain literally shuts down from the pain. She now needs to have a complete shoulder replacement surgery to try to heal the area and thus repair the nerves that are most affected and thus try to stop the CRPs from spreading.

The pain from CRPs is so bad that it can actually cause the brain to just quit without notice. So she needs to have the surgery as soon as possible but there is no way this can happen while she is living in her car. When she had the initial shoulder surgery, and this is the truth, she was released from the hospital after one day and had no place to go but back in her car. I don't know how she did it. She endured recovery while living in her small car. I don't want to lose my friend to this. She has said many times to me that she feels like she is losing this battle. That she can't take much more. I feel bad that i have not done anything till now but i didn't know what to
do till a friend told me about this site.

I have not told her i am doing this because she never wants anyone to know that she is homeless. So i am doing it quietly but with all my heart i want it to work for her. I am asking for enough money so that i can find her a room to rent so she has a bed to sleep in after all this time and so she has a place to recover and heal and get her life back on track. I think 3k will be enough to get her another little car and to get into a room. Hopefully we can raise more to get her into a room and pay the rent for maybe up to a year. That should be enough time for her to really rest, get the surgery and recover and eventually start back looking for work.

Elizabeth came from a family of 12. Most of her life has been tragic. She's only 48 but she has lost 6 family members to alcohol or drugs and both parents have died too. She has never drank or done drugs because she never wanted to do what destroyed the ones she loved. She's a good person who really needs help now in her life. She adores animals and tries to do pet sitting on referrals when she can.

This money would give hef her life back, give her a chance to regain her health, give her a chance to get the shoulder replacement she desperately needs along with a place to recover from it. It will give her the hope that life will get better for her and that she'll have a chance to work again and feel like she's a part of society. But most importantly - it will give her a real bed to sleep in at night. A place to feel secure when
she lays her head down. A place to not feel afraid, lonely and forgotten.

Thank you for whatever you can give. It doesn't matter whether it's just one dollar. Even if we don't meet the goal, whatever is received will always be of great help to her in some way. But I hope we can all get her that room...that would change her life and how great would that be. I promise all of you that if we raise the 3k or hopefully more I will put up a website with a video of her thanking you all for changing her life. I'm pretty sure i can get her to do that. Especially after she see's what's been given to her.

Thank you again for your kindness. This is a good-hearted world in spite of all the stuff we see on the news. People are good. They sure are.

This site is just another proof of that truth.
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