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Today (1-13-15) is day 90 of Mac being sick. He was hospitalized in Nov for 2 weeks =$9,408.40 We have done his hospitalization at home since. He has been on multiple medications and had many, many tests. Any donations would be very much appreciated!

Today (11/18/14) is day 34 of Mac being sick. It all began Wednesday, October 15th. Mac had jet black diarrhea. We began using Pepto for the first few days, then we switched to KOpectate for the next few, then we switched to Amodium for a few days; all along taking probiotics, but nothing was helping. Bloodwork was done and so were fecal samples, but nothing came back positive except a couple whipworm's so we began Safegard Wormer (triple dose 500, for 6 days).

Eventually he was put on Prednisone and the Denagard, but he had an "adverse reaction" to the Denagard so we had to discontinue before completing. We went back to Pepto, then KOpectate, then Amodium, but then we switched to Lincomycin injections and Sucralfate (3 pills, 3 X's per day). Again Mac still wasn't getting better; and to make it worse he wasn't eating much, and he had become extremely picky. By then his potassium and phosphorus numbers were low so we added supplements: Pedialyte, Omnrazole, etc.

Last week the diarrhea ended but he was only expelling a clear mucus, and Mac stopped eating. So on Saturday (11/15/14-emergency visit) more blood work, fecal samples, x-rays, and more injections. The x-rays showed that Mac's stomach was completely overfull and not emptying.  We began Nux Vomica but by morning he had begun spiking fevers to 103.3, and then he couldn't get up and he wet his bed, and he stopped drinking water. Dr. Wilbers went in to get the results and told us to come in immediately. Mac had Very Low sodium chloride, Very Low potassium, low phosphorsis, and was dehydrated. His stomach still wasn't expelling, and he still had an underlying infection.

Mac was critical (could barely walk) and was admitted into the hospital. He got IV fluids and more antibiotics. By last night (11/17/14) he was drinking water, and having a few bites of food. Today (11/18/14) he is still drinking, eating a little more, and blood work shows his numbers going up slightly...and more meds added. If he continues to improve he may be able to come home on Thursday.

Unfortunately we still haven't paid off the visits for the 4 pigs we rescued back on February. And Mac's bill can potentially be very high (1 med alone is $250 per day). At this time I only have a very rough estimate (depending on how he continues to progress) of $5,269.14. Any donations would be very much appreciated!!!

UPDATE11/19/14:  Mac won't be coming home tomorrow. He is back on IV fluids today and needed more x-rays. PLEASE continue good thoughts and prayers for him!  -the estimate (listed above) was only through tomorrow.  As soon as I get a new estimate, I will update.  (Mac is getting Batril, potassium, phosphorus, and pain killer.  His stomach has gone down to approx 2/3 since Saturday.)

In addition:  the rental car I have been using to see Mac each day for 8-10AM visitation is costing $29.00 Per Day.   + Tony is going each night for 8-10PM visitation. Combined, for both of us, Per Day:  gas and tolls cost $60.00.          = $89.00 (Per Day expenses)

UPDATE11/20/14-  today is day 35 and Mac has lost a total of 30 lbs.  he is back on IV fluids & the antibiotics and pain meds are being administered directly in the IV.  His poop is back to being soft; similar to a dogs.  But the one good thing is that he ate well for me today.  He still doesn't want pig food, but at least his appetite is beginning to come back.  Yesterday's x-rays show that the stomach is smaller than last week (which is good).  It isn't back to normal yet, but it is slightly better.  He is still having cramping and today he was having some shakes.  We no longer have an estimated departure.  He needs to improve without any other set backs before he can come home.  He is almost back to "stable".  GOOD THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE STILL VERY MUCH NEEDED!!!

UPDATE 11/21/14: (good news) Mac was much more like himself today. He had a good time walking outside in the grass, and then ate a lot when he got back in. (bad news) He won't be able to come home until at least Wednesday (depending on if he can continue to improve, and not have any other setbacks). -The cost continues to grow. It could be around $8,000-10,000. ANY DONATIONS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

***additional notes: below***

11/23/14-day 39 of Mac being sick:  Mac doesn't currently have a release date because there is still an active infection.  We are hoping that the ultrasound technician will be available, and if not; then tomorrow.  Tony and I are fighting, every step of the way for Mac's care.  We both visit him everyday; bring food, pillows, etc, and we each speak with a vet every day (since Dr. Wilbers is away).  We are his biggest advocates, and will continue to be so!  Nothing will change our dedication, love, and devotion for doing the right thing.

11/25/14-Dr. Wilbers was just with Mac.  All of the most recent tests will take a while to get back, so Mac will be at Quakertown at least another 4 or 5 days.  

***additional notes below***

+++of course DONATIONS may also be made directly to Quakertown Vet Clinic #215-536-2726 (account name: Tony & Dawn Verrilli)

***additional notes below***

11/27/14- Mac has the IV back in because he wasn't drinking enough to keep up with the fluid loss of the diarrhea.  Thanksgiving day is now day 43 of Mac being sick, and as of today he has lost a total of 34 lbs.  (good)He did have a good appetite today and he jumped in the van to see his brothers.  (bad)But he has developed Laminitus in 3 of his feet/hooves.  (Definition is below in Activity)

UPDATE 1/21/15-  today is day 98 since Mac got sick.  It all began with explosive diarrhea, but got so much worse very quickly.  He ended up in the hospital for 2 weeks, but since he has been home he still hasn't completely recovered.  The Laminitus in his feet make it difficult for him to get around, but they seem to be healing slightly.  He hasn't had an infection flare up in almost 3 weeks, but he does still have the occasional seizure.  He is off almost all meds, but we continue to cycle through a few (over the counter meds) that seemed to work the best.  -When the diarrhea is sludgyish Mac seems to have minimal control in the litter box, but when it is completely liquid (like currently) there isn't any control at all.  

MORE UPDATES BELOW (in "Activity")

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