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The Greatest Generations Foundation is dedicated to honoring the sacrifices of veterans and ensuring that their legacies are recorded and retold in perpetuity to future generations.

We are losing what many call our greatest generation – the men and women who served this nation so selflessly during World War II – at the astounding rate of more than one thousand each day. Think about that for a moment. Before the sun sets today, we will have lost the equivalent of a regiment of veterans who helped confound Hitler’s plans for world domination and exposed the ugly reality of Nazi racial and religious genocide.

We will have lost more than a thousand of the people who kept imperial Japan from world conquest following the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor. Another sad fact to contemplate in all this is that most of those who laid it all on the line for us in World War II will go to their final rest without ever having told their stories to a nation that desperately needs to hear them.

They will have died without the closure that helps them make sense of their sacrifices. They won’t complain about that. These humble patriots will tell you they did their duty and that’s reward enough. They’ll tell you the real heroes are the ones who didn’t make it home from combat in Europe or the Pacific. They’ll say there were other factors that led to victory in World War II such as America’s industrial might and the contributions of our allies. That’s all true but what really won victory in World War II was the selflessness, service and sacrifice of the men and women of all allied nations who fought on the line or supported the efforts elsewhere.

These were hardened, dedicated people who picked up rifles or rivet guns and won a war that freed the world from tyranny and gave us the freedoms we enjoy today. We are witness to their passing and that should not go unheralded or unappreciated.


WHO: The Greatest Generations Foundation is a national non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to serving U.S. and allied war veterans. Our primary mission is to sponsor programs for veterans to return to their former battlefields.

WHY: As you may not be aware, there are several historic commemorations rapidly approaching over the next three years correlating to the 70th Anniversary of significant events that took place during World War II. 

Our first commemorative program will be to honor and memorialize the battle of Tarawa. In the Battle of Tarawa (November 20-23, 1943) during World War II (1939-45), the U.S. began its Central Pacific Campaign against Japan by seizing the heavily fortified, Japanese-held island of Betio in the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands. The 18,000 U.S. Marines sent to tiny Betio were expected to easily secure it; however, problems quickly arose. Low tides prevented some U.S. landing crafts from clearing the coral reefs that ringed the island. Japanese coastal guns pounded the snagged vessels and desperate Marines gave up on freeing the boats and instead waded toward shore--hundreds of yards away-- through chest-deep water amidst enemy fire. Despite heavy resistance from the 4,500 Japanese troops dug in on Betio, the Marines finally took the island after a bloody, 76-hour battle in which both sides suffered heavy casualties.

HOW TO HELP: If you are interested in sponsoring a World War II veteran back to Tarawa, or any of the upcoming battlefields over the next three years correlating to the 70th Anniversary of significant events that took place during World War II, please make a pledge today. 

Other Planned Commemoration Programs
Battle of Tarawa - 12 Veterans
Battle of Italy - 20 Veterans
US Army Air Corps - 20 Veterans
Battle of Normandy - 70 Veterans
Battle of Guam, Saipan and Tinian - 20 Veterans
Battle of Holland - 20 Veterans
Battle of the Bulge - 20 Veterans
Battle of Iwo Jima - 20 Veterans
Batte of Okinawa - 20 Veterans
Victory in Europe - 20 Veterans
Victory in the Pacific - 20 Veterans

We sincerely thank you for supporting this epic initiative that preserves our history on an international scale while providing vivid education for future generations.

The Greatest Generations Foundation
Remember Those Who Served

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