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Thirteen departures but also fifteen new arrivals this month, and also some significant veterinary fees for two poor souls who didn't make it.

Ebony finally made it to the UK (last month I wrote he was on his way, but in the end Isobel took his place), together with Dande (Dandelion), Delyn, Haze, Maddie, Mary (was Tina), Vivien, Smith and Zac who all went to England too, and Rose and Violet who went to Wales.  Isobel and Maddie have already secured new homes, and we hope the others will all follow soon.  Caki found a home for pup Vardy, and Kangaroo went to a new home in Czech Rep.  Barney was found with a bad cut on his leg, abandoned on a rubbish tip: he made an amazing recovery at the vets, and promptly travelled to a new home in the UK.

Poor Goldie, who had been hit by a car, suffered a prolonged bout of seizures, together with a very high fever - probably due to a tick-born infection - and sadly passed away after a week of intensive care at the vets, having only briefly regained consciousness.   Saddest of all, we are heartbroken to report that little Lex, who had his broken leg fixed, failed to come around after the anaesthetic to remove the fixation - he so very nearly made it.  Unfortunately their quite considerable vet fees still need to be paid.

The new additions since last month include Zorana, a GSD who was thrown out when her family went on holiday, and labrador mix Serena who's owner died and his wife didn't want to keep her.   Five puppies were found trying to suckle their dead mother - Doby, Happyboy, Princess, Queenie, Sleepy and also with them Lucinda (who seems a bit older).  Blackjack and Jake were thrown out of a pension when their owner stopped paying for them. Other newcomers are Twingo, Riley, Obie, Maya (was Tessie) and Janey.

By making a donation towards his furry family, you can help keep them safe for one more month. Every Euro shows you care, every share shows you care.
Please do look out for possible new homes for Caki's dogs - they are safe in "pension" but they all really need proper homes.  If you can help him in anyway please share his struggle: HELP CAKI DOGS TO FIND HOMES.

It is imperative that the animals in pensions are safe in pensions, as they are far too friendly and would be easy pickings for the dog catchers. But in order to keep them safe we need YOUR help.


Fahrudin Caki Bravo has 62 furry friends under his wing for June! His furry family need YOUR HELP. Please consider making a donation today.




Blackjack (brother of Jake): 80
Dobey (Orphan): 80
Happyboy (Orphan): 80
Jake (brother of Blackjack: 80
Janey: 80
Princess (Orphan): 80
Lucinda (with orphans): 80
Obie: 80
Queenie (Orphan): 80
Riley: 80
Serena (GSD): 80
Sleepy (orphan): 80
Maya (was Tessie): 80
Twingo: 80
Zorana (GSD): 80


Alice: 80
Azra: 80
Bear: 80
Bela: 75
Ben: 75
Bilba (Linda pup 6): 80
Billy: 80
Boots (Linda pup 5: 80
Bowie (was Lola): 80
Bronwen: 80
Buddy: 70
Cee-Cee: 80
Charlie: 80
Divine: 80
Dylan: 80
George: 80
Happy (Emma): 80
Janine and pups (2 died, 1 adopted): 180
Ryas Prince
Jelena: 80
Knight: 80
Leah: 80
Lenga: 80
Lofty: 80
Marko: 80
Mia (was Merlin): 100
Oliver: 80
Panda: 80
Penny: 80
Pepper (Hresa pup): 80
Pip: 80
Pippin: 80
Poppy: 105
Rina: 80
Robbie / Joey: 80
Rocko (Staffy pup, was Rupert): 80
Romeo: 80
Rubin (was Un-named black dog): 80
Sejo: 80
Shadow: 80
Sparkle (was Spike): 80
Susie: 80
Tilly: 80
Trip: 70
Zeus: 70
old GSD:


Barney: 80
Dandelion: 80
Delyn: 80
Goldie RIP
Haze: 80
Mary (was Tina):
Rose: 80
Vivien: 80
Vardy: 80
Smith: 80
Violet: 80
Zac: 80


TOTAL Pension Funds Needed:  € 5 705


VET FEES for July:

Passport, microchip, vaccination for 15 dogs:  € 810
Barney:    (to follow)
Goldie (RIP): €400 (preliminary estimate, pending invoice)
Lex (RIP): €400 (preliminary estimate, pending invoice)

TOTAL Vet Fees Needed:  € 1 610  (preliminary figure)

Bosnian taxes (10%): € 732

PayPal Fees (5%):  € 400
TOTAL NEEDED:  8 446 Euros

PLEASE please please consider making a donation today. EVERY single euro will help 62 lives stay safe.

**** If you prefer to make a donation directly via PayPal, please send it to and mark it 'CAKI'S JULY PENSION and VET FEES' ****


FUNDRAZR FEES:  It seems that if you are using PayPal then Fundrazr will only work properly with a minimum €5 donation PLUS a minimum €1 "donation" or "tip" to Fundrazr.  Smaller donations, and or donations with the Fundrazr "tip" set to zero, are automatically refunded via PayPal.

TAX:  The Bosnian authorities have retrospectively imposed a 10% tax on all PayPal and other electronic payments to private individuals received from overseas.  As a result we have to add a further 10% to cover this cost.  Caki is working with professional advisers to find how best to minimise this extra cost, and the potentially crippling retrospective liability.


For further information or to follow Caki's rescue work please see his Facebook Page

And to find out more about the horrors that strays experience in Bosnia please go to


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