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Using a small piece of chipati as a spoon, I scooped up some dal and rice, making a bite sized taco. I was eating one of 800 meals served at the gudwara on Massachusetts Ave, Sunday September 21, the International Day of Peace.

Across the street volunteers formed a human chain to load 8,000 lbs of potatoes on to a u-haul truck headed for the Capital Area Food Bank. In the chain an Imam, wearing the purple sash of a faith guide, stood next to Mormons, Catholics, Humanists and others from the 20 known traditions represented at the 9th annual 9/11 Unity Walk.

Stepping inside a mosque or a gudwara for the first time, peering at the iconography in the Greek and Russian Orthodox Cathedrals, and dancing to Bhangra music inside a synagogue is just a few of the experiences we seek to create each year.

People from around the country contact us asking how they can create this experience in their home town. It has been featured in local newspapers, the Washington Post and CNN.

Currently, we cannot meet all of the requests to spread the 9/11 Unity Walk model.

That's where you come in.

We want to create a multimedia toolkit for groups and individuals around the country. The toolkit will include promotional materials, a step by step guide, problem solving tips and an invitation to connect with us and others around the country for mentoring and guidance.

We need $3,000 to create this toolkit.

Our current budget for the walk is only $15,000 and every one of those dollars goes to pay our one part time staff, program booklets, and publicity materials.

Help us spread the power of the 9/11 Unity Walk to every city in the country. Go to our FundRazr page, donate today.

Here are some of the things people say about the walk.

Check out stories about this year's walk from the Catholic News Service, the Washington Post and a reflection by Jennifer Bardi, editor of the Humanist and speaker at the Walk.

In the years following the attacks of 9/11, we became increasingly discouraged by signs of re-emerging religious intolerance, in this country and abroad. In 2009, A good friend invited us to an Interfaith Iftar at the beautiful Historic 6th and I Synagogue in DC. It was sponsored, in part, by 9/11 Unity Walk. We had never been to an Iftar before, let alone in a synagogue, and it was a profoundly moving experience. We attended our first Unity Walk that year, and were bowled over by the many moving examples of interfaith hospitality we saw there. Imagine, a Muslim Call to Prayer in a synagogue, a Jewish Cantor and Gospel Choir singing on the Mosque steps... Imagine the hospitality of the Sikh community, extending their faith's calling of hospitality to the journeyer- to all the walkers- by serving a delicious meal to all who came. Imagine people of all faiths, heads gazing upwards, learning about they symbolism of the Orthodox mosaics and paintings. Imagine being welcomed into a house of faith different from our own—we would never knock on the door asking to be let in, but here all these houses of worship extended open doors! Imagine Arun Gandhi telling stories at the foot of his grandfather’s memorial! It was all a Reality- one we had never dreamed of- and we were hooked! The Walk experience has had a ripple effect, not only in our lives but for all who attend. A father posted on our Facebook page after he and his 8 year old son attended the 2011 walk. His son said to him, "God has many houses". He will carry this impression throughout his life and teach this to his children and we are lucky that our children have learned this too. That child’s words inspired children to create the artwork on the cover of this program – Dominique and Mike Rychlik

9/11 Unity Walk has helped me accept my own family. My cousins are more religious than I am and I always felt a bit alienated from them, even though we share the same religion. Through the friendships I've made and respect I've developed for people of other religions at 9/11 Unity Walk, I feel more comfortable with my own – Patricia Langan

Please consider becoming a Friend of Peace for $100 or more and you will be acknowledged on our website. Help us meet our goal of $3,000. Please share this with your friends and colleagues so that we can meet our goal of raising $3,000 in one month, by Oct. 21, 2014.


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