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Our Goal is....1906 supporters for the Martin Temple CME Community Development Project. This Project includes: A Community Center/Gym, Church, Tutoring Program, Job Training Program, and Food Pantry for the Community

1906 supporters for the Martin Temple CME Community Development Project. This Project includes: A Community Center/GymChurch, Tutoring Program, Job Training Program, and Food Pantry for the 1906 Adams Street  Community.

  • You will be apart of HISTORY in the re-establishment of Martin Temple’s legacy to the community and Monroe, Louisiana.

…………………….AND NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP !!!!!!!

Martin Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal Church History

Sawdust  Temple  CME  Church


  In August of 1900, the first Christian Methodist Episcopal Church of Monroe was organized under the name, Sawdust Temple Colored Methodist Episcopal Church, so named because the floor was of sawdust. It was located in Monroe, Louisiana in an old building, on Vicksburg Road with twelve members. Sawdust Temple Colored Methodist Episcopal Church carried on for eleven years until its merger with James Chapel Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.

James Chapel Colored Methodist Episcopal Church


  The James Chapel C.M.E. Church was founded on the corner of Vicksburg and Calypso Street in Monroe, Louisiana during the autumn of 1911.

  Reverend D. A. Anderson was the first pastor of James Chapel C.M., E. Church family under the leadership of Bishop Cotterel.  He served for five years.

  In 1913, Reverend R. Drake became the Parson of our church and he served for two years.

  The Choir was organized with Sister M. E. Duncan serving as the first president.  Sister Duncan served until 1914; Sister Fannie Wiley Smith was elected.  She was the last of the charter members to serve.

  In later years a Junior Missionary Society was organized, and Sister A.B. McGhee was elected as its president.  Sister McGhee also served as president of the Epworth League, now called the Christian Youth Fellowship.  The Junior Stewardess Board had the following members:  Sister Alberta Ward, Sister Grady Duncan, Sister Lela Grant, Sister Evageline Atkins, Sister Beatrice Bynum, Sister Tinie Dizer, and Sister Alice Peterson.

  Reverend A. J. Edwards assumed the pastoral duties for five years.  Under his administration, the membership believed that one day they would worship in a beautiful sanctuary.  Because of their belief that giving was a part of worshipping God, these charter members and their descendants organized the building fund to secure the funds necessary requested of them by the Louisiana Conference.

  In 1920, Reverend A. W. Kennon was assigned to James Chapel Colored Methodist Episcopal Church for one year.

  In 1921, Reverend Simon served.

  In 1923, the late Reverend G. W. Mills served.

  From 1924 – 1925, Reverend H. W. Madison was the pastor.  The members of James Chapel Colored Methodist Episcopal Church continued to work and pray together.

  In 1926, Reverend I. S. Dyer was given the charge of James Chapel.  With his expertise in church building; the members were encouraged to move forward to accomplish their goal.

  As a result of those Christian-Chartered Members, singing, praying and working together, this present site was purchased under the presiding Bishop J. C. Martin whose name was given to this church upon its completion in 1927at 1906 Adams Street, Monroe, Louisiana in time to host the Louisiana Annual Conference in November.

Martin  Temple  CME  Church


  During the autumn of 1927, the Louisiana Annual Conference gave the pastoral duties of Martin Temple C.M.E. Church to Rev. L. E. Craig who had the responsibility of making the smooth transition from the old Church site to the new one, and establishing the new name which is Martin Temple C.M. E. Church of Monroe, Louisiana. 

  In 1928, the late Reverend W. L. Webster served as pastor.

  From 1929 – 1931, the late Reverend C. H. Copeland served as pastor.

  In the autumn of 1931, Reverend J. A. Johnson, Sr. received the Louisiana Annual Conference‘s appointment to the Martin Temple CME Church family.  He brought with him his dynamic ability and his Christian experiences in the pastoral services of Methodism.  Under his administration the first kindergarten was organized.

  From 1932 – 1934, Reverend J. B. Lindsay served as pastor.

  From 1934 – 1935, Reverend J. G. Collins served.

  In 1937, Reverend W. A. Johnson served for only one month. 

  From February 1937 – 1938, Reverend F. L. Lewis completed Rev. Johnson term.

  Reverend I. G. Penn served from 1938 through 1943.  He was a man with a vision for working with and for the community.  He had a desire for anInstitutional Church, which would serve everybody. He inaugurated several objectives in his program, such as the Colored Community Welfare Program.  The lat Reverend Penn, Reverend P. C. Keal and Mr. Herman Marbles went toBaton Rouge and obtained a charter and organized the Colored Welfare with the office in Martin Temple.  Rev. Penn further extended services of the Kindergarten by serving free hot lunches.  Donations were made by various groceries, bakeries and KNOE Radio Station.  A clinic was set up and free services were rendered by the late Doctors: C. U. Johnson, M. W. Foster Sr., S. D. Hill and the late Nurse Foster.

  Under Rev. Penn’s tenure, Martin Temple was the first Black Choir in Monroe , to be on the Radio Station KMLB: known as the “Voice of the South.”

  A massive pipe organ was donated by the First Methodist Church, with Mrs. Marie Penn Rowe serving as organist.

  Rev. Penn served for almost five years before he passed away.  Rev. F. L. Lewis, a General Officer, completed his term.

  From 1943 – 1945, Rev. C. V. Wade served as pastor.  He was instrumental in spreading love to his fellowman. Under his administration the church theme was “The Church of Brotherly Love.”

  1945 – 1947, Reverend C. C. Pettiford was served.

  1947 – 1949, Reverend E. L. Coleman served as pastor.

  1949 – 1954, the late Reverend J. C. Anderson served.  Under his tenure the name of the church underwent a further name change from Colored Methodist by action of the 1954 General Conference meeting in session in Memphis, Tennessee.  The name was changed from Colored Methodist to Christian Methodist, and all local congregations were to change Colored to Christian to promote racial harmony rather than race.  The electric organ was purchased under his administration.  His eyesight failed, but he continued to serve.  Many of the members were inspired to memorize the Ritual of the Lord’s Supper as he knew it so well.

  1954 – 1961, the Late Reverend G. D. Douglas served as pastor.  Under his administration the church was renovated in 1955.  On Easter in 1956, our beautiful communion table was donated by one of our descendant ministers, Rev. Percy Hentrel of MemphisTennessee.  Candle lighters and extinguishers were donated by the late Nurse Foster.

  1961 – 1962, the late Reverend C. H. Washington received the appointment.

  Easter 1961, two end tables were donated to fill the communion area, by one of our dedicated layman the late Brother N. T. Loche.

  1962 – 1969, Reverend C. S. Stearns an energetic leader with the youth followed. He gives us this report of the first thirty-six years what he calls a “striking and phenomenal” event of James Chapel’s transition to Martin Temple.  He states “It is most unusual for Methodist Churches to do what theJamesChapelChurch did. 

  A partial roll of charter members reported in November 1963 Church Anniversary  were:  A. B. McGhee, N. T. Loche, Mamon Jones, Reola Edwards, Beatrice Elliot, Herbert Sherman, Annie Harrell, Mary Nelson, David Edwards, Susie Johnson, Bessie Franklin, Archilla Drummer, Nell Carter, Katie Kennedy, Enree Smith, Rosa Poe, Lizzie Matthews, Bernice Goodgame, Albert George, Trayve Hentrel, Johnnie Mae Smith,  Georgia Hall, Rosa Moore and Reverend Percy G. Hentrel.

  Under his leadership those receiving licenses were: Rev. George Hamlin, Rev. Walter Jackson and Rev. Marvin Milton.  Other inspired to preach were: Bobby Stearns and Lee Norris May of Los Angeles, California.

  The sanctuary was renovated during his tenure.  Central air and heat, rugs and speakers was added.  The self-serve communion rail was donated by the late Sister Agnes Ellis.  The late Brother Willie J. Williams donated and built the out- door marquee.  The Boy’s Club was organized and this kept many boys out of trouble.  The Community Youth Choir sung on a local radio Station on Sunday nights.

  1969 – 1979, Reverend Eugene Harris was appointed. He came from Texas.  He hosted two Louisiana Annual Conferences, purchased new hymnals, book holders, choir robes, and renovated the Fellowship Hall. Under his leadership Rev. William J. Marshall was licensed to preach.

  1979 – 1980, Reverend Larry D. Anders was appointed as pastor. He was a dynamic preacher and a great leader with the young.  In 1980, he enrolled in the Memphis Theology Seminary, Memphis, Tennessee.

  1980 – 1985, Reverend Sherman Davis served as pastor.  He hosted the 1982 Louisiana Annual Conference.  Reverend Freddie Rivers was licensed to preach and Reverend Roosevelt Tyler Jr. was installed as a young minister.

  Under Rev. Davis administration Martin Temple was incorporated with the Louisiana Annual Conference and became a chartered organization with the State of Louisiana.

  Because Rev. Davis’s zeal, innovation and perseverance the “Faith of the Pioneers was continued.  He organized work with the Board of Evangelism, Layman and Social Concern.  He laid the foundation for the Martin Temple’sLearningCenter.

  In 1985 because of his dedication, he was appointed Presiding Elder of the Monroe District.

  In July 1985 – 1991 Reverend John W. Jackson was appointed pastor.  This was his first appoint of the Louisiana Annual Conference.  He was a young energetic teacher of the gospel with a dream.  He established in the membership that anything can be accomplished through “Faith.” He said there is no such word as “Can’t” for a Christian; “Can’t” should be demised from the Christian’s vocabulary.

  Under his administration, the following church equipment was purchased: adding machine, typewriter, and a copier machine.  A fifteen passenger van was purchased to transport students of the MartinTempleLearningCenter and displaced members to and from the worship service.

  Reverend Jackson was an inspiration to the youth and young adults, therefore, continuing in the “Faith of The Pioneers.

  Reverend Charlie W. Coleman II, a minister received from another denomination joined Martin Temple under Rev. Jackson leadership, was accepted on credential by the Louisiana Annual Conference and as moved on in his ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Christian Methodist Church.

  1991 – 1994, Reverend George M. Hamlin, one of Martin own, received the appointment.  He was welcomed home and really grew in the ministry. According to the membership of martinTemple he did a fine job.  Rev. Hamlin was instrumental in having made the first Membership Directory of Martin Temple.  Under his leadership Reverend Lewey Felton Mims Sr. was licensed to preach.

  1994 – 1996, Reverend Terence Flucas, held the helm as pastor.  He continued the Membership Directory started and was a dynamic preacher of the “Good News”.  The youth and young adults were greatly inspired by Rev. Flucas.

  1996 – 1997, Reverend Sherman Davis returned as pastor.

  1997 – 2002, Reverend Dr. Leon Whittaker received the appointment.  Under his administration Martin Temple underwent a time of spiritual renewal.  Bible studies were taught on receiving the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and evangelizing.  Under his capable leadership, a new cooling and heating system as installed, the church was trimmed in vinyl, chairs and draperies was purchased for the choir loft,  tables for the fellowship hall and new members added to the roll.

  In July 2002 – 2004, Reverend William J. Marshall, another of our own, received the appointment.  Rev. Marshall, who was licensed to preach under Rev. Eugene Harris, can also boast that his parents, the late Brother Ozie and Sister Edith Marshall, had the first wedding held at Martin Temple.

  In July 2004 – 2007, Reverend John W. Jackson was again assigned to Martin Temple.  Upon his reappointment plans had already been implemented for a total renovation of the building and restoration of members.  The plan was implemented with the 104th Church Anniversary Celebration and called “Restoration 2006.”  The scheduled completion win be with the 106th Anniversary Celebration.  The theme was taken from “Nehemiah 2:5b “Restoration of the People, and of the House.  The restoration has already begun with four converts being baptized, Kira and Kendra Hutchinson on Sunday, October 10, 2004 and Jared and Quinnettia Blade on Sunday October 17, 2004, by Pastor Jackson in the name of The Father and of The Son and of the Holy Ghost.

  On November 6, 2004, the church hosted the wedding celebration of member Aquarius Coates and Ronald Boast.

  Unfortunately this was the last celebration the church held before a severe storm, in the spring of 2007, caused the roof of the building to collapse and rendering the build unsafe to dwell.

…………………….AND NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP !!!!!!!

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