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Ended Oct 21, 2014
I am a new Developer (2yrs) using the Unity3D game engine as my foundation for Game Development. Current i was working on a project "Medievil: The Lost Times" however as things were it was a fruitful lesson. And now "Kings Forsaken Men" is its Remake.

Introduction to the story that drives the development of Kings Forsaken Men.

"Kings Forsaken Men" takes place in medieval times during the Holy Crusades. You are a soldier/General (Single/Multiplayer) who argued against your King and his corrupt ways, which are influenced by his advisors and their greed. Sworn by Oath to protect your King, you have been sent on a quest to "Discover" the truth behind rumors reguarding plots against the King. Your "adventure" brings you to a small fort which houses some of the Kings Knights and Loyal Guards. One such guard has been ordered to escort you to an abandoned mountainside shack where information reguarding the enemy orginates. When you reach your destination you are met with a sword point in your back, and a band of thieves laying in wait. Your struck down, and robbed of your wages, left for dead you fall into silent darkness.

Your King has forsaken you! The commanding loyalty you had for your King and your friend has been cast out. Your strong will keeps grasping for that last bit of light as you summon the strength to stand. All that drives you now is your unwavering desire for revenge. As you recover from your wounds in the desolate waste of the old settlement. You are now ready to begin your plot for vengence and regain the honor you once had.

Multiplayer (PlaceHolder)
-You will notice in the beginning that i had mentioned General. I stated this merely for a placeholder for Cooperative Multiplayer. Rather than being alone you and your men are sent on the same quest. Now you along with your surviving soldiers (friends) must work together to exact revenge and regain your honor.

First or Third Person: TPS is being developed first. First Person is only used in the Explorative demos. (Terrain Demo)
The game will be played in a Linear Sandbox, Travel, Explore, and take on the Challenges that come before you. There will be rich story content and mysterious sense of uncovering the truths about your Kingdom that you were UnAware of.

The primary focus of this game is the adventure. I will be hand crafting all of the terrains, they will be rich in detail. I want players to be sucked into the game. Enjoy the scenery and the story that goes along with it. There will be plenty of action as you take on the kings soldiers and his guards.

Kings Soldiers - Knights/Guards
Random Citizens hoping to collect a bounty.

Mechanics: At this time no crafting is planned but does have a placeholder should support go smoothly.
Storage system: A chest will be available at all Smiths to store money and Food/Potion Water/Beverage. The chest will store your items Globally.

Weapon Enhancement: Due to the games nature i dont want to add tons of different weapons. So in order to give you that sense of purpose you will collect various Metallic items on your adventure which can be used to improve the durability and damage of your weapon and shield.

Metal Fragments
Raw Ore
Old Metal

The worse shape your in will degrade your effectiveness in battle, so be sure to eat drink and replenish your health.

Destructable Objects: These will be the main source of your items you will find them everywhere. Merchats will abandon them and thiefs and thugs will guard them. You will be able raid store houses within Outposts. Getting those supplies will not be easy as you must take on the Kings Men.

By keeping the actual functions of the game minimal i can spend more time on World Develpment. As mentioned above i am spending serveral hours a Day Hand Crafting the terrain to envelope the player.

I will continue to upload Screenshots, as progress goes on. If there is a great desire to see more i will open up the Terrain demo's to the public.

Terrain demo:

Nothing more than a FP prefab and basic controller to be used to explore the terrain.

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$15 USD
Copy of the Alpha and Updates.
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Estimated delivery Jun 2014
Alpha Version of our game with updates as they are developed until release.
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