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Loki's Angels Dream Animal Rescue
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Everyone knows Loki and his story on how he came to be my lug nut. Now we are coming to you all for assistance in fulfilling his dream. We plan on starting a Animal Rescue so we can give so many more babies the chance at a loving life Loki has...

Everyone knows Loki and his story on how he came to be my lug nut. Now we are coming to you all for assistance in fulfilling his dream. We plan on starting a Animal Rescue so we can give so many more babies the chance at a loving life Loki and his adopted adopted siblings have. Lokis story started when I was the Animal Control Officer in 2009 I was patrolling the local State Park in the area when I came across a cardboard box left on a picnic table in a camp ground. As I approached the box I could hear small shallow whimpering. I opened the box and to my horror I found eight frail little bodies. They were cold, scared, malnourished and confused. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! There had been a severe thunderstorm the night before while they spent the night in that cardboard box so they were wet and shivering. I immediately grabbed the box up and rushed them to the vet. I knew they would be surely put down if I brought them to County (as I should have done per protocol) and so I had to give them a chance at life as their life had just begun before they were tossed aside. The two techs and I dried them off, fed them and tended to their frail little bodies. The vet came and examined the eight frail little souls and said they couldn’t be any older than 5 weeks old if that and then commented he doubted any of them would survive the night. We couldn't let them die! We had to give them a chance at life and show them they were loved, so we did everything we could to make them comfortable. As we were drying them and trying to get them warm I picked up one of the little body’s. I could see in his eyes as he looked at me, as if they were pleading for me to help him. I could feel his little soul begging me to save him. I knew then that he was the one that I had to have. I could feel his little heartbeat as I held him gently in my hands and it brought tears to my eyes knowing this little soul was counting on me to save his life, to love him and to cherish him. He didn't know what he did wrong to be left in that box to die. The monsters not only abandoned him a cardboard box at 5 weeks old but they did it in a camp ground in the back of that State Park that NO ONE ever goes to hardly. They didn't want them found but rather they wanted them to die! I brought my little baby sent from God home that night and as he lay sleeping next to me while I kept him warm and comfortable, I thought I lost him. He let out a sigh, and it seemed as if he quit breathing. My heart stopped! I gently picked him up and cradled his little body in my hands praying he was alright. As I looked at him he opened his sleepy little sleepy eyes, looked at me as if to say let him sleep and then he closed his eyes and nodded back off comfortably. I was so relieved! That was 4 years ago and he just celebrated his 4th birthday. When I brought him home I gave him to my son for a birthday present but Loki thinks he is my dog. With him being my son’s dog I am grandma to him and he is attached to me. Loki survived although two of his siblings weren't as lucky. The remaining angels were adopted out to good homes. Ever since then Loki and I have been dreaming of fulfilling my childhood dream of saving and rescuing fur babies. I want more fur babies to be able to have what Loki and his adopted siblings have and that's a warm place to lay their head, a place to cuddle and be spoiled and most of all a place to be loved. We have already found a place in Colorado with 100 acres and buildings already on the property that can be used to set the shelter/rescue up. There are so many fur babies out there that need us, a place to go and release from the neglect and abuse. This is the chance for Loki and me to help those babies. To give them the life he has and for the pain and suffering to end for so many more. There is so much pain out there and we have to be their voice and show them they can be loved just as Loki is and that they are wanted. However we can’t do this alone and so we are coming to you to ask if you can find it in your heart to help us. I have the process started to get the 501c3 license but I have come arocss a hurdle with the funds needing to get it finalized. Therefore we are coming to all of you to ask for your assistance in coming up with the remaining funds to fullfill the license part of his dream.

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