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Family Ag school - semi-arid northeast Brazil -
Updated school project!

We have run out of time. And working alone I have run down my personal health by ignoring necessary care and treatment. This has to change. Somehow my communications of the value (goodwill) of the projects are being ignored.

First, I am a retired merchant marine boat captain (or ocean master). To support myself (fixed income) I receive monthly Social Security benefits. While these are considered below poverty level in the states, here in Brazil it is 10 times more than the average Brazilian retiree receives.

I also receive some additional income from tourism and occasional fees translating and preparing documents for those interested in perhaps immigrating to Brazil. (via my blog)

My pet project since 2005 has been the NGO/ONG Association ABTC-BRASIL which is a non-profit organization registered in Brazil dedicated to furthering the exchange of information among travelers, immigrants and promoting responsible travel and assisting sustainable family agriculture projects in Brazil and South America. Donations and membership fees support (or are supposed to) this ONG and related projects which include the proposed family agriculture school. Neither myself nor any ONG director receives a salary or fixed income (yet) or any support from this work other than a place to sleep in payment for hours daily of hard work. And many of us have been spending our own funds to keep things going. As far as living a beach life ... I am lucky to spend a couple hours a week going down to chat with my friends ... and in two years I have never been in the water.

Since 1982 I have been a Project Designer - registered IBAMA - Brazilian Ministry of Environment - Federal Technical No. 235492 specializing in "Use of Natural Resources / use of the natural heritage, tourism / resorts and delazer, including theme parks / and fishing". This, too, is an unpaid job, but allows me to travel around the country from time to time.

“I think it comes down to taking a leap. You just have to make up your mind and then do it. Take a leap of yourself.”


First, the property involved (or desired) is an entire block, some 10,000 sq. m²  consisting of 13 registered lots and considered 'urban'. The property is surrounded by marked roads and all sides. and borders with rhree huge commercial condo projects, Diagram below. The property is presently owned as two distinct properties, each with their own house and outbuildings. Comments below.

The proposal to try to buy instead of rent the property for the school was first decided on 5 September, 2013.

Land involved outlined with black marks-a-lot

You will note the shape of the property is a bit strange. North is to the left of the map. On the south many of the lots are two small to be considered separately starting with lot 10. Can be used for additional gardens.

The land that we have selected for the school project is two separate packages … one with the main house (4,000 sq. meters) and the other for the school (6.000 sg meters).. The main house is in a unique location between three huge condominium development projects with over 1,000 houses to be built. It is also located two blocks off the main beach bypass for Jacuma beach which, when paved, will provide a four lane road direct to the village. The main house would make an excellent pousada or small inn.

Main house - with 4,000 sg meters land

School house plan with 8,000 sg. meters land

Grouo of rural residents at school - Cuite


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