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Please Help us with Our Wedding 25+ years waiting
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• Guy (Age 52) & Viktoria (Age 44)
• We are looking for help with our Wedding Day after 25 years waiting
• Single income household

Our story began in summer of 1986, I was 17 (Almost 18) and he was 25 when we met. We were both young and adventurous ...
• Guy (Age 52) & Viktoria (Age 44)
• We are looking for help with our Wedding Day after 25 years waiting
• Single income household

Our story began in summer of 1986, I was 17 (Almost 18) and he was 25 when we met. We were both young and adventurous as most young people are. And I was truly in love with this man. We dated for 2 years and he even had told me he loved me, and asked if I would ever consider marrying him one day, I of course had told him Yes, I would. I dreamed of how our wedding might be. We were happy, and I supported him whilst going through AA Meetings because he really wanted to get help for his Alcohol problem. However, things changed, he felt “afraid” of commitment and became a “player” with other women, and this was not something I wanted to be a part of. I still loved this man very much, and with a broken heart, I had to let him go.

I met a man and married in 1991 when I was 23 and had 2 children with him, and our wedding was a “cheaper type” wedding in Las Vegas NV. The marriage only lasted 3 years as we divorced in 1994. And from there I went from one bad relationship after another, and thinking of Guy, I tried looking for him on the computer with no luck. I married again in 2000 – in which the “wedding” was a Justice of the Peace wedding in Elko, NV wearing shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap since it was a “surprise wedding” for me – from him. (He was very controlling, although I was not aware of it at this point) He turned out to be a self-diagnosed Bipolar, Narcissistic, controlling individual. But I truly “thought” I loved this man and I just did not see “it” – Years pass and we have 2 children together, while trying to cope with his short temper and doing what I could to protect our children from it.

In the meantime, Guy had met and married a woman in 1994, He too dealt with abuse, lies, and schemes. Was told he was just a trophy, but remained with her for 9 years before filing for divorce.

Through all these years I had often thought of Guy, what was he doing, was he OK, and was he happy? (little did I know he was not). Neither of us had been happy. Always dealing with arguments & fighting.

Then in 2008, I had decided to search for him again, looking on I found him, after all these years I have found him! But now what? I send him a message, “Hello” and introduced myself (it’s been 20 years after all) He happily responded and informed me he had just that day moved back from Colorado (USA), That Day? Wow! What are the odds of that? And no wonder I could not find him before, I had no idea to look there. From there we kept contact via phone, he’s doing wonderful now, no alcohol for years and he’s healthy - as I inform him of my unhappy marriage and how badly I need “out” but the fear of going against a controlling man was overwhelming for me. He was a good friend to me, supported me in whatever I decided to do, he would be there behind me, as a friend. Grateful for having someone on my side, I moved forward with the divorce, I had someone to protect me now. I filed for divorce and it was final a few months later, but from there came other issues, death threats, stalking, anger emails, etc.But he was still there for me.

It wasn't long before we realized that what we both needed were “each other” all along – we later began to date again, and he then moved in with me, and on Feb 12, 2011 – He proposed to me, officially with a ring, and I said yes! He told me also that per the “weddings” that I have had, he would not marry me until he was able to give me a proper wedding that I deserve – the wedding of my dreams that I had always wanted. We've been together now since then and we have not had a single fight or argument. Disagreements yes, but we talk about them, not yell.

We are truly finally – Happy.

Now, adding to this, in 2009, at age of 8, my son Matt was diagnosed with Autism on the High Spectrum, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Asperger’s Syndrome, and along with that come the struggles, Guy has had ample opportunity to “step out” away from all of this, but he has remained, he truly loves me and the boys. Because of the circumstances with Matt having the disabilities that he has, Guy has needed to be home for days that we get that call from school or daycare that he’s being violent and harming others, and he needs to be picked up, (we're also looking for a treatment/therapy for him but ins doesn't pay Autism) To save my job, he has become a stay at home dad to those boys, and we are therefore a single income household, and we struggle daily, but we make it.

It’s now been 2+ years ago that we got engaged and we are no closer to getting married than we were then. We are not looking for an extravagant wedding, but a special and memorable one.

I have never used this website before, but whatever you can help us with, we will be truly grateful.
From the bottom of our hearts – Thank You & God Bless
Viktoria & Guy
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