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There are 489 schools and 253,000 students within the Central NY PGA. Our kids are given football, baseball, soccer, and basketball as core sports throughout their developmental years. Yet, 99% of all graduating seniors will never play these sports ...
There are 489 schools and 253,000 students within the Central NY PGA. Our kids are given football, baseball, soccer, and basketball as core sports throughout their developmental years. Yet, 99% of all graduating seniors will never play these sports again on a competitive level. The PGA is the largest sports organization in the world. Yet, our schools have failed to properly introduce kids to golf. Golf meets all NASPE standards for inclusion in any school's PE Program TODAY! Golf promotes playing by the rules, playing fairly, etiquette, sportmanship, family and life values. It truly is the game of a lifetime! While our kids continue to get injured and evening dying playing these other sports, no one is getting hurt playing golf. Even the richest athlete in the world is a golfer. Golf is now in The Olympics. Kids gravitate to golf because they can play and enjoy it by themselves. They don't feel left out because they are not good enough to make "the team." We MUST put golf in our schools NOW!! SNAG golf is the most affordable way to reach EVERY child at the ridiculous low cost of less than 6 cents per child per year to learn the game. School budgets are tough. But no school will turn down a FREE SNAG golf system if given to them. Our goal is to raise enough money to begin purchasing these systems in Oswego County and branching out to neighboring CNY Counties. Business owners will jump at the chance to get involved knowing they are personally responsible for giving thousands of kids the chance to learn golf in school while having fun. This includes their own children! A SNAG System costs roughly $2500 and can teach up to 48 kids at a time. We will place the SNAG kits in four schools at a time until golf is in EVERY school! Here is YOUR chance to give back to the game that has been so good to you! Please give as much as you can! SNAG® contains all the elements of golf but in a modified form. The game has its own simplified rules and terminology that adds fun to the learning and playing experience. Falling somewhere between miniature golf and regulation golf, SNAG® allows for full shots, pitching, chipping, and putting. The SNAG Ball™ has a limited distance, with the average player launching it a maximum of 50 yards. SNAG® is also a training program for beginners' fun. It's a comprehensive system that has been developed through years of research and field experience. The key is in simplifying the instruction so that it can be an effective transition into the game of golf. SNAG® Golf is all about having FUN while learning the basics of golf. SNAG® Golf is a player friendly, first touch development program designed for both children and adults. It incorporates developmentally appropriate equipment that will allow golf to be learned and played in non-traditional venues, such as on a soccer field, in a gym, or on the beach. The program builds on strong fundamentals of the different strokes and swings and develops playing ability quickly and effectively. SNAG® can be taught and played almost anywhere with immediate, positive results. This immediate success keeps new learners wanting to be further involved with golf. SNAG has developed an effective learning system with a manual and curriculum for new learners of all ages. Our equipment and training tools are specifically designed to simplify the learning process. For example, we examined the basic swings needed to play golf and realized that a full set of clubs contained 14 clubs. Is it fair that a new learner is supposed to learn how to properly put, chip, pitch, and a variety of full swings, plus how to properly hold each, how to stand for each swing, AND which situations to use each of the 14 clubs!? Not to mention that it could be days, weeks, or even months between lessons or play. That is a lot to remember! SNAG® Golf has 2 clubs, the Roller and Launcher, that allow new learners to fully grasp the concept of each swing, and how to easily hold the club. If your students can remember “Right on Red™, Left on Yellow™” then they are guaranteed to be successful in learning how to hold a golf club perfectly every time! SNAG® only has two clubs: the Launcher™ is used to launch, pitch, and chip the ball; like a putter, the Roller™ is used to roll the ball toward the target All shots other than rolling (putting) are played off of a mat and tee called the Launch Pad™. This ensures that the player will have an optimal lie every time. The target, called a Flagsticky™, also differs from anything else in golf, as it is not a hole with a cup inside but rather an above-ground weighted cylinder covered with a hook material. The SNAG Ball™ is slightly smaller than a tennis ball and is covered with a loop material. Unlike golf, where you finish by putting your ball into the cup, in SNAG®, you finish by sticking your ball to the Flagsticky™. Because of the mobile Launch Pad™ and Flagsticky™, SNAG® is portable and playable just about anywhere.
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