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Tea is divine medicine, it is a gift from nature that bridges heaven and earth by aligning and attuning us to the greater harmonics of Self and Nature. It is plant medicine which can remove blocks, restore flow, open new channels and give us access to deeper levels of awareness. Well grown tea from bio-diverse terriors can help clear dysfunction on all levels- mental, physical, and emotional. On a physical level it can clear blocks and stagnation in the meridian system (the subtle energetic system used in Chinese Acupuncture). On the emotional level it can rebalance and re-harmonize the emotions. On the mental level it can quickly drop your energy into your core (tan tien), quieting the mind and allowing it to harmonize with core of your being, the place where all true healing comes from. On a spiritual level, it re-harmonizes us with the deeper harmonic rhythms of self, nature and cosmos.
Heavens tea is devoted to the study of tea as vibrational medicine and the use of traditional teas as plant spirit medicine. Neither of these approaches are currently being explored in today’s world and this powerful healing modality is medicine that is desperately needed on this planet to restore natural alignment between man and Nature.
The main areas of study of study at the school are: tea as vibrational medicine, classical study of the way of classical Chinese tea and the training of tea students to spread tea ritual as a way of healing, developing awareness and raising the vibration of culture. The other aspect of Heavens Tea is as a temple- a place of refuge, realignment, healing where one can reconnect to deep self and the source of life. The goal is to create a space which will serve the Being and community at many levels and be an example for others to start schools which will support human growth and evolution.
Initial funds are needed to move into our new space at Onedoorland, an artist’s cooperative tucked into the Leach Botanical gardens in se Portland. We need money to fit out the space and transform it into a sacred place capable of holding space for profound work with the plant medicine of tea. Other funds are needed to obtain rare tea medicines which will be used in healing. My wish is to build an apothecary of vibrational medicine to be used for healing and opening awareness. In the near future we will do further fund raising to get a fixed bass amount to run the school yearly and also to purchase a wide range of these exceptionally rare aged teas, and build a unparalleled library of transformational vibrational tea medicine to use for generations to come.

The main braches of the school are:
1) Tea as vibrational healing medicine
2) The classical Chinese tea arts
3) Tea as path and aid to self-cultivation
4) Tea as plant spirit medicine
5) A branch of the school will teach young activated adults how to bring tea as medicine and ritual to Festival culture
6) School in support of and in collaboration with artists, musicians, writers, film makers, poets and all creative endeavors.
7) Tea As a form of puja offering

Please help support Heavens tea make this transition- this is important work. This frenetic adrenalized culture is in need of balancing medicine. Medicine to help people to reconnect to themselves, the deeper flow of life, and the sacredness of this precious human life. To read more visit the schools website at
Much love to you all,
Teamonk Po
August 1st, 2013


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$100 USD
1 ounce of old tree white egret tea, yum.
  • 11 claimed
Beautiful old tree white tea from Yunnan. This tea helps clear and clean the subtle channels in the body.
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$500 USD
Tea Journey for 4 people
  • 1 claimed
You and your friends will be taken on an energetic tea journey using rare teas which will lift you to the Realm of the Immortals (for real). In this 1.5 hour journey you will drink teas with aromas, flavors and energies you never thought possible. Transformative....
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$1,000 USD
puerh tea session for 4
  • 0 claimed
We will drink exquisite aged teas from the mother tea trees in the world. These teas between 10-30 years old are considered sacred treasures and will take you on a journey you will always remember.
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$5,000 USD
my undying love, 60 year old tea and a cookie
  • 0 claimed
Besides that you will get a tea session of a life time for 4 people where we will drink priceless 50 year old teas. Yes and a really good chocolate chip cookie.
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