Heroic KY Equipment Improvement Initiative
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24% of $600 goal
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93 Weeks running
To create cost-effective and more immersive LARP boffers and costuming for the Heroic KY chapter.
-Swords, hammers, spears, maces, etc
-Pots and pans and misc items
-Claws that look like claws
-Masks and costuming pieces

The Heroic KY chapter has overcome many challenges, and undergone many changes, but it is progressing steadily onward and is committed to providing you (the players and NPCs alike) with the best roleplaying experience we can provide.

With the cost of quality LARP weapons remaining high and the selection of available props remaining limited, I am interested in spending my free time hand-crafting boffers and props. Not just a wider variety of more immersive swords for NPCs to attack and TPK the town with- but a wider varety of more immersive axes and maces for NPCs to attack and TPK the town with!

Forming combat-safe claws that actually appear to be claws, and not just red tube-swords.

With time and experience, a wider selection of costuming masks and tails and wings and all manner of props.

Combat-safe pots and pans and rakes and barrels that can be used and thrown and desperately wielded.

And more...

Obviously, the resources to begin crafting these things are not free- which is why I'm asking for donations from players, npcs, or random strangers who clicked on this for no good reason. I've already invested $80 of my own money getting started, but it's just that- a start. Between trial-and-error, tools and paints and sealants and safety equipment, safety and stress testing, and the amount of props I'm hoping to create for us all, every donation will be both helpful and appreciated.

For now, no official reward for donations can be expected save the benefit of the props themselves. But if this changes, it will be announced and they will be administered retroactively to anybody who has already donated.

(On a final note- the picture is of the "ascended sleeper" from TES: Morrowind, cosplayed by Isugi on deviant art- so all credit to them for the amazing work, and an idea to you all of what I'm hoping to achieve in the long run! Plus it has a cat.)

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