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Help me create an App to support cancer caregivers
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I am a cancer survivor. During the hard times of my treatment and recovery my wife was my main caregiver, I witnessed firsthand how hard is this trance for a caregiver, so I want to create a mobile App to help them ease the burden during this period.

My name is Roger Aguilar and I am a cancer survivor. During the hard times of my treatment and recovery my wife was my main caregiver. I witnessed firsthand how hard this process is for a caregiver, so I want to create a mobile App to help them ease the load a little during this period.

I am a 37-years old Costa Rican Software Engineer with 14 years of expertise. In 2013 (two months after losing my job), I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 2. During 2014, I went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy (12 sessions over 6 months), rested for 2 months and then endured 20 sessions of radiotherapy. I started my recovery in October 2014 and since then I feel better and better every day.1 year after chemo

My wife (my Angel) was my main caregiver during this time. I saw how exhausting it was for her to keep track of all my appointments, medical tests, keeping track of my health status, trying to remember every note she took to speak with the doctor during the regular appointments, etc., and all this while dealing with her job.

My wife & I during a party 1 month after last chemo.

So, I decided that once I got cured I would  use my skills in software development to create a FREE mobile app (for Android and iOS) to help all those ad honorem caregivers around the world with the management of the appointments, medical tests, medication reminders, monitoring their patient(s), emergency contacts, health progress notes, etc.

I designed this App originally for cancer caregivers mainly, but over the time I noticed that it could help caregivers in general; from housewives with one child to caregivers with a family member with a chronic illness or disease.

I want to make this App as worldwide as possible so I want to make it available on these languages on the first version: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Swedish.

My original plan was to find a job ASAP and work on this project in my free time, but I have been trying to find a job since November 2014 with no luck yet. For almost 1 year and a half I used our savings to cover our monthly expenses;, I even sold my car, but the savings ran out last October and ever since my wife has taken over the expenses. I've been looking for jobs even in areas outside of my expertise, such as technical support agent but still no luck (seems that I look over-qualified for them).

So I decided to start this campaign with two goals on mind:

  1. Create the "Mobile Medical Agenda" and give a hand to caregivers.
  2. Finance our living expenses for 1 year (tops!)

Following is the breakdown of the expenses (over a year) that I'll cover with the money raised:

  1. Rent
  2. Utilities.
  3. Health care.
  4. Physical Therapy (I suffer from Gout already and due the lymphoma and the chemo this condition got further exacerbated and I need some therapy to recover elasticity on my knees).
  5. Buy a used Macbook to create the iOS version since iOS app cannot be created on a Windows based PC.
  6. Development resources like e-books (yeah I am a green guy also), basic training for iOS development (I know already know to create apps for Android).
  7. Relieve my wife's burden. I love her so much and what she did over the last two years was a titanic task and I don't want her to get sick due to stress. She really deserves a break.

Basically I am looking for sponsorship to work on this project full time for over a year.

So I ask for your help to fulfill my project of life and return to the world the best of me through this "Mobile Medical Agenda". Only with your help I can start this project. You can help also by sharing my story with others, I'd really appreciate it.

Finally I wish to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read my story, contribute, share or even by leaving a positive comment on this campaign.

Sincerely yours,

Roger Aguilar.

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