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We are a Mama Bear and 2 cubs who homeschool. Our family unit is breaking up, and our homeschooling day is under attack. The patriarch of our family has obtained a very expensive and powerful attorney, and we need to match his "big gun" to save our day!

UPDATE: We have found an attorney willing to take our case pro bono!  We have a strong case, so we are feeling confident that we will be able to keep our way of life.  

After having several friends tell us that they would still like to help us get onto our feet, we have decided to keep the campaign running, but with a much smaller goal.  We do need to make about $1500 total to have the funds to get out of our difficult living situation and into our new life.  

We appreciate all of the love and support we have recieved, and look forward to the day when we are able to pay it forward!  Peace be with you all!


Hi!  My name is Brandi.  I am a passionate homeschooling mama of two boys, aged 6 and 4.  We are fortunate to live in a beautiful town full of rich history, with a thriving art and music community, and access to beaches and nature and tons of ecological gems.  The homeschool community in our town is large and diverse, and we love that we can be outdoors 70% of the "school year."

Unfortunately, our family unit is breaking apart.  The patriarch of our family has decided that he does not support our homeschooling efforts, although our boys are on track and even ahead in some areas.  Like all kids, whether in school or in the home, we have a few areas to work on.  Our boys have different styles of learning, and while one is happy to read and engage in quiet activities, the other needs to be outside jumping, running, and singing at the top of his lungs!  They are the best of friends, and since they are close in age (19 months apart), they often are in the same "age group" of our lessons or homeschooling activites.  They are yin and yang, and each one offers the other a kind of balance of temperament.

One thing to consider here is that our 4 year old will turn 5 just after the cut-off date of the public schools here in our town.  This means that even though he is on track with our homeschooling for kindergarten (and a touch of first grade), he would be forced to be a full year behind friends he has grown up with since birth.  This seems quite unfair.  Additionally, after years being able to go outside to "jump his jiggles out" when he needs to move, I do worry how spending the day indoors for hours on end will affect his behavior.  Currently, once the aforementioned jiggles are out, he comes in ready and eager to learn.  Often he will pick up some of what his big brother is working on.  He is an astute kid with a passion for learning.  Both of my boys are passionate about learning at home.  My 6 year old has memorized all 50 states on his own, and has been reading since the age of 2.   Often when he is working on something he is building, he is creating background music and beats to go along with the story in his head.  He can tell you endless facts about marine animals and wants to be a paleontologist when he is older.  Both boys have natural rhythm and great talent for music.  They are funny, inventive, outspoken, and above all, they are deeply kind and respectful.  I have "un-learned" a lot of parenting mistakes from my own childhood, and these boys show me everyday that my efforts to be a kind and respectful parent have not been wasted.

In an effort to keep our continuity and routine, I have asked their father for an amicable resolution to our marital issues, and have been working hard at home for years to create opportunites for us both to be able to work from home and follow our dreams while we homeschool the boys.  I thought we had plans to travel, to grow a food garden, to sail around the world, and to create art and music together as a family.  Sadly, I was mistaken.

I was shocked to recieve a thick stack of divorce papers from the most well-known and expensive divorce attorney in our town.  While I was under the impression that we were about to embark on a creative life (albeit seperate in our marriage), it turned out I was never on that track with my partner as I had believed. I was planning to start back to school in pursuit of a law degree, had a chocolate business I was getting ready to launch, and had finally begun to pursue my dream of singing and writing music.  Additionally, I was readying our home in the city to become an income property for our family so that we could move to the country and live near an organic farm so that our family could learn how to grow our own food.  Unfortunately, all of those plans are now on hiatus.

In order to continue the life I have been crafting for our children for the last 7 years, I will need to obtain an attorney as experienced as the one my kids' father has.  I have tried for weeks to find legal aid, but all of the coffers are empty and there is no grant money to be had.  Even on the off-chance that a grant comes in soon, there are many women on the waiting list before me- women who need it much more than I do, who are escaping physically abusive and dangerous marriages.

I currently need to raise this money as soon as possible.  While the deadline is 30 days, I actually need it much sooner- 10 days.  I have exhausted every resource possible to dig up funds while still caring for my kids in this transition of us moving away from our family home.  We have a date for mediation on June 7th, and I need to retain my attorney in enough time for him to learn the particulars of our case before the mediation date.  Based on several opposing issues in our marriage, and especially now that we do not agree on the children's education, I need to show up with my own "big gun" in order to preserve the life for my children I have been working so hard to build.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our story.  Please help if you can.  We love our family, and we are hoping to launch a blog about our adventures, meditations, music and antics by the end of the year.  I have happy, healthy boys who are confident and peaceful- and I wish to keep them that way as long as possible.  Our way of homeschooling does not "shelter" our kids, nor are they unsocialized- we have a large and diverse homeschooling community, consisting of both secular and religious families.  We get outdoors, we know our local businesses, we have friends and mentors of all ages and backgrounds.  We feel that growing our own minds is as important as growing our own food- and we are on track to do exactly that if we can keep our stride.  Thank you for considering us today.  We have a deep and abiding love for learning- and we do it every day, all the time.  For us, life is the curriculum.

Thank you for your time.  Peace be with you and yours. 

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a song for you!
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I have been exploring my love of music, by getting involved in a wonderful choir, and recently decided to try to make my own music. Turns out, I am a pretty good songwriter! I would be happy to write a song for you, your family, or someone special in your life. Upon your contribution, I will contact you via email or social media (whichever is best for you) and I will write a special little ditty for you with the details you provide. I look forward to honing my songwriting skills, and would be honored to give back to those who are helping us to keep our dreams alive and thriving!
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one dozen gourmet, vegan, gluten-free chocolates
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After developing histamine issues after my 2nd pregnancy, I became unable to nosh on my favorite sweet things… and I am a major chocolate, dairy and bread lover! Shopping trip after shopping trip, I would try a new vegan and gluten free product, only to end up with a mouth full of dry, crumbly, "healthy" dissatisfaction. I had tried a limited edition double chocolate macaroon that I fell in love with- but the eggs in the recipe caused me to have an allergic reaction. After many failed attempts to recreate this treat in my kitchen, one day I had a crazy idea- and it turned out to be the idea that worked! I have shared these chocolates with many of my "crunchy" and non-crunchy friends- and everyone agrees that they are amazing! A few secret ingredients add rich flavor and moisture, and the result is a nutrient-dense, decadent chocolate treat. They are a mix of brownie texture, cookie crumble, and gourmet truffle coating. I call them Love Bites- and I know you will love them!
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gourmet chocolates AND a song!
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We love to give, and we love to share what is in our hearts. For your generous contribution of $75 or more, I will send you an order of a dozen of my gourmet chocolates along with a song just for you! Upon receiving your contribution, I will contact you via email or through social media to obtain a few details about you and your life for your song. This can be a song just for you, for your family, a beloved pet, or a special someone. I would be honored to share my gift of songwriting with you- and you can nosh on rich and decadent chocolate while you listen and sing along!
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