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Hello my name is Barbara Duck also known for years as the Medical Quack with my healthcare blog of 8 years or so.  I discuss "the business" of healthcare.  

I've done this a couple of times and remain a starch privacy advocate.  The video, pretty much tells the story and it's actually a game and you can look up Data Dealer and play the game too.  It came out a few years ago and via the game they are also trying to make this awareness of what's going on out there, which I call Excess Scoring.  You can read the link below.  You lose access to something and corporations keep scoring and winning, all from behavior data they collect.  

Excess Scoring of US Consumers and Paitents

Do you get prescriptions filled?  Read the next link and see how you are given a "secret" medication adherence prediction score.  That's right, the pharmacy benefit managers scour the web and the other resources of data they buy, like all your credit card data to see what you behavior is.  The metrics are very questionable and you get dinged a point if you are a male seeing a female MD. That metric has nothing to do with taking your medications.  

The Secret World of Medication Adherence Prediction Scoring

We need "some" privacy and we should be licensing all the corporations who buy and sell our personal data, who are they, what are they selling, as right now there's no listing and we license occupations that pose much less risk, like hairdressers for one example.  We should be able to at least see who the corporate data sellers are and require them to have a license, and this is step one for any regulation to take place at all, as you can't regulate if you don't know who the players are.

The World Privacy Forum did a great report that was cited many times, even by the White House, who did nothing other than cite the report though.  Give it a look and see what they have to say about "scoring".  Every must be scored today and it's a bad deal with bad algorithms as there's so much flawed data and without knowing where to go, we are stuck with whatever flawed data gets sold about us.

The Secret Scoring of America - World Privacy Forum

Anything you happen to contribute here will be put to good use, believe me and I might suggest you follow me on Twitter as there's a lot of privacy links posted regularly on this topic.

The data selling business for corporations today is a $180 Billion dollar a year business and it keeps growing so keep those apps to a minimum and use cash when you can as your credit card records and your associated behavior are for sale everywhere.

Give me a hand would you to get this moving to make it law?    

Thanks so much!  


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