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Take the BodyProud Challenge #celebrateFIT
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Calling all athletes, trainers, event promoters, fitness enthusiasts and prize providers! Take the Challenge & win exposure on TV, movies, magazines and on stage!

Your Body! Your Goals! Your Time to Shine! #bodyproud

BodyPROUD is about being proud of your physique and how you attain, maintain and retain it.

We got involved in the fitness industry over 20 years ago and launched an event series that swept the world and helped pioneer the natural bodybuilding market bridging it with entertainment, opportunity and exposure. The events turned into expos and television shows and the stories were captured in magazines and film and it inspired millions worldwide.

The tour grew bigger and faster than we thought, taking our focus away from what we really set out to do: help the fitness industry take their “walking billboard status” to the mainstream.

Today, we sit amongst a team of key influencers and imprint leaders in the areas of fitness, media and empowerment providing access to television (new media, social media and traditional broadcast media), movies, magazines and events. Our purpose is to connect athletes, trainers, prize providers and promotions with gamified pathways and celebration platforms that allow the sharing of information, inspiration and insight both through the industry and to the fans. The prize? Their “fame”.


What we found over the years is that although there are amazing things that happen in the world of fitness there were several things that we found that we knew had to be changed, so we spent the last decade connecting with experts, mentors, coaches and products and brands they support. The goal to solve these key things:

1. bring "health" back into fitness - fromt the inside out

2. provide pathways of opporutnity beyond the stage

3. provide platforms to extend your brand, gain exposure and engage your fans & network

4. provide informaiton, inspiration & insight brining fitness and empowerement together

5. share opporutnies to monetize your experience in the fitness industry


Take the BodyProud Challenge and choose to transform yourself in body and mind. This is about Fitness and Muscle Empowerment ... guiding you on being the best ME possible. 

Choose a perk from any of the participating products, track your experience, share your testimonial and win an opporutnity for paid endorsments contracts, televison exposure, movie and magazine features, speaking engagments and recongnition on accalaimed event stages.

Celebrating YOU:

Imagine being scouted, recruited, interviewed, featured!

Imagine vying for the opportunity to feel like a celebrity or superstar.

That’s what this is all about.

All you have to do is start, propel your journey of transformation and growth, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and/or entrepreneurial.

Sharing your story, unique abilities, AHAs, breakthroughs, proud ME moments, transformations and triumphs enables you to WIN:

  • features in the Movie covering this initiative ;
  • spotlights & interviews across multiple media platforms… or if you’re doing really well, Your Own TV Show or S eries;
  • Celebrity style treatment on the Red Carpet and at Gala Affairs
  • recognition galore  


After decades immersed in their respective fields
-- fitness, media, entrepreneurship and empowerment --
it became clear: NOW is the time to merge.

Patrick Rivera 
Award-winning Producer and Director, he is the creative genius behind one of the greatest fitness movies of all times, The Evolution of Bodybuilding. 

Michael DeMedeiros As former VP of publishing giant, American Media, Michael has published some of today's top fitness magazines -- Men's Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, FLEX -- as well as mainstream ones -- National Enquirer, Star, Soap Opera Digest. 


Rod MacDonald A worldwide leader in fitness and wellness education, Rod is the Vice President of canfitpro -- Canada's Fitness Professionals Inc. Rod oversees the education and growth of 23,000+ fitness professionals.


Jay Hammett  A long time veteran of the bodybuilding industry, producing TV shows for The Olympia, The Arnold Classic, The Legends, GNC Show of Strength, Muscle Beach and Shape Up America. Jay is also the creative genius behind the Universe Fitness Network UFN TV pioneering the fitness industry's rise to television.  


Casey James Combden Casey, a Human Potentialist known as The Legend is one of the influential thought leaders featured in Pass It On, the sequel to Rhonda Byrnes hit movie The Secret. Sought for his understanding of the human psyche and proven ability to help the best get better he’s also been the keynote speaker at entrepreneurial and empowerment events worldwide, including at the Superdome for 82,000 people, and his audios and books have reached over 22 Million people worldwide.

Denny & Diana Kakos Denny & Diana are industry leaders in the natural bodybuilding and fitness industry. They have been on the scene for over 35  years and their organization, the ABA & INBA, are the largest natural organization in the world with events and participation in over 50 countries. 20 years ago they launched the pinnacle of all bodybuilding and fitness events, the Natural Olympia, an event that stands above all events and unites the industry under one banner, the Celebration of Fitness and the Art and Beauty of the Physique. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Natural Olympia and it is being celebrated as part of the Celebrate FIT campaign through reality tv shows and a special made for tv event distributed worldwide on social media, new media, broadcast media and magazines.


Jeffrey Kippel - and - Mindy Blackstien Amongst the pionners of the fitness industry having produced events with the INBA, Musclemania, Fitness Universe Pageant, Ms Fitness, Molson Indy and more. They founded the World Natural Sports Organization (WNSO) sanctioning body, and created the FAME World Tour which featured TV shows in multiple continents, including the #1 rated on TSN. Now as Ambassadors to the world of fitness and body building, Mindy, intuitive visionary, and Jeff, strategic connector, are sharing their tools, resources, experience and expertise to help the industry -- athletes, trainers, organizations, brands — achieve the success they are working for, individually and as a whole. 

Sandra Francisco 
As a business consultant focusing on multi-million dollar companies, including Bell and CIBC, and with a personal interest in empowerment, neurolinguistic programming and the field of nutrition, Sandra Francisco brings her many years of experience and success to help take this project to the next level


You. Our Backers, the Players, Make all This Possible.

THANK You So Much.


Disclaimer: details and events subject to change without notice.

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