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Seth has been fighting for nearly 2 years now to legally protect his paternal rights. He was with his son daily and every weekend until pursuing legal custody. Now he's facing losing nearly all of his time, with no cause given.

My son and I have been a part of Seth and his son's life since 2016. Seth of course has been a daily fixture in his son's life, supporting him financially as well as spending every day when he came home from work and every full weekend with him. Beginning in 2016, we moved in together. I watched him every afternoon alongside my son until Seth came home. We then spent the evenings together, and had to wake him after hed been asleep an hour to send him back to the other parents home. Every weekend from friday to Sunday he spent in our home, with his father. No formal agreement to protect his time was in place.


Seth has been attempting custody since 2015. Early 2017, Seth wanted to secure his time and his rights and began pursuit of full custody. The plan proposed would not have lost the other parent any time, but it would have secured my stepson a consistent schedule, lifestyle, and nearly equal time with both parents. Upon doing this, our family has been turned upside down by the result. The harder we have fought, the more his time has been taken away, and no reason nor evidence has been presented to support it. Drastic retaliatory actions have been taken against him to ensure a loss of time with his son. This amazing father, as well as my son, his brother, have gone from having him in our home every day and weekend to now only on weekends. At this point, we are facing every other weekend because that is 'the standard'. 


I am now in a position of having to tell my son he 'can't see his brother today' when he asks. Our daughter on the way will barely see her own brother. He has now missed an entire year of preschool. All of Seth's requests to see him on his days off, or any extra time have been denied without reason. He is being alienated from his child, and has no legal rights in place to stop it. The finances we need to put toward preparing for our new daughter have all been absorbed into this case. We are now approaching trial on the matter in less than a month and facing a 15,000 upfront fee just to have representation in the courtroom. We have already spent updwards of 20,000 between loans, our personal savings and more just for attorney fees alone. Without representation we are facing serious consequences, ones that will hurt our family, and most importantly the 3 children involved in the matter who never asked to be. We have paid every cent we have into this and have already taken out multiple loans. We are completely out of options, so now we are asking for any help we can get for these legal fees. Despite the evidence we have collected, the pleas we've made and the consistency we've always provided, Seth is still facing 4 days a month, for no reason other than that someone has been handed the power to do it. Not a single negative mark about our home, our bond or the care we provide has been made. No reason has been given as to why he should lose time, yet here we are, spending only 8 days a month with a child we spent every day with, whom Seth has spent every day with his entire life. This case has dominated our finances, and the emotional health of us and our children for almost 2 years now. Trial is our last and only hope to secure this father even the little rights he's been reduced to. We humbly ask, if you can, to help us in this fight, and we thank you for thinking of us if you cannot. 

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