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My name is Fatimah Al Bloushi and i am registered as the first Saudi female to cycle Europe as part of the GBI 2017, i want to use this opportunity to spread awareness of Crohn’s disease and dedicate this whole trip to the memory of my cousin Manal

اسمي فاطمة البلوشي سأكون بأذن الله أول سعودية سوف تقوم بدوره في أوربا بدارجة هوائية (سيكل ) لعمل خيري تحت شعار "رحلة منال" كجزء من المبادرة العالمية للدراجة الهوائيه Global Bike Initiative لعام ٢٠١٧. وهذا الحدث سيوفر لي الفرصة لابادر في نشر الوعي  الصحي عن مرض كرونز الذي قتل أبنة خالي منال رحمها الله بعد صراعها لمدة طويلة مع السرطان و هذا المرض.

رؤية الحملة:

بناء مجتمع صحي وواعي بمرض الكرونز والمبادرة لمساعدة مرضى الكرونز قبل مغادرة الحياة.

هدف الحملة :

نشر الوعي الصحي بين المجتمع بما يخص مرض الكرونز ودفع تكاليف العلاج لعشرة أشخاص مصابين بمرض الكرونز في الخليج العربي.

قيم الحملة :

تسعى الحملة لزرع الوعي بمرض الكرونز و دفع تكليف العلاج لعشرة مرضى وذلك بجمع تبرعات تصل إلى ١٥٠,٠٠٠ دولار.

• التكلفة الشهرية لعلاج مريض الكرونز تعادل ١٢٠٠ دولار

• لجمع التبرعات عن طريق Fundraiser بالتعاون مع جمعية صندوق مساعدة المرضى ( Patients Helping Fund Society)

للتعرف اكثر عن رحلة منال لتوعية الكرونز زوروا موقنا على الرابط التالي


رابط التبرع

روابط ذات صله :

١- المبادرة العالمية للدراجات الهوائية GBI

2017 GBI Europe tour

٢- جمعية صندوق مساعدة المرضى (صندوق الأمراض المناعية ) تواصلت معهم ومرضى كرونز يدرجون في هذا الصندوق

Crohn’s disease is chronicle and locally we still have a long way to go in terms of research, cure, patient comfort, medical facilities, medicine and support groups. Patients and their families are both suffering a great deal, due to the absence of consumer healthcare platforms

My name is Fatimah Al Bloushi and i am registered as the first Saudi female to cycle Europe as part of the GBI 2017, i want to use this opportunity to spread awareness of Crohn’s disease and dedicate this whole trip to the late memory of my cousin Manal a Crohn’s patient who passed away last year.

My mission is dedicated to improve the health, educational attainment, human welfare, and opportunities for youth, and adults who are suffering from Crohn’s chronicle disease.

how did i set the fund goal?

it costs roughly $ 1,200 to treat a Crohn’s patient a month , i am looking to at least cover 10 Crohn’s patients expenses this year and ambitiously aiming for $150,000

where are the funds going?

i am contacting NGOs, hospitals and medical research centers the time frame in Saudi is short due to the recent sudden early governmental Eid vacation

so far our funds are going to the help a Saudi Crohn's patient expenses and to the  Patients Helping Fund Society 


  1. To provide educational awareness about Crohn’s Disease

  2. To Support NGO’s and health centers that care about Crohn’s Disease

  3. To ensure that all people who are suffering from Crohn’s disease can find a cure and emotional support

  4. To spread Manal; who passed away last year after years of struggling with breast cancer before Crohn’s took her life, story.


  1. To participate in as part of the GBI 2017, Europe for Manal; and all Crohn’s disease patient across the world.

  2. To increase the knowledge and awareness, by at least 5% across the world.

What is Crohn’s Disease?

“Crohn's disease is an ongoing condition that causes inflammation of the digestive tract, or the GI (gastrointestinal) tract (the gut). Crohn's

disease may also be called ileitis or enteritis.” 1 (Nordqvist, Christian. "What is

Crohn's disease? What causes Crohn's disease?" Medical News Today. Accessed June 13, 2017. http://

Crohn's disease can affect any part of the gut, from the mouth all the way down to the anus. In the majority of cases the lower part of the small intestine - the ileum - is affected. Patients with Crohn's disease experience several unpleasant symptoms, including intestinal ulcers, fatigue, inflammation, discomfort and pain; the condition makes the intestines empty frequently, resulting in diarrhea.

Manal’s story:

Manal 1971-2016

My cousin Manal was kind, sweet, humble, extremely helpful, positive and always encouraging. It was only in her last few months that i could feel her frustration. She fought cancer bravely, for so long, but Crohn’s! was vague, miss diagnosed repeatedly , too many diets, too many traditional remedies. i could tell she got fed up, and simply her body got too weak for her strong big soul..

Manal was born on 31.7.1971, she had Crohn’s symptoms since she was a little 14 years old.

Since 1985, her Crohn’s symptoms got commonly mistaken as a normal stomach disturbance. On 1986 she got a Hemorrhoid removal and got diagnosed with (Irritable Bowel Syndrome ) (IBS).

Later on 1994, she got breast cancer, went through chemotherapy, had a Mastectomy on 1995 and started recovering.

On 2002 Crohn’s symptoms got severe. 2004, we were all so happy for her as she was expecting a child, her dream was to be a mother. however, after 9 months pregnancy her child died 10 minutes old in her arms. she flew to riyadh where she was finally for the first time diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in a mature stage on 2005. as she started her Crohn’s treatment it awakened her cancer cells and she got rectum Colorectal cancer. She stopped Crohn's injections for her chemotherapy, thats when her Crohn’s got worst and started eating her inside out. early 2016, she went as far east abroad. Sadly,

they couldn’t treat either diseases without harming the other.
Manal couldn’t take Morphine cause it caused her constipation. later that year her cancer spread - from her back to her leg to her whole body- she died after going on a coma weighing 34 kg that same year.

Manal spent her life fighting, searching, reading and died tired and in pain.

I hope that we can all help to prevent this from happening to anyone again. with the proper awareness, Crohn’s can be defined and targeted on early stages. Providing the proper research centers
and health care, patient suffering could be minimized and hopefully finally eliminated.

The Global Biking Initiative (GBI) is a fast-growing, worldwide cycling community with the mission to raise fund for charities in more than twenty countries. Multiple cycling events take place during the year, where the main event is the GBI Europe Tour, attended by several hundred participants from all over the world and during which we cross multiple countries over the period of one week.

Since 2008, more than 2,000 cyclists participated in GBI events, crossing sixteen countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. So far, GBI have raised more than 1.1 Million Euro for charities in twenty three countries. They typically raise between 150,000 and 250,000 Euros per year that is donated to charity organizations in the participating countries.

These high numbers are possible because every single rider is committed to raise a minimum donation to support charity goals.


i have always been active, and i find these events super impactful on one’s life and perspective shifting. This year’s cycling tour with up to 400 participants from all over the world.The mixture of different languages, nationalities and cultures creates the special GBI spirit and is a perfect ambiance to spread positivity, awareness, donations and attention to my cause.

The schedule goes as follows, we are starting in London July 2nd, all the way to Belgium then Netherlands and finally ending in Germany on July 7th.

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