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Lighting PLUZ Canada Start-Up Launch Campaign

The goal is to Raise Funds to cover Start-Up Costs and move forward to the final stage of our Website Development.

What are we about? Lighting PLUZ Canada is an up and running business, registered as a Federal Corporation in 2016. We have been working to deploy an Online Market Place Consumer Experience using advanced technology to Simplify Customization of Lighting Solutions while assisting users to Stay out of Trouble. We kindly invite you to take a quick look and find out Why is That Relevant.

  W e'll make your contributions worth it!

We have Already Invested over $16K from our pockets on our project, so far. Going Online with the platform is the Next Step, and it requires a further investment of about $35K to Cover Start-Up Costs. Such as, inventory renewal, website development, and marketing initiatives, to name just a few areas to which the funds will be allocated.

Here's how!

For a fix amount you can Invest And Get the following Benefits before June 1st 2018:

  • An Assessment of Your Home and Deliver a Detailed Report showing which type of lamps you have, where they are located and their recommended substitutes with LED technology.
  • A List of Recommendations for the improvement of artificial lighting according the activities you perform on each room; in compliance with the Official Standards for safety and health.
  • Supply and Installation of LED technology lamp substitutes, following your acceptance to our recommendations.
  • Removal and Properly Dispose of old lamps from your home, unless you decide otherwise.

And for all that, we are Kindly Asking your Support at a Very Fair Amount based on the size of your home.

  • 1-2 Bedroom ---> 250 CAD (current market value   500 CAD)
  • 3-4 Bedroom ---> 450 CAD (current market value   900 CAD)
  • 5-6 Bedroom ---> 650 CAD (current market value 1300 CAD)

Not Your Thing but still willing to help? You can to Donate instead; even if you live outside of Canada. Any amount you can contribute will be very welcome. We'll always send a thank-you letter expressing Our Deepest Appreciation and If Your Contribution is for 50 CAD or More we will also:

  • Ship a T-Shirt Free of Charge (to the address of your choice) featuring a picture of our team and our logo.

If it is not much to ask

We Encourage You to Spread the Word among your friends. Share this page On Social Media using the buttons at the top. Maybe you will be doing a great favour to someone you care about.

Finally, for this offer to make sense some conditions are required. But, no worries. They are not many, nor are they discouraging. Please, take a quick look at them at the bottom, after we finish telling Our History.

Thank you all! Our story

Coming to Canada to live in this beautiful city of Ottawa has been one of the most relevant and fortunate decisions in my life. Embracing the Canadian values brings me each day closer to the person I always wanted to be... but settling down here also became an extraordinary challenge in many respects.

Professionally I’ve been always inspired by lighting because for most of us in the everyday life light amazingly translates the physical world into a diverse "reality" thanks to visual perception. Spiritually, I believe that the path to illumination is the path to everlasting freedom through knowledge and education.

A great friend of mine - Juan Carlos Alvarez -, an amazing programmer and even better person decided to trust me on this and gladly brought in his talent and skills. Together we translated that idea into a great piece of software. As a team we have dedicated a substantial amount of our free time to business planning, software programming, market research and technical data mining.

But… we still had no money. Realizing we had to find revenue sources that allowed us to spend time to work on the project and to pay for our living expenses. Blending was the key element again. Putting together hard work and a lot of faith with new and previous knowledge and skills turned out to be the right solution

Did it work? Yes. Slowly but surely it did worked out. It took us 3 years of back and forth, sacrificing a great deal of our time, where we dealt with harsh personal and professional issues, and poured much of our resources into it. Nonetheless, this beautifully crazy creature started to walk it first steps as a business in 2017.

Lighting PLUZ is alive!

Why is lighting so relevant?

Let us explain. Just think for a second that artificial lighting (same as smart-phones) has deeply become part of our everyday life... only that smart-phones waaaaay more recently! We are so used to it that we don't realize we interact with it most of the time and almost everywhere. There's no questioning about the benefits of artificial lighting but sadly (just like smart-phones) it could turn be harmful and/or expensive if misused.

For example, do you know?

  • That Vision Decay has a lot to do with inadequate lighting throughout our lives.
  • That our dream Interior Design alters a lot after sunset when we use the wrong artificial lighting and that our mood changes dramatically in relation to it.
  • That traditional light bulbs and fixtures in our everyday environments consume up to 10 times More Energy than current technologies like LED, and consequently you are spending much more in energy than you should.
  • That it is really possible to Affordably Finance high-quality lighting improvements these days.
  • That around to 70% of the bulbs surrounding us (and our beloved-ones) contain Toxic and Hard to Recycle materials and substances like mercury vapour?

The list could go on and on... It’s Serious.

A few necessary conditions


  • Property Exteriors Are Not Included, nor garages or basements unless their areas are currently being used as bedrooms. After we fulfill our contracted obligation with you, if you are still interested we could eventually expand our agreement.
  • Fixtures Replacement/Modifications Are Not Included; nor wiring, power or control devices, switches, etc. We only include lamps’ replacement in this offer. We’ll do our best efforts to provide a qualified professional to fit your budget; but won't constitute any obligation or limitation to this agreement.


  • Only One (1) T-Shirt will be sent per Person-Donation, independently of the donation amount. Please, specify the desire size (Small, Medium, Large, X Large) to the contact email address provided.

Investments and Donations:

  • Our obligations will be fulfilled on First Come First Served basis.
  • We can only accept your support in the form of Investment and deliver T-Shirts for Locations in Ottawa; If not sure if your home is located within the areas covered, please contact us before you submit your contribution and we'll be happy to check it out for you.

Thank You!

Last, but not least we would like to send our deepest appreciation. Today we are no longer only two guys with a dream, but a talented and committed team of supporters and professionals. Thanks to them (Thanks to you!), Lighting PLUZ Canada is now very close to becoming a reality as an Online Marketplace.

Thank you all!


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