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 “A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh life merry; but money answereth everything.”
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭10:19‬ ‭DARBY‬‬

We humbly ask you , " Would you help us in this great effort to financially assist our Glad Tidings Christian Academy? We are asking you  to help us raise $200,000 a year for the next 2 years and 9 months (April 8, 2022). .Just click on the button that says "Contribute"and select an amount. You can give more than the suggested amount or less if you desire. The money raised will go toward our Church Ministry, Educational Center/Academy ministry, and Children’s Day care ministry. Our goal is to help our teachers with supplies and our most deserving  students with academic scholarships in our school/ Academy and enable our ministry center to help our community in 7 ministry areas listed below through out our city,county and state, in humanitarian inreach and outreach efforts with the following mission in mind:
: • To provide a free and a discounted food distribution program for households and children in need.
• To provide a free drinking water distribution program for households and children in need.
• To provide a temporary shelter for victims of a disaster crisis, especially women and children in need.
• To provide free and discounted first and second hand clothing for persons and families in need.
• To provide a free and discounted health care clinic and guidance, supervised by a certified LPN nurse  for those students in need of medical attention.
• To provide volunteer rehabilitation services for persons with family members incarcerated within the inner city of Birmingham, Jefferson County, and the State of Alabama.
• To provide much needed constructive religious and educational mentoring to men, women and children in need.

  If you would like to donate using the academy's "CASH APP" , Simply click on the following link:


 You will receive form 1099/1097 credit for your charitable contribution  if you leave you name and address. We thank you in advance for your donation. May the Spirit of grace, peace and power of our heavenly Father and His son the Lord Jesus Christ continue to be in you until He comes again. Thank you in advance!

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