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The FLOW Fellowship is a coalescence of those seeking the mind-noise-free place of the inner body [Joy, Ease, and Lightness (JEL)]) in the world of essence and those who maintain or strive for Independent Consciousness in voluntary, benevolent community [Truth, Tolerance, Compassion] in the world of form. [The following will be linked in a Web page, where images can be applied more gracefully.]

Core Beliefs

  • Collar Shedding—Inner and Outer


  • Independent Consciousness

  • Rationality Excellence

  • Personal Power

  • American First Principles


Think Eckhart Tolle ( The Power of Now) meets Ayn Rand (The Fountainhead and Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology) and Neil Postman (Building a Bridge to the 18th Century and Amusing Ourselves to Death). What we are really trying to do socially is provide a haven and a platform for rapid growth of 'OUR KIND,' namely the Independents... to counter the steady corruption and destruction of our species caused by Collective-Brain Syndrome (CBS). 

Note: Anyone who sees with his own eyes and thinks with his own brain is welcome to walk the FLOWer (sounds like GROWer) path. The Fellowship provides age-appropriate tools and resources, in a programmed-learning environment, integral to its Five-Step Process for personal fulfillment in life.

Through the Process, I am aiming for nothing less than the end of dominance of the perceptual-emotional mode of consciousness in society over independent conceptual thought... along with the attendant liberation of the spirit into a continuous state of JEL--the manifestation of FLOW. Although some of the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) responsible for and afflicted by CBS will persist in destructive behavior, a FLOW (Independent) global society of individuals neutralizes them (the MOPS) quickly with effortless application of natural personal power. 

[Note: many of the MOPS and wannabe MOPS are guilty of crimes against humanity. Most will be indicted by a grand jury of our peers, then convicted by a trial jury of our peers, and imprisoned humanely, quite a few carrying life sentences, particularly those in the highest offices of government and accomplice corporations.]


At the higher level, the Fellowship qua organization has two categories of FLOWers: spiritual and political. Each category is synergistic with the other, meaning that the spiritual activity and political activity both compose fulfillment of the individual. A person interested in becoming a FLOWer--and we will define different levels--will generally demonstrate activism on the political track. Please access the Twin Rings, Five Pillars minibrochure and its blueprint diagram.

The central image is of a wild stallion superimposed on a flag, conveying the natural progress from truth to justice to liberty, liberty being the political outcome. The FLOW Fellowship consists of Independents as defined in my watershed novel, The Truman Prophecy. Typically one enters the Fellowship via the Independents' movement and political action for American First Principles and people's independent grand juries. Click on the upper right Declaration icon.

Joining the Independents' movement is central to the whole Fellowship operation, because from that point you can move a) up and rightward toward ending the collective 'collar' over you politically .AND/OR. b) you can move leftward toward embracing the Independents' tools of reason and logic and "watching the thinker" to end YOUR OWN MIND'S 'COLLAR' on your consciousness. FLOW leadership shall require a) and encourage b).  

Believe me, the spiritual peace of b) does not need to be required... mainly because EVERYONE wants to realize JEL in his or her life--quiet the mental noise, find the center, let go "the world of 10,000 things" in favor of connection of the eternal inner body of now, and experience "the peace that passeth all understanding." Recruitment of prospective FLOWers will focus on both the many who are drawn by spiritual JEL or the few who are committed to truth, justice, and liberty.

The former (Inner Ring) will be organized into smaller churchlike neighborhood units, the latter (Outer Ring) along the lines of conventional precincts, counties, states, i.e. political jurisdictions; the Inner Ring provides mainly solace and inspiration, the kindredship of souls and sharing of the eternal, the Outer Ring takes on collective-brain syndrome in an organized, team-spirit effort. [The Outer Ring MAY subsume an Independent political party.]

[Membership, definitions, levels of participation, titles, etc. to be worked out in period of initial $100K funding.]

Core Practices (The Five Step Program)

The living philosophy of FLOW is an activist one, meaning that in the so-called real, Outer Ring, world an adherent participates in the process of self-government to secure truth, justice, and liberty. In the Inner Ring world of essence, a FLOWer cultivates his own enlightenment and shares it forward to others, which entails having his outer being match the quality of his inner being.

In the FLOW-Independents architecture, five concrete practical action areas, or steps are:

  1. Truth--Nature of Independents: a logic-and-analysis/intellectual-foundations package
  2. Justice--esp. American First Principles and associated people's independent grand juries
  3. Liberty--The "Showing Up" package: Warm Bodies for Liberty
  4. Cultivation--Falun Dafa integral with the teachings of Jesus/the Buddha/Eckhart Tolle
  5. Conduct--look great, feel fit, act sharp, FLOW passion; leave drama, addictions behind 

These will all be systematically applied, also with modification for children and eventually woven into educational-spiritual development, as well (analog to public schools, colleges, universities, and Sunday School, conventional church services and gatherings). As you can see, the FLOW Fellowship organization will be HUGE, yet lean, requiring  administrators, teachers, law practitioners, and so on. People will have long, meaningful careers in the organization.

Day-to-Day Operations

TBW... more to come.


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