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I am Jeff J. Brown, editor and producer of  China Rising Radio Sinoland and China Tech News Flash!, author of The China Trilogy, as well as a co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and the curator of its Global Online Library ( BWTC-GOL).


As you can see from all these activities, I spend tens of hours a week researching, analyzing and contextualizing the headlines that you read, in order to bring you the real truth behind them, while reflecting the point of view of the Chinese people and other anti-imperial, anti-colonial nations. This is unique reporting that you will not easily find anywhere else.


Just as importantly, my wife is a long-suffering keyboard widow. I need to show for turning our new, supposedly relaxing retirement into supporting a full time journalist/writer, that the fans and followers are prepared to prove it is worth, for all the sacrifice to our marriage.


For 2021, I plan on doing two article/audiovisual (AV) podcast shows a week. Each one takes about 10-12 hours to research, write, edit, record and produce. Add to that the transcription and editing costs of all AV show interviews, plus translating key China-focused works, and it's the equivalent of 30 hours per week.


Fast food workers in Europe get €10/hour and $10/hour is a typical hourly rate in the USA. Thus, that is my promise to my wife to justify continuing working so much in retirement: make $10/hour = $300 per week = $1,200 per month times 10 months = $12,000 per year, allowing two months per year to recharge my brain cells and avoid total burnout.


Anything more that this will go towards funding worthy, under-appreciated anti-imperial journalists, writers and causes, like The Hampton House, in Chicago; Prison Radio, Electronic Intifada and Palestine Chronicle, all of whom I already support.


You might not realize it, yet for the last couple of years China Rising Radio Sinoland has been getting over 4,000,000 page views a year and the numbers of fans and followers continue to grow. Therefore, given its manifest popularity around the world, supporting my full time journalism at minimum wage should be no problem.


As Western mainstream media continues to censor, block and cancel hundreds of thousands of websites, social media accounts and books, Please make sure the unvarnished truth out gets out there about the multi-polar, anti-global capitalist movement, with a close look at China, its people and how they are adapting to the realities of the 21st century. They are already planning for the 22nd. Are you?


These days, the US/European postwar Bretton Wood world order is fighting to remain relevant and even survive. It takes understanding China and all the other anti-imperial countries, to make today's headlines tell the real story. If enough global citizens grasp the issues, it could help avert a very costly geopolitical disaster for you, me and all of humankind.


There are very few other sources like  China Rising Radio Sinoland  that tell it like it is, so be Sino-smart and help others do the same.


At 66 years of age, if it doesn't work out, that's OK. I've always wanted to write a fiction novel, I've got Book #4 of The China Trilogy to finish and my wife and I still have a lot of traveling to do.


Thank you and in solidarity,


16 years with the people on the streets of China, Jeff



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