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COVID19 is spreading rapidly.  A huge number of Malawians already have abnormal lung function.  Time is MASSIVELY against us. We need made-in-Malawi masks for all Malawians NOW.

Malawi is one of the countries that could be hit hard by the COVID19 pandemic.

Malawi’s healthcare resource is extremely low.  As well as lung disease, very many Malawians are immuno-deficient and malnourished.*

#Masks4AllMalawi advocates for Malawi to copy the                 Czech model of universal mask-wearing.

​With your help, Malawians can make millions of masks quickly and locally in Malawi. 


We can make millions of masks quickly and locally in Malawi.

​For  €5  you can help to provide  25  desperately needed masks.

For  €10  you can help to provide  50  desperately needed masks.

For €100  you can help to provide 500  desperately needed masks.

Please act now. Time is MASSIVELY against us.

#Masks4AllMalawi masks are community masks and are not medical grade. They are being made on an emergency high-speed highly-distributed basis throughout Malawi.

We are encouraging all mask-makers to follow  CDC guidelines wherever possible.

We are also working hard to produce, contract & distribute large volumes of Malawian-made soap - Updates to follow. 

100% of all donations will be spent on these efforts.  Regular operational-results updates will be posted here.  The organizers of this fundraising effort are not being remunerated.

*There are only 17 ventilators in Malawi. Prevalence of lung disease in Malawi: " over 40% of the ...had abnormalities in their lung function" “The burden of respiratory infection in Malawi is huge World bank data , demographics , HIV/AIDS in Malawi . Average annual income in Malawi is €475


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